Mmmmmm.. EG-101 :)


Got my order from Satellite today! WOOHOO!
Needless to say, Ill be busy for a while now :)


Those who are wondering....
When I do live mixing with my Vinyl and CDs, this is what I use...

Click for larger view Technics 1200 MKII

The Technics 1200 MKII is probably the most common table among vinyl DJs today. I have 2 of these units, both in great condition and one of them still looks new. You can still buy the new versions of these and they go for about $475 a piece. 33 and 45 RPM with a +/- 8% pitch adjustment. They are direct drive and with a set of slip mats, you can make the records almost start instantly. Great units that will forever be loved by millions.

Click for larger view Ortofon Concord DJ S Set - Black

A very nice high end stylus. For the head piece and 3 needles and a brush is about $115, and if you have 2 tables, your looking at about $250 with tax. With a nice 20 Degree Tracking angle and Spherical Stylus type, They fit right on to your standard turntable arm, they weigh about 18.5 grams and the tracking on them is wonderful. Just set your height, weight, and skating accordingly and you can spin and scratch techno all night long with a very low skip occurance. They are not the highest end Ortofons, but they are great for the money and I recomend them to anyone looking.

Click for larger view Denon 1800F

Like Technics Turntables, Denon is probably the most popular choice for Pro DJ CD Players. I purchased the 1800F cause I wanted something that could do pitch adjust, some jog wheele tricks and was not too expensive. I picked up the unit for about $500 and have been VERY happy with it. It has 10 seconds of anti skip memory and can do a +/- 10% pitch adjust. It has a jog wheel for slowing down, speeding up, skipping, and kind of a primitive digital scratch/skip once you get good at it. Some of the higher units do Key adjust and loop selection, but since most of my mixing is with vinyl I didnt think spending the extra $300 was needed. The control unit and the CD unit are seprate pieces and are connected by a cable so you can configure them however you like in you rack or table/coffin.

Click for larger view Radio Shack 4 Ch. Mixer - made by Audio Technica (ATUS)

Not the most common choice among DJs, but perfect for me and my home mixing setup. Its actually a very good unit with a crossfader for any combination of the 4 channels. channels 1 and 2 are phono channels and you can make them MIC if you want. channels 3 and 4 are line level. there is also a separate MIC channel too. It has a cueing selector for any channel. I also took a small 2 channel Radio Shack Mixer and turned it in to a cueing mixer. it will let me hear whatever is currently playing through the amp, along with what I have the cue selector set to so I can mix completely in the phones. Great unit in my opinion, and for $150 you cant complain about the price.


Placed another order with Satellite the other day... Mmmmm more Vinyl. Im getting some seriously dark stuff... Mmmmm Transient and Naja. With this order I will be able to complete my new Mix CD... actually a double CD set.. its going to be all dark GOA. both CDs will be non-stop mixes and it will be available at Music Music Music (see dave rules button on right). Natuarlly a select few will get free advanced copies. If you plan on listening to it, you might want to make sure you have a nice bass-able system cause this stuff is low and rolling. you can only appreciate it if you can hear all the lows properly.

If anyone wants to know just what kind of music Im talking about, take a listen to this guys shoutcast server... philosomatika... its my favorite thing to listen to while Im at work and even home... he has a few different streams for those with slower connections. I own the majority of the stuff in his playlist. lol.


I can smell the fumes already. The Daytona 500 is almost here and this last week round one testing of all the manufacturers as been completed.... 52 Teams have run solo and draft laps, and here is the speed chart for the top solo lap of each driver.

