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I REALLY wish she was real.


heres my plan.. Im going to walk mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. Ill try for 4 to 6 miles each of those days. on tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays, Ill do some weight lifting, situps, and 20 to 30 minutes on an exercise bike. Im NOT going to be a nut and walk in the rain, extreme cold, or anything else this time.. Ill let nature decide when I go.. I MIGHT swap days here or there if I feel the exercise will important that week (like if I ate a pizza for dinner the night before and it rains... Ill probbaly try to fit the exercise in anyway, lol).. hopefully I can start getting this mid section to thin down a little this year.


last firday I was watching the news simply because it came on after what I had been barely watching (smackdown) and heard the guy talking about the snow on rt 23 in nj. this caught my attention because Daves store (see button on right) is on rt 23. better yet, the guy said he was in Pompton Plains, and thats where dave is (see button on right). so I decided to watch the segment because I wanted to see if I could recognize the area. I think they in front of the plaza next to Daves. so hes talking about the snow and I heard him say that it was "starting to stick a little bit on the asshole, err, ass..phalt".. naturally I laughed and then immediately sent an e-mail to the Stern show. I figured JD would be the one to contact because his job is to go through 6 Tivos and pull audio of recent television each day. Today he responded and told me he found it and they played it! checking marksfriggin I had missed it while I was out of the room getting ready for work, but I caught it on the replay. I made a clip of it so anyone interested can hear it. just click the play button below.


so yeah, last night after a 2 week wait with a post on nin.com that amazingly enough said "2 weeks" Trent released a new album and killed his corner of the internet in 1 shot. The music is good. I love it because its instrumental and those are the tracks and segments of songs from NIN I have always favored. this 36 track experimental release is like the old quake soundtrack,.. but new.. I really like it. they are offering many different ways to buy it. I purchased a $10 2 CD set, and one of the $300 limited edition delux sets. with each purchase youre supposed to get a download link to get DRM free files of the album as well, but I was a little disappointed when I only get 1 download shot for 2 items, and the file was corrupted. I wanted the FLACs and the MP3s. well, thats what torrents are for. got my files and am enjoying them now. Im not sure who the bonehead is that decided it would be a good idea to put the downloads and the sales site on the same server.. only took me about 20 tries to get my order to go through. I stayed up late till it went because I didnt want to miss out on the limited edition package which is only 2500 pieces. later on it would appear someone finally separated the servers and added some bandwidth past a partial T1. I believe this will be a lesson to all who were disappointed in his Saul Williams experiment that no one was buying that stuff before, and wouldnt pay for that music now even if there wasnt a free option. take a name like nin though and get a different result.




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