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I guess this will work for now....
So I figured it needed a little change.. had some odeas here and there. some a bit more than this, but seeing as I never did anything with any of them,.. well, I guess they cant really compare to something that exists now. I like it... touch of color suits the place well. I still have a few back-end ideas for how its served up,.. Ill get to that one of these days. till then its life as usual. Work Work Work... SHOs about to hit 234,000 and still running strong.... find some time to play here and there. will soon be a year for my girl and I.. thats cool... were going to see David Copperfield at the end of the month too, with y sisters and some friends.... and then as if I havnt had enough, I got tickets today for a NIN show in Atlantic City NJ. :) Got them through the spiral, so there may be a potential soundcheck and meeting again.. though I wouldnt be surprised if that was only something done durring the really big shows. this tour is back to smaller to medium sized places.

As another note on entertainment that entertains me... I picked up Sirius Satellite Radio about a month ago, and have been listening to it nearly nonstop in