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so about 2 weeks ago I went to a show at a club in port jervis because my sorta manager playes in a band and needed people to attend. I got there and it wasnt too crowded... I saw this really cute girl that just caught my eye, no matter how hard I tried not to look, I couldnt stop. I was working up the courage to say something to her, and all of a sudden my sorta manager comes up and introduces the 2 of us. she was his neice... that made it a touch easier on me to start conversation..., and then something totally different happened.. something that NEVER happens.... I spoke.... and she spoke back! it was totally unexpected!.. we started talking a bit after that and had a pretty good time. turns out she was pretty interested in me too, hoping Id talk to her, and just as happy as I was to be introduced in that easy way... and even happier that I decided to talk to her and ask her to contact me... since my sorta manager has a page on my server, I told her, you know your uncles page and e-mail?.. just e-mail me at mermaid at that same address.. lol. doesnt get any easier than that... and the show was over, we went our ways.... and when I woke up the next morning. I had an e-mail. and we e-mailed for days on end, and then IM.. and a little bit of phone calling too. She has a daughter, which is something I never expected to even have to consider in my life... but I guess the older you get, the more likely it is youre going to find these sort of situations... and it doesnt bother me as much as I once thought it would... she also lives a little over an hour away, but that too doesnt seem to get me at all like it used to. the following thursday was another show of his at a club in the city. she was going to go and I was thinking about it.. but it was a long drive and I had to work the next day. she wished I could go too, and made me promise to continue to e-mail her throughout the night while she was there (she gets them on her cell when shes out). I said I would, and told her if she thought real hard while reading them, that maybe shed feel like I was there... (anyone who knows me knows where this is going)... yeah, I pulled a "Mermaid" ... I had decided on my way home that day that I was going to go anyway and surprise her.. I drove down in to the village and found a nice spot to park, and started to walk to the club. I found the place, got inside, and knew exactly where shed be.. I just knew based on hanging out with her one time where and how shed be standing, and I was able to see her instantly.. her back towards me, standing there, head down, staring at the phone, wondering why the hell there were no e-mails. wondering why I was ignoring her... I stood about a foot behind her off to her left a little,... about 3 seconds later, she looked up, turned around, and got the biggest smile Ive ever seen. it was perfect. I totally made her night. which totally made my night... about 3 minutes later my sorta manager walks in with his guitar, and he too was shocked I came, but very happy I did. not only is he happy to have more bodies coming in to the club telling the door they are there to see his band, but he was happy for the both of us too... so we hung out for the rest of that night and had a great time just being next to each other. weve hung out a few times since and have had an even better time each time. Ive never felt so at one with someone so fast. shes a really great person, and I hope things go the way they seem to be going. I admit Im a little nervous, not knowing what it will be like in 5 years if were still together and thinking about things like marrige and home owning. that sort of thing always was a little odd to think of,just the responsibility of the whole thing... but her with a daughter, gives me a little more to think about... but thats quite some time away. I guess theres no point in NOT enjoying what we have right now just because Im not sure Im adult enough to manage this 5 years from now. and its not so much me... its wanting to know things are good for everyone involved. Im sure if we really are still together in 5 years and thinking about this stuff at that point, itll mean things have fallen in to place and it may not seem like such a big deal at all anyway.. Ive met her daughter now too, and I must say, shes one of the most well behaved kids Ive ever met.. very sweet, pleasent, polite, and loving. shes 10 years old in the 5th grade. you really never know what life is going to present to you I guess... I never saw this coming. I never thought Id be able to talk to a girl and have her talk back. (and aparently neither did my friend who was with me, as he put it the first night after I had given my e-mail address.. "Since when did YOU get game?") lol.. well I dont think I have any of that.. I just ran in to the right person and didnt feel like it was impossible to talk to her like I would have felt in the past... and I guess thats what its all about. Ive never been one to chase any girl I see.. I always wait for that feeling of some kind of naturalness between us.. and this time it really paid off. we get along great and have fun doing nothing, and thats important. she even came to the last wrestling ppv party we had and fit right in.. laughing at gross stories and everyhting. I love spending time with this girl, and Im looking forward to taking this where it feels like its able to go.


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