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Today we got to see the first footage for a movie I have been waiting for for a long time! the first official Indy 4 trailer hit TV, Internet, and Movie Theaters today! I started my day by seeing a bootleg of the trailer on youtube, caught the official high quality version from paramount on their yahoo site, and finally I will go to the movies and see the spiderwick chronicals just because I know the trailer will be playing with it. I cant wait!


I wish she was real.
its not fair.


god damn adobe. every time they get involved in something it gets worse. every time you fart they are forcing a new flash player plugin, a new pdf reader ready for download. no standards. 40 versions of everything. stupid flash player works in 1 browser and not another at home, I get to work and its just the opposite!

and I will never forgive them for stealing cooledit.

bah bah bah!


I updated the walkstats program so all years can be seen, and totaled up.. just click the stat graphic for a page with all of them.


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