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I do believe I detect her presence,...
The things Ive been looking for, for so long.
I do believe I deserve this :)


THE girl = MY girl?.... far out!


what a cool weekend. the 18th 19th and 20th were the days of the 2600's "last hope" hacker convention which might not be the last one now, which is good. I had preregistered some time ago, and last week I booked a room in the hotel pennsylvania itself which is where the event was being hosted. best part is, Ive got this amazing girl WANTING to go to some geek convention with me!.. so we head up on friday and check in. found out we got a slight upgrade in room for free, but we never took advantage of whatever it was that made it better anyway.. we get to the room and get ready to head out for a night of hard trance spun by Scot Project, and Yoji. that was a real treat. Project was amazing, and I really had a lot of fun watching from above seeing how he was setting stuff up. I went down to the floor for a while to get a closer look too. I got real close to the stage for a while there. I wish he had mixed in his classic track "W" but Im not at all surprised he didnt. Yoji was good too. Id see that combination again anytime. Next DJ I want to see is Jorg... so we head back to the hotel and hit the sack, and the next morning go get the girl registered and then see some of the stuff on the mezzanine level of the convention. something oddly hot about watching a hot girl buying books on data analysis and tcp/ip packets. we picked up some other fun stuff including some soldering project kits, and then went to head back to the room and ran in to a friend who was on his way out to meet some other friends for indian food. we joined them and had a good lunch. went back to the convention and attended some random talks and sessions including a socal engineering experiment. ended the night listening to agent steele who was like listening to a live version of the movie zeitgeist. very good speaker. the next day we went to see Adam Savage give a keynote about stuff that interested him and what the mythbusters are up to. we got to see some upcoming footage from some shows in production, and then after that, he was signing autographs, and we had some pictures with him and got our badges signed. we checked out the mezzanine one more time and got out stuff and headed to penn station to go home. had to be one of the most fun weekends Ive had in a long time.


woah!.. so out of no where today I decided to check the web site of one of my favorite DJs and Hard Trance makers, DJ Scot Project. I figured Id see if there was anything new listed in his alphabet, and I then decided to check his appearances.. well Ill be damned, hes going to be at Webster Hall on the 18th.. it JUST SO HAPPENS that I am already going to be in NYC on the 18th for the 2600 convention! now THAT is something that was meant to be. hello VIP table, Hello Mr. Project.


Define a great night:

A VIP table directly over the stage at Webster Hall seeing Infeced Mushroom with a couple of good friends, and having the most amazing most beautifl girl ever with me the entire time.


who ever thought that simply sitting on a couch could be so damn friggin amazing!


R.I.P. Fishy :(


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