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I hate to admit that I was watching it like the rest of everyone else.. but probably like most, I had the SuperBowl on in order to see all the wonderful new commercials.. One caught my attention.. and no it Wasnt the Terminator 3 one, though it does look ok,.. I hope they prove me wrong and make a good film without Cameron... but there was a commercial about an office manager hiring a football player to "motivate" the employees. he would go around tackeling people and yelling at them... at one point, after tossing someone to the ground, he yells at them about "putting cover sheets on the TPS Reports." How great is that? what a great tribute to Office Space.. a cult classic movie loved by just about anyone who has ever worked. My jaw dropped when I heard that. I thought it was so cool, that I even immediately submitted it to Slashdot. Anyone else pick up on that?


I had an epiphany the other day.
I finally DONT CARE anymore!
and that allowed me to envoke the hindsight is 20/20 theroy.
damn, what a blind idiot I was!

Oh well.. As we say in the music business..... HEH~!


Same message as yesterday... except now its official.. hehe.


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