Once upon a time, there was a record label called Blue Room Released. They would put out CDs of really cool GOA techno music for all the boys and girls. They were a European based company, and had a web site at for all the people to visit and learn about the music.. One day they decided to create an office and website for the Americas. they put up to promote their american birth. For a long long time, the US site sat stating that it was under construction.. so long in fact that it got forgotten about and disappeared! Then one day a stranger came in to town, and noticed the space where used to be. this stranger decided to rescue the domain name and registered it in his name! Once the big bad net propigated these changes around to the servers, a new functioning site was born! A site that was there for the Blue Room Fans to get information, send comments, and find out where to buy music from! Plus its just a REALLY COOL LOOKING SITE! Now everyone can visit the domain that is printed on hundreds of CDs and Records, and not get the "server not found" message from the big bad net and everyone can live happily ever after! The End.

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So lets see... saw meet the parents on friday night. very funny movie. I cant wait to see how they edit it for television... Saturday I went to Grand Prix Auto in westtown and got myself a new breaklight for the spoiler on my SHO. it was out of a junked car which is fine by me considering I paid nothing for it and a new one costs over 80 bux... the rest of saturday was rather uneventful. we rented a couple of movies.. 28 days and shanghai noon,.. both of which we saw in the theater, but felt like watching again... Sunday I slept till 12:45 and boy did it feel good. I havent done that in a long time.. then I got up just in time to watch the race. the new body and engine changes made it a VERY exciting race. the cars were never single file, there was always rows 3 and 4 wide racing for every position. the winner wasnt decided till the checkered flag fell. Mark Martin finished a very strong 7th despite the damage done to his car in a little wreck he got involved in. he saved that car from spinning and kept on trucking... that why I like the guy,.. he never points the finger, and he never gives up... sunday night I played with my vinyl, made a few cool mixes and went to Veronas house for dinner... took the movies back and that was the weekend. this morning I went to daves and installed his new 80 Gig Hard drive,.. while I was doing that, the UPS man came and I got my copy of the new Juno Reactor which dave ordered for me on friday. it doesnt hit the streets till tomorrow so I am proud to have my copy today. dave rules (you know where to click).. dave also ended up with a case full of the new limp bizkit today which isnt out till tomorrow.. if your a fan, go get your copy now!.. I guess that brings it up to date. with any luck Ill be posting again tomorrow. later.


OooOoOoOOooOoooOOOOo.... Friday the 13th.. lots of scarey chit is gonna happen... actually lots of it already has, but you dont need friday the 13th to find it... humans in general are scarey. especially their lack of common sence.

So talking on the cell phone while driving the car is a no no.. that has been established. you can properly concentrate on the road while yapping to whoever the hell your yapping to. so out of courtesy, and now in some places, because its the law,.. you should pull over if you have to make or take a call in the car. while driving and talking on the phone you are a danger to yourself and other people, so pull over.. great.. maybe someone should have thought about this before they said it... pull over... hmmmm.. I do say, people have gotten the hint. they DO indeed pull over for the most part... yup, they pull over to talk on the phone... they pull over on blind corners, intersections, hills, and highway entrance and exit ramps... great. so now I can come whipping along a curve and be taken by surprise when I almost hit this guy who pulled the front of his SUV off the road, but failed to realize that his ass end was still in the lane. that happened to me right by the winery on demerest hill in warwick. its a blind turn, AND a blind hill... so in trying to solve 1 problem, we create another, and its not like one goes away as another one comes.. no no.. theres still idiots driving and yapping at the same time.. so what happens when the driving yapper hits the parked one on the blind turn?.. cars are NOT meant to have telephones in them. even a passenger talking on a phone can be a distraction to the driver. cars should be built with an small transmitter inside that sends an interfeirence signal inside the car making it impossible to talk on a phone unless you are parked and say 5 feet away from the car... though if someone is in an emergency situation such as an accident and cant get out, or some guy trying to car jack you.. but know what? we went alot of years with cars and no phones, so I think something should be investigated.

Heres something else a bit frightening... over the last week I got even MORE votes for the Great Toilet Paper Debate. I think I got even more than the first week. So this weekend I will be totaling up the new votes and seeing how it stands. people seem more concerned with the toilet paper than the presidential runnings. and I would say rightfully so.

And heres one final chiller, next week I will be ordering that new component for my car... though your not shaking in your boots now, I gaurentee you will be if you visit me after its installed.


Well then... its been 1 week since I put that vote up.. let me say, I have had little votes and stuff on this page before, but nothing brought out the participation in people like the good old toilet paper directional contriversy. the outcome was better than expected, with direction number 1 winning with 93% of the votes. so I guess that settles it. lol.. probably not, but at least we know how the majority feels,... still.. if the majority is for that direction, why do we still go in to so many bathrooms that have it the other way? one person told me it looks more neat and tidy when its going the other way,.. I also heard that if you have children who have a tendancy to play with things, its not as easy for them to unravel the entire roll. well what ever the reason is, its just simply easier from the users standpoint (or sitpoint) to have it going direction number 1.
for anyone visiting the page now who didnt vote, feel free to click the button on the Sept. 28 post, and I will keep a running total and if things get a little more balanced out in the future, I will be sure to let you all know.



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