So last week, on the 19th I had said I had a wonderful day but never went in to it.. in fact the past week or so I had quite a few nice days, so its time to start catching up now.

I Met Dr. Fiorella Terenzi! I went to NYU in NYC and went to a seminar that she was giving. The class was great and very interesting. She talked about all kinds of aspects about space, our galaxy, and other galaxys, how humans are involved both physically and emotionally,.. it was wonderful and a lot of fun. After the class, we were able to go meet her and talk with her. I went up there and took out my CD for her to sign. She seemed very impressed that I had it, knowing that its out of print. She told me I had a rare item, and I said I know, I love this CD! I then took out the print out of the E-Mail she sent me when she found my site while browsing the web, thanking me for the kind review of her CD, and also took out a print out of my site from when I did the review, and as soon as she saw the e-mail and then the title graphic of my site, she rememberd me! She was so nice that she had someone take a picture of us! So I had her sign my CD under the tray, so now that CD is even more special. She also signed my copy of her book, and the CD-ROM of hers that I bought from her there. I got her business card too! (I felt bad too cause she asked me if I had a card, but I didnt have any.. I used to, but have not printed any up in a while, lol. Ive been doing my work by word of mouth for a long time now... I should probably start having them again.. might help get some more work..) So after that we talked a bit, I asked her if there would be another music CD and she said there would be! She also said there would be another DVD with a lot of good content on it. I cant wait! Since the event was free I gave a donation to the group that put it together and I also joined it.. The New York City Chapter of the National Space Society. Ive always loved this stuff, so why not! Ill be getting newletters letting me know of all the different events in the area. I met quite a few new people there, some of which I traded contact information with for both computer and music purposes. I had a great time.. Dr Fiorella is SO nice and so very smart.. and VERY pretty too! Shes so interesting, and fun to learn from, Im looking forward to the next chance I get to go to one of her seminars. Usually they are multi day events where you pay for a full schedule of all sorts of different things. I just might go to one soon. So that was quite a day I had! dont forget, if you have any interest in any of her products or want to know more, just go to her site at

So to be more specific about my trip in its entirety, and the fun I had, heres the full day and the details. I had known for a while that she was going to be in New York City on the 19th and I had planed on going, but of corse if this lousy un-snowy winter was going to pick one day to snow, it was the 19th here.. SO.. here I am expecting to go with 3 other people to the city to meet Dr. Fiorella and 1 friend is unable to go cause of physical problems.. my other 2 people were not so anxious to go when they saw the snow start piling up. So Ive been looking forward to this for a long time, and Im *NOT* going to let this white stuff mess up my day! So I call a guy who I know who used to be a paramedic in the city and asked him the best way there. He gave me directions and off I went. Now Ive been to the city before, but never completely on my own. I only messed up once and that was a quick fix.. I got in there and was driving around washington square park looking for a parking space and finally found one. So I get out of the car, and start looking for 32 waverly place. I find 20, 21, 22, and figure ok, good. Im on my way.. well I get to the end of that block, and its like 26 waverly place.. I go across the street and it becomes 100 waverly place and goes up! so Im wondering what the heck to do.. so after talking to a few people (people in the city are very nice) I go down the other way, down to 20, 19, 18, etc.. and get to the end of the block.. I cross the street and the first building on the right is 32 Waverly.. I couldnt figure it out.. maybe someone else can?.. but anyway, I go inside, I do the above story, and its time to go.. I had heard that starting the 18th at Virgin Mega Store, if you reserve a copy of the new NIN CD, you could earn a place in line to get Trents Autograph on the 22nd.. So I ask for directions to the store, and it seems to be within walking distance from NYU. Its snowing rather hard, but I start out on foot anyway. after many blocks, I get there, go inside,... wrong Virgin Mega Store, lol.. I was in Union Square and needed to be in Time Square.. I actually figured that before I started walking, but figured Id go anyway. So I walk back to the car and decide to find a driving route to someplace near Time Square. Lots of one way streets... but once you start to figure out the grid system that everything seems to be layed out on, its not so bad.. so I get close and park the car and start walking again.. about 7 blocks or so.. and FINALLY Im in Time Square.. Now Ive seen this stuff before, but being there on your own seems to give you new respect for the whole place. And the fact that it was dark out made it even cooler... so many lights.. I know NYC is called the city that never sleeps.. but it should really be the street that never sleeps.. the rest of the city was pretty empty and quiet.. but as soon as you hit Time Square, its like its 3 in the afternoon. So I walk down to the Virgin Mega Store and find out what I had been figuring all along.. within 2 hours after the doors opened, they sold out of spots to meet Trent.. oh well, it was worth the try.. nothing any true fan wouldnt have done. So I start walking around,.. found the big toys-r-us store, went in there for a while.. saw some other cool places.. got myself some "city pizza" cause of how everyone insists its the best.. Im a big pizza fan.. its was good.. but I still like my local place better. Franks knows how to make a good pizza. I stop and buy some candy from a newspaper stand and continue my walk. I make it back to the car and get on my way home. I got home about 10:30 at night.. My feet were VERY hurt, but it was worth it. I had a blast.. it was a great trip and a great thing to do for myself and by myself.

