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why cant she be real?
she should be.
I believe I deserve it.


Indy was fantastic! for an Indiana Jones fan. I had high expectations of what I thought should and should not be seen in a new Indy movie and Im happy to say that this movie was exactly what I hoped for. I cant wait to see it again. I have a feeling I will like it even more the next few times I watch it. well done. fantastic subtle references to tiny things in the other films. really like how after they had something bad happen to one of the "bad guys" in the campus chase they had Mutt laughing while Indy say looking displeased. total reference to Indy laughing when he flipped the guy on the motorcycle in last crusade and looked to his father and he was no amused. Indy laughing at that sort of stuff was seen since Raiders and Ive always loved those sceenes. Paramount Logo fade: check. plane flying with line on uncomplicated map: check. important consistancies were there, too many unnesicary ones were not. little more sci-fi related than the other films, but for a movie set in the 50s, it was appropriate. and I hope the sceene at the end with Mutt NOT getting to put the hat on, was them saying... Indy isnt quite ready to pass that torch just yet.


4 Hours 30 Minutes till Indy!


In honor of the movie I have been waiting to see for at least 15 years, I have decided to actually update this page with some new graphics and to past 6 months or so of ramblings and thoughts which have been piling up unedited. but the dust has been blown off and the text brought to the surface for all to read. kind of like the lost dead sea scrolls... well ok, not as important perhaps, but still, at least there was some motivation for once. with any luck a few more projects will see the light of day by the end of the year too. but for now, the only project I want to complete is the one where I go to work for the next 2 days, take off on wednesday and thursday and see this movie at 12:01 AM. so close!



I cant wait!


    P.S. - purchasing presale tickets from nin.com will generally be less expensive than from public outlets.

today tickets for the same show went on sale to the public. we needed some extras for friends. geee, look at that.. they came to $75 each just like the presale that should have been cheaper. you know, I saw Evanescence at this same venue just 6 months ago and those tickets were only $50 each, and that was through ticketmaster!

come on.. I LOVE NIN... and always will, but something doesnt seem right here...


what I was talking about the other day with Trents decision to disolve the spiral fanclub was because of a post he had saying that he was gong to open up all the benefits of the fanclub to all nin.com members for free. below is his post, and a post I made in response in the nin.com comments section.

    We have been busy preparing a much-improved online experience for nin.com, which we will begin to unveil next month. The new nin.com will incorporate much of the interactivity and benefits presently offered on The Spiral, but a paid membership will no longer be required. A free nin.com account will be all that is needed to access the features of the new site, and The Spiral in its current form will no longer remain active. As we get closer to the upgrade, we'll be making more information available to existing Spiral members to better prepare for the transition to the new site.

    Ticket pre-sales will still be available on the new site - all nin.com members will have the opportunity to pre-purchase great seats on a per-show basis. Details will be forthcoming with ample time before on-sale dates.

    For right now, you can become a nin.com member by registering at remix.nin.com - if you're a Spiral member, your existing username and password will be preserved on the new site, as it is on the remix site.
    br> We're very excited to begin offering a wide range of improved interactivity to all nine inch nails fans, all for free.

    I admit I was and still am to a point mad about this as well. I almost wanted to complain about it the day of the post, but I decided to watch the responses for a couple days to see what others thought and see if there would be any other information released about it. (theres a lot of comments now, more than I can read, so if someone has touched on this already, sorry to be repeating.) So like others Im sure, the whole thing bugs me because to think about killing the great idea of the Spiral and how it made it possible for me and my friends to attend so many shows together last time around, made my heart sink as I read it. I would rather pay $65 a year or whatever it was and have almost a guaranteed shot at getting tickets to say 5 shows for $50 each, than to maybe get tickets to 1 show if Im lucky, and have to go to a 3rd party legalized scalping agency such as stubhub or ticketsnow for the other 4 and pay 3x that amount for seats that wont even be as good. (this happened to a couple of my friends when they missed one of the spiral presales. $130 each they paid to come with me to the house of blues in Atlantic City, and after how mad Trent got at that place, I bet even He wouldnt have paid that for that show. lol)

    anyway, I can only hope that the phrase "The Spiral in its current form will no longer remain active" might actually mean it will still exist for some other even better purpose and will still be offering something additional for the really hardcore fans. (like maybe pre-pre-sales or something) We can only hope.

    Ive always supported NIN and always will. Ive always paid for all the different versions of whatever is being put out, I would rather buy and own a physical album than download it for free (even if it is legal), and I would rather buy my concert tickets directly from NIN officially than some jackoff looking to make a quick buck.

I had a feer this this would drive up ticket prices one way or another, and today was the first pre-sale that I took part in. the tickets ended up costing me $75 each. I dont think I paid more than like $50 to $65 at the most for anything when it was from the spiral, and that included the biggest best show at MSG. so now weve got an extra $30 to $50 on average being tacked on to each show? its like paying for a whole spiral membership for each presale. Im not so sure Im ging to be going to as many shows as I had planned on if this holds true.


once again after a "2 weeks" post from Mr. Reznor, we have been given yet another album to download. this time its for free though. "The Slip" is available to all as a thank you for loyalty and support. I really like the instrumental tracks on the second half of the album. excellent stuff. overall, not my favorite nin record, but certainly something any fan will appreciate. there will also be physical versions to buy for those who want, which I always do and always will. I like that hes taking his music distribution in to his own hands the way he is.. hes really trying new things to break the old expected mold. (Im just not so sure I agree with his disolving of the spiral, but we will see when presales begin).


last night we saw Ironman.. good movie, and the best part was being surprised by a new Indy IV trailer! I cant wait!


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