Know what I hate?... tough, Im gonna tell you anyway. I hate when someone alive is not liked very much, or has done a ton of bad things to others or to the place they live in, or is just simply mean and nasty all the time... people know how this person is,.. people make their comments.... thats not the part that bothers me. the part that bothers me is if that person gets seriously injured or seriously dead, all of a sudden people have a tendancy to mold that persons former life in to something honorable. all of a sudden they had done no wrong. people will defend all of that persons actions. I dont know why people do this. Its not everyone and not all the time, but its too often and its stupid to try and make everyones oppinion change just because that person had some bad luck..... take this post how you will, Its just my observation.


You know..... I update this page more often to change the title of my friend Marlins page than I do with actual postings.

Check out his new site, "To the Metal" it should prove to be real good. based on driving and cars rather than crap, I think its going to be a real cool page to read. His driving page part of his site has always been my favorite. He made a good comment too. its not E/N cause its based on 1 thing but has a few posts about other things. thats exactly how I have felt about this site. the site is basically my music along with my SHO and a few posts a week about things I feel like posting about. Id have to say that I am NOT E/N .. no one has been able to answer me about it, so I will conclude that I am not. not that it matters, I have just always wondered cause I did end up on a few lists and links of E/N. Even if I am, I dont really care. Like I have said before. My page is really like my Forums from the IPS-BBS and I think Marlin feels pretty much the same way about it.. a place to post where others can read. its like beinf the forum-op all over again. lol... speaking of that, keep your eyes opened for the IPS-BBS Internet conversion. I am going to get that BBS on line soon I have made some good progress in with this project and plan to have it done before you know it. Teleconference and all. BBL. X X Y........ ATH0


Quake.... it rules if you ask me.... Over at pointless things those guys have been bickering about which quake they like best. I feel like commenting on the whole subject so here I am with something to write about today.... Quake 1, in my opinion is the most fun. MOST FUN, not necisarilly the best, but the most fun. why? because you dont need a mega computer to run it. it works in DOS, and it has a crapload of maps that are very well done. I have 6 computers in my house all networked, and cable running underground to my neighbors house with 2 systems over there. we can all get going and have a blast playing quake for hours. I use my 1 laptop for a dedicated server which leaves 7 systems for people to play on. the music on Quake 1 was the best too. Im not just saying that because I like NIN, but because the music fit the scenery. nice and dark sounding, not wild but eire. because they had Trent do the music they gave him a gun of his own. the nail gun. and boxes of nails with NIN printed on the side. that just ruled. ID with Quake was probably the first game to hire a professional big name person to do the soundtrack. it proved to be a smart move. (I dont think the game would have been as big as it was without the music.)... then out comes Quake 2. I personally was disapointed. I didnt like the game play as well as 1, no nail gun was a bummer, multiplayer left something to be desired, it required Windows95 back when windows was not on EVERYONES computer, and the music just didnt fit the levels. the music was too wild for the image that "Quake" brought to mind. if you ask me, it reminded me a lot of duke nukem 3D with the rock music and the maps. it was obviously rushed and should have had more properties of Quake 1.... Quake 3 is a different story. Quake 3 went back to the roots. the darker atmosphere is back on many of the maps, the music went back twords the electronic/gothic side, and the graphics just kick ass. the game play is really good too... the only down side to it is that you need a real good computer with a 3D card of some sort. I have 4 of them in my house and have had some pretty good games going on. I think this game is great. when I want net play I have my 512K DSL line to keep me busy. Quake 3 was a BIG improvment and really sets the standards in my eyes.

Other games out, such as unreal tournament are ok, but personally I like Quake 3 better. I just want Death Match. I dont care about CTF or any other game types on the other companies products. I just want to blow stuff up. Quake 1 is probably my favorite when it comes to simplicity. just load and go. I have network parties with some of my cousins, my sisters, my uncle, and me and my girlfriend. we stay up all night playing Quake 1. theres this 1 level called "Majic" which is just so simple but so fun. if you get a gun and get in to this 1 room you can go for a long time racking up points, if you get out of the loop you better watch out cause its gonna take you 10 minutes to get back in to the loop. at our last party we played that level for 4 hours straight.

We also played Quake 3 for a few hours too. when it comes to the games of today, sporting good graphics, sound and levels, Ill take Quake 3 over anything right now... we played Quake 2 for a while and everyone reacted the same way I did to it... "eh" was the reaction.

I heard that ID software would not be making another Quake product... I wonder if they are still saying that after they see the money that came in from this one. this one was so big and anticipated that they had Howard Stern reading commercials for them on his show.... also, do you realize that Quake 3 is propably the first game that ID software put copy protection on?.. (good for them. its about time if you ask me.) the only thing I DONT like about Quake 3 is the way that people are so easilly cheating on the net. Ill be walking around and get hit with like 1 machine gun bullet and die.... TURN ON PURE SERVER MODE!!!!.... the other bad thing is when someone is on a slow modem connection, it seems to make us high speed line people get screwed. they lag and all we see is a skin sitting in front of us. you waste all your ammo on it and all of a sudden they are behind you shooting you to death. not quakes fault but it still sucks... well, thats my review. hope to see some of you on line. I go by the name of Mermaid with the skin of Bones. if you see me, let me know.


Not much to write about. nothing at all. Thursday was nice. My girlfriend and I just spent the entire day together and hung out. I took her out for dinner at a nice italian place and then we went home and gave each other cards and stuff. it was really nice..... other than that, everything has been the usual. nothing great. I have to switch my cars soon.. before the heavy snow hits anyway... I have to finish upgrading my computer #3 and #4 so that I am ready to support Quake3 for my next LAN party. took down the outside christmas lights yesterday,.. sit on the roof for an hours putting them up so we can look at them for 2 weeks and take them down... thats real productive. but it was worth it I guess. Napster is getting flooded with users.. Im willing to bet its not around too much longer... but you never know.... thats enough. write more later.


Today marks 3 years of me being with my girlfriend.
It just rules.


So far I have not had anything go wrong due to the date change. nothing at work here as failed either. I left my home NT server on the whole time, nothing happened. even the original version of 95 rolled over without a problem despite the rummors that you MUST have some sort of patch to make it function after the new year. I even have a WIN 3.11 system that knows what date it is. SO.... thats that. I still wont be real surprised if there are a few minor glitches in sub routines of software that people never really looked at. again, all I know is the things I work with are all the way they are supposed to be. any readers have anything go wrong at all?


Happy New Year.
Looks like everything is OK.
At least everything I own or work with is ok, and thats all that matters to me :)



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