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Rectal Itch.


What a great October 3rd. Ill start out by stating what I do every year, plus one.... today was 3 years since my Lasik and as I always say, its been fantastic every day, and only gets better. I cant rave about it enough without saying the same things over and over.. a truly amazing thing.

So, in addition to that, this year, today was the release day for The Little Mermaid - Special Edition 2 DVD Set. I picked mine up early this morning and watching it right away. what a great movie. and the one I got came as a 2-pack which had an Audio CD with it. I love The Little Mermaid!

It worked out nicely too, I needed tires on the car this week so I took today off to get that stuff done, and of course enjoy my new DVD.. so I got 4 new tires on the SHO and headed down to Daves (see button on right) to hang out and get the new Evanescance CD that came out today too. we had a very huge Taco Bell dinner and I got my CDs.. and not only did I get the CD I wanted, but he had also got me the new verison of The Little Mermaid Soundtrack which was also re-released today! also as a 2 Disc Set!

And then to top off the whole night, as Im about to leave for home, he goes over to where he hides special stuff he wants to surprise people with and pulls out a copy of The Little Mermaid on LaserDisc! Ive been trying to get a copy of that for years, and was actually thinking about it again while I was on my walk today, and figured I should start looking online for it again. Dave sure ruled this time.

And then as an added bonus, while I was in NJ, it only cost me $34 to fill the tank on the SHO. $2.45 a gallon for premium.. thats nearly 70 cents cheaper than I just paid in NY... but this is not a day to be angry.. this was a good day. and Im going to go to bed with a bunch of good thoughts now.. closing my eyes knowing that in the morning, Ill be able to open them back up and experience the miracle of clear vision again without having to do anything but wake up.


I picked up a can of spray cheese the other day and was rather displeased when air bubbles in the cheese caused all the pressure in the can to come out when I was only about half way done with it... Click Here to see how I resolved this situation.


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