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Day started out sorta rotten. first of all, let me say I HATE and am completely sick of this daylight savings time change bullshit. in this day and age, its a stupid practice, the excuse about the farmers isnt even really true anymore. pick a damn time pattern and stay with it.... when I fixed my alarm clock yesterday morning, I accidently had it 12 hours off. so there for, my alarm never went off this morning because my clock was showing 6:40 PM insead of AM. so I began the day a bit late for work. which wasnt too bad after my mad dash through the shower process, but then Rt17 (Future 86) was closed in my direction for an overpass removal, so all the time I made up was negated and then some... but after that, the day was allright. I made a pumpkin at work for our department to enter in to the content, and I got first place winning a pizza party for the whole department. Its suposed to be themed from your department, mine being IT, but at the same time, something scary for halloween... I call it XP Scary. A picture and a video of the winning pumpkin below:

Picture of XPScary
Video of XPScary

As an IT guy of many many years, Windows XP is certainly one of the scariest things Ive ever seen.

So tonight after I got home, I decided to head down the street the 2 miles to the Warwick Corn Maze and give that a try. I took my mother along and we went in to the maze which is quite long and really cool at night. we had a coupe flashlights and found our way through the first part in 15 minutes, and then the second in another 15. knowing the geography of the area helped a little, but we still got lost a few times. Id certainly recommend this to anyone whos looking for something to do next fall. it was a lot of fun, good exercise, and at $7 a person, cerainly a reasonable price.

so I think overall, it was a good halloween over here... hope everyone else had some fun.


Today marks 2 years for my Lasik. 2 years ago today, I removed my dependancy of the facegear I felt was a straight jacket on my personality. in the past 2 years Ive marveled at things I see even though Ive seen them before.. because this vision is so much clearer, and so much more crisp than any glasses or contacts ever were. I know Im lucky to have had any sight at all compared to those less fortionate who are born without.. and now I value everything I see even more... its just amazing. to wake up and just be able to see the time, or the tv... to come in from a cold day and not have steam.. to take a shower and be able to see how truely fat and ugly the rest of me is... sight is amazing.. I go outside on a nice cool night and look at the stars, or durring a trip to the city, such as montreal where I had this done.. and just see the crisp, perfect clear lines of the buildings and all the lights.... its just.. amazing.. you just cant describe it to someone whos never had to worry about their vision... its something only someone whos had this done can understand. its just amazing.... so now its been 2 years and the view just gets better all the time. the last eye chart I stood in front of, I was able to read the 20/13 line. amazing. best money I ever spent. everyone who can have this done.. should have this done. Lasik Rules.


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