The drive home was a nightmare.. Ive driven in bad snow before, but that stuff was the worst I had even experienced. So Im goin like 70 on the Palisades Parkway.. The SHO and these H Rated tired handle VERY VERY well in the snow. So as usual, usually experienced during my commutes.. theres a number of noodges off the road.. explain this to me.. as soon as it snows.. or even is wet sometimes, you always find people who have spun off the road in to the center median of the highway. sitting there in the grass,.. ITS A HIGHWAY! ITS STRAIGHT! How do these people always manage to do this? Have they never driven in weather before?.. So Im going at a good pace, and then you always run across the people who decided to make their own center lane.. weather theres a center lane or not, they make one.. and they go about 15 and they have their 4 way flashers on.. the worst part about this is the fact that 98% of those people WERE ALL DRIVING 4WD SUVS!!!!!!! HELLO?!?!? Why the hell did you people buy these 4WD vehicles? youd be better off in a $200 crap car that gets better gas mileage and wont matter if it gets dented. So I come up on these guys, unwilling to move over of course,.. so Im forced to use the sholder to pass them.. if thats not bad enough you get other ones who decide the pass them at the same time and wait till you RIGHT ON TOP of them to move over in front of you without a blinker... yeah, thanks guys.. now I have to slam on my breaks in the snow cause your an idiot... its just unreal.. so I went down the palisades till I got to the NYS Thruway.. if its one thing I learned from commuting to Westchester, its that in the snow, the NYS Thruway is one of the best maintained roads in the state. So I hit that, and go home that way. made the rest of the trip much nicer. until of course I get to my local town area where its 10:00 at night, its been snowing all day, and not a plow or sander has gone through yet.. what do my tax dollars do again? Ive said it before, and Ill say it again.. the roads dont get plowed in the winter and they are always filled with the same pot-holes the rest of the year. Nothing ever changes.. I guess maybe the concept is to let the snow fill the pot holes?

So that was my exciting day on the 19th. Ill soon catch up on some of the other days. Send me an e-mail if you have any questions about my trip.


NIN DVD Easter Eggs
Follow the following steps closely to get the extra content.

Gave Up:
Disc 1 - watch "Gave Up" and at 26:58 hit "enter" on your remote. you will now get the set back shot of the performance of this song.

Disc 2 - watch "Suck" and at 1:06 hit "up" then "enter" on your remote and you will see the live performance of Reptile.

NinetyNine Commercial:
Disc 2 - go to "supplemental content" on the menu and hit "enter" on your remote. move the selector to "Main Menu" and then press "left" then "up" then "enter" on your remote.

The day the world went away - Video:
Disc 2 - Between "head like a whole" and "just like you imagined" at 16:15 press "left" then "right" then "down" then "up" then "enter" on your remote.

NIN and Manson - Starfuckers + Beautiful people:
Disc 2 - watch "starfuckers inc." and at 24:15 press enter. (I was there!!)

