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NIN Again!

Went to the show on the 27th with my girl (I like the sound of that) and my friends. this show was in NJ at the izod center. a lot like the last one in the set, but definately changed up enough in a lot of places to totally make it worth seeing them again. My girl and I had a great time. we saw an amazing show, got a bunch of shirts, and took off work the day after and spent the day together making the entire time even better. Im already looking forward to the next show we will attend, whenever they come through the area again.. hopefully for the bigger places.. I really hope we get another MSG show again. those are always top of the charts.


Shes here.
in a few ways, in a few places,
I can sense the pieces.



went to the NIN show last night with my sister and some friends at the mohegan sun in ct. I drove in with my freinds and my sister met us there. by the time I arrived she had already won close to 2 bills in the slots. lol. Ive never had any luck with those things, but good for her. so we spent the day in the room with some sinthe and had some lunch and did some minor gambling and headed to the show. didnt bother watching much of the opening act cause of all there was to do at this place.. pretty cool resort all around. lots of stores, places to eat, and things to do. anyway, the show was amazing. lots of effects, 3 layers of digital screens that make of sceenery and other sorts of visual effects for the show which seem to respond to music, touch, and position. in incorporates real time images from camera around the stage and was a really cool way to outdo himself as usual. I cant wait for the show on the 27th :)


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