01. Matt Kenseth/Ford 49.377 seconds, 182.271 mph;
02. Steve Park/Chevrolet 49.399 seconds, 182.190 mph;
03. Tony Stewart/Pontiac 49.433 seconds, 182.065 mph;
04. Jeff Gordon/Chevrolet 49.570 seconds, 181.561 mph;
05. Ricky Craven/Ford 49.584 seconds, 181.510 mph;
06. Mike Skinner/Chevrolet 49.602 seconds, 181.444 mph;
07. Bobby Labonte/Pontiac 49.705 seconds, 181.068 mph;
08. Michael Waltrip/Chevrolet 49.715 seconds, 181.032 mph;
09. Kenny Wallace/Pontiac 49.718 seconds, 181.021 mph;
10. Terry Labonte/Chevrolet 49.732 seconds, 180.970 mph;
11. Mark Martin/Ford 49.744 seconds, 180.926 mph;
12. Bobby Hamilton/Chevrolet 49.750 seconds, 180.905 mph;
13. Ken Schrader/Pontiac 49.763 seconds, 180.857 mph;
14. Stacey Compton/Dodge 49.773 seconds, 180.821 mph;
15. Dave Marcis/Chevrolet 49.782 seconds, 180.788 mph;
16. Dale Earnhardt Jr./Chevrolet 49.788 seconds, 180.766 mph;
17. Robby Gordon/Chevrolet 49.826 seconds, 180.629 mph;
18. Dave Blaney/Dodge 49.833 seconds, 180.603 mph;
19. Bill Elliott/Dodge 49.841 seconds, 180.574 mph;
20. Greg Sacks/Dodge 49.875 seconds, 180.451 mph;
21. Robert Pressley/Ford 49.879 seconds, 180.437 mph;
22. Jerry Nadeau/Chevrolet 49.881 seconds, 180.429 mph;
23. Dale Earnhardt/Chevrolet 49.926 seconds, 180.267 mph;
24. Derrike Cope/Pontiac 49.953 seconds, 180.169 mph;
25. Jeff Burton/Ford 49.965 seconds, 180.126 mph;
26. Dale Jarrett/Ford 49.991 seconds, 180.032 mph;
27. Ricky Rudd/Ford 49.996 seconds, 180.014 mph;
28. Elliott Sadler/Ford 50.022 seconds, 179.921 mph;
29. Jeremy Mayfield/Ford 50.027 seconds, 179.903 mph;
30. Johnny Benson/Pontiac 50.028 seconds, 179.759 mph;
31. Kurt Busch/Ford 50.044 seconds, 179.842 mph;
32. Brett Bodine/Ford 50.062 seconds, 179.777 mph;
33. Rusty Wallace/Ford 50.161 seconds, 179.422 mph;
34. John Andretti/Dodge 50.174 seconds, 179.376 mph;
35. Sterling Marlin/Dodge 50.186 seconds, 179.333 mph;
36. Rick Mast/Chevrolet 50.204 seconds, 179.269 mph;
37. Andy Houston/Ford 50.244 seconds, 179.126 mph;
38. Joe Nemechek/Chevrolet 50.254 seconds, 179.090 mph;
39. Jeff Purvis/Ford 50.266 seconds, 179.047 mph;
40. Jimmy Spencer/Ford 50.280 seconds, 178.998 mph;
41. Jason Leffler/Dodge 50.310 seconds, 178.891 mph;
42. Kyle Petty/Dodge 50.364 seconds, 178.699 mph;
43. Casey Atwood/Dodge 50.404 seconds, 178.557 mph;
44. Mike Wallace/Ford 50.426 seconds, 178.479 mph;
45. Ron Hornaday/Pontiac 50.429 seconds, 178.469 mph;
46. Buckshot Jones/Dodge 50.446 seconds, 178.409 mph;
47. Hut Stricklin/Ford 50.489 seconds, 178.257 mph;
48. Ward Burton/Dodge 50.560 seconds, 178.006 mph;
49. Wally Dallenbach/Ford 50.593 seconds, 177.890 mph;
50. Todd Bodine/Ford 50.716 seconds, 177.459 mph;
51. Norm Benning/Chevrolet 51.899 seconds, 173.414 mph;
52. Carl Long/Ford 52.000 seconds, 173.077 mph 01/16/2001

What the hell is wrong with TV these days? We all know that the content on TV has gone down hill. the shows are stupider and the contect of the shows is full of drugs, sex, and everything else that was once thought forbiden. Some people see this as a problem, others like to see this stuff available... thats not really my complaint,.. my complaint is with the freekin TV editors leaving that shit in and taking out a fart. yes thats right.. a fart. watch Blazing Saddles when its on TV. to this day the part where they fart around the camp fire is cut out. The reason I thought up this post was because I was home sunday and Dennis the Menace, the movie was on the Fox Family channel. The part after he feeds the crook all the beans and the guy farts on the camp fire.... cut out. WHAT THE HELL?! Whats so bad about the sound of a fart? ITS FUNNY. Especially in Dennis the Menace when its done next to the campfire and you see the big flame shoot out. Why can we see and hear simulated sex sceenes but we cant hear a synthesized fart or burp? The worlds going to hell people, but dammit were going to hell with good table manners.


My Top 5 Desert Island Albums...

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral - (American Version)

If you ask me, this will go down as one of the best, most creative albums of all time. It covers a lot of gound and you can tell that the effort that went in to this creation was just off the scale. The mastering is out of this world, and the concept was well ahead of its time. Each sound is crafted perfectly to fit with the music, and is completely unique in its origin. I own the American/UK version, and the Japaneese version which has one extra song on it being Dead Souls from the movie The Crow. While the extra song is nice to have, it doesnt seem to fit the flow of the entire album. The original just tells a story and the tracks flow from one to the other seamlessly. I can honestly say that I have listened to this album over 700 times. Probably more. Each time adjusting all the frequencys on my stereo so that I would hear new things in the recordings that may have not been aparent enough in the previous listening. Trent Reznor is brilliant, and he really did set a standard for a lot of other albums to come.