-= OR =-

or you can just go to "head like a hole" on Disc 2 and wait till 11:19 and hit the "7" key on your remote and get a menu of all the above stuff except for the Disc 1 item.. lol. I can only imagine how pissed someone was when they saw the 7 key trick and they spent hours figuring out the other stuff. Theres also 2 other commercials in the menu... I wonder if they have key sequences in the disc some place too?..
Either way, Trent rules for adding this stuff in.


I knew it had to be on there!!
NIN and Manson singing at Madison Square Garden is on the DVD! its a hidden feature of the second disc.. if you watch starfuckers till 24:15 and hit enter on your DVD remote, it will switch over and show you the end of starfuckers inc where manson comes out.. they finish that, and they also have the entire beautifule people song after that! I was there! I knew they couldnt leave this out.. it was too big.. this rules!

My friend Immortalis found the post about this on SLS News.. way to go! (theres other hidden stuff too.. will talk about that later.)


Today (well yesterday the 22nd (its 1 in the morning)) I got the new NIN DVD. right from the start the audio mixing was INCREDIBLE. excellent stereo and surround mixing balance. the video quality is excellent as well. Its a very good video of a concert.. probably one of the better ones Ive seen. It gives you a good feel for what the shows are like, where other ones simply leave you wondering. If you have a surround system, make sure you get the DVD that matches your setup. the DVD comes in 2 formats.. Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS. simply 2 competing surround formats but will make all the difference in the world if not matched to your equipment. if you dont have a surround system, each version has a standard stereo mix which was also done separately and is also very good. Or you can do what I did and just buy both.. lol. actually of the 5 items that came out today... I got... well all 5 naturally.. :) both DVD formats, the VHS version, the CD of the performance, and the delux CD which comes with the "Still" disc. (a CD of mixes and tunes to be released in the future as its own item on Can you tell Im a BIG TIME NIN collector?

As usual, Trent Reznor did an outstanding job on this products quality and content. I was hoping that they would have had parts or clips fromt he concert I was at, seeing as it is one of the most talked about NIN concerts to date. (Madison Square Garden, Marylin Manson appearing,..) but oh well.. it still rules and I cant wait to watch it again when I change my theater around and make it sound better. Ill have to try out the DTS one as well and see just how different it is. my decoder does both, so it should be interesting to check out. Now I hope that he decides to rerelease Closure on DVD.


I just dont need it anymore.


Lies.. disrespect...


I just dont understand whats going on..


I had such a wonderful day, but I feel so emotionally empty.


You know, Im sick of all the shit. I dont need it anymore.


Ive never been so fucking insulted in my entire fucking life.



Today was supposed to rule.
Today should have been wonderful.
Instead, today is crappy.
Today would have been 5 years for me and Verona, but now its not.
But today can still be 5 years..
Should I look at it as a reason to not give up on what I know was right?
Should I look at it as a reason TO give up on what I THOUGHT was right?
Should I use it as a perfect marker to pick up where I left off?
I dont know....
I guess I just wait to see what the rest of the day brings.


Well that didnt take long.
I got a case of said best stuff from the post below today. 24 cans of AMP! My buddy Paladin of 2 the metal found them at a Hess station in Jersey today. He picked up a case for 40 bux. I gave him 4 cold cans from my fridge so he could try the stuff, a copy of Office Space on DVD and Jay and Silent Bob on a CD-R Divx for a trade (and a bottle of vitamin water!) lol.. Its good to know that theres now 2 sources for the stuff within driving distance.


I meant to post this last week...
This stuff is the best. Of all the slim can 8.4 oz Energy Drinks out there, this one is by far the best one I have had yet. Not just cause its Dew, but cause its different. Its Dew with a kick. Most of these drinks all taste the same,.. (like a ripoff of battery or hansens stamina). This one tastes like Mountain Dew on Overdrive. the taste is good like dew, and powerful like josta. this little can packs in 75 MG of caffeine, and while its not the highest one out there, it still does the job, and is a wonderful treat. plus rummor has it the stuff will glow under a blacklight. its worth the $2 per can. the only problem is that its hard to find right now. Pepsi better not pull another Josta on us! if you spot it, let me know... Im looking for a source to buy cases from.




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