Juno Reactor - Bible of Dreams - (American Version)

This album is simply amazing in the electronica catagory. The type of music isnt for everyone, but its just so well crafted and put together that you have to give Juno Reactor some respect. This is not your normal techno CD, this is a piece of electronic art. Very Dark, Very thought provocative, and very perfect. Ben Watkins truely has created a Dream-World of sound which you can easily drown yourself in. The American version isnt really the original, the UK one is, but the American version has one extra track at the end, a remix of a previous Juno Song, High Energy Protons, which I feel closes the albums mind-trip perfectly. Repitition was just not an option in the creation of this album. As I once read in a review "Its not the normal techno CD where someone set the 303 and went to lunch". Thats very true, and I would suggest this CD to anyone looking for something different.

Emerson Lake & Palmer - Tarkus

This was the first album I ever "discovered" on my own. My father accidently left it in the 8-Track player that he was testing in our basement, and I came down saturday morning and saw it, turned it on and was amazed at what I was hearing. As I grew up I learned more about ELP and obtained all of their albums on CD. They are one of my favorite bands of all time. The album Tarkus though, besides holding that certain value from the discovery, is probably my favorite one because of the layout of the music, and the story it tells. Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer are absolutely amazing musicians, all 3 graduating from the Juliard School of Music, They are rockers that like to play with Clasical style. Keith Emerson was One of the, if not THE first person to take a Moog on stage. Everything they play and write is thought through and done with class. To me, Tarkus is very close with their rendition of "Pictures at an Exhibition", and given a sixth album choice, that would be it.

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine

I love this album for a lot of reasons, not only is it just really good, but each song holds a very powerful and personal emotional content. Just about anyone who is in love, has ever been hurt by love, or feels alone in the world could probably find at least 4 songs on this album to relate to. Again, from Trent Reznor, its an excellently produced compilation of hard work, dedication, and life experience. Reznor is an average person with an exceptional talent for music and this first official full album gives everyone a taste of his life,.... and their own.

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi - Music from the Galaxies

Not really an album like you would think,.. this CD is really a work worth mentioning. Its more like one of those CDs that is "sounds of the rainforest", or "Thunderstorms" or something.. but what makes this CD unique is the fact that the ambient music is being produced from radio waves that are being bounced off things in space, recorded and translated in to the most abnormaly natural symphony you will ever hear. Its soothing, easy to listen to awake, or asleep, and you can just let your mind wander as if it was floating aimlessly in space itself. Dr Fiorella really found something new to do, and she even performs live. Truely one of a kind, and one that I have listened to countless times.

I encourage everyone to make a "Desert Island" list. Readers of my site who have sites of their own, post it on yours. It will be interesting to see what everyone picks.
The rules are simple. Given that you know youll be stranded on a Desert Island,.. if you could pick only 5 Albums that you could take to listen to for the rest of your life, what would they be? You cant create mix tapes and CDs, they have to be legitimate albums.


Heres a Virus Update you should all know about.
If you receive an E-mail with the sender address of "" simply delete it. Dont bother opening it and dont bother running the atachments if there are any. Most of the messages are titled with "Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!"
The address is fake and you can view more information about the real sending server by viewing the message header. Some kind people have gone and registered "" as a site to help you debug your system of the virus. If you think your infected, go check it out. (No its not a dirty site. lol)
So far, I have received the E-mail on my 2 main accounts which tells me that someone I know is probably infected. The message header tells me that the sending server was part of "GC Internal"-NETBLK-FGC.* which is with "Global Crossing"-( If you have me in your address book, you might want to check your systems.


Yesterday I sent BlueRoom an E-Mail asking them for the newest list of their CDs that are still in print. This morning I got an E-Mail from them with the list and a nice note asking for my Mailing Address cuase they want to send me a bunch of Promos of all the new releases for all the work I do for them with BlueRoom USA. They rule.... Its getting ever closer to 3-17-99. :)


Just FYI..... Today is 4 years for "Mermaid and Verona" :)


I just took that Purity Test over at and got a rating of 73% pure... dont know if that considered good or bad by most, but whatever.. I actually meant to take that test a few years ago when someone told me about it but never got around to it. Probably would have been about the same results back then. I dont hold any real meaning to it.. its just fun. they have some others to mess with too.


Ok... Who added my BlueRoom Mixes CD in to the Gracenote CDDB?.. lol. No Im not angry, I think its rather funny and cool. Someone actually took the time to input all the information,. But who? I only gave the CD to 5 other people.. I have one, My Girlfriend Verona, Hoagie, Trainmaster, Marlin, and Dave. Out of that list theres only 2 people I know who would bother.. Hoagie and Marlin.. I highly doubt that Hoagie did it cause he doesnt have time anymore... It seems like something Marlin would do,.. that way the tracks show up when he plays it in the PC.. but in all honesty Im not so sure it was him... its possible that someone made coppies... not likely but possible. Now that I think about it.. I think there was one other guy I was going to give one too.. he worked at the Wall in Middletown but I dont remember if I ever gave it to him... hmmm.. If anyone visiting this page knows.. let ME know. lol... I found this cause every once in a while I do a search on Google for mervernation, and mervernator... just to see how far my names are getting out there. This was a new one which never came up before. Well whoever did it,.. thanks!


This year, I resolve to not make a bunch of New-Years Resolutions that I wont keep anyway. :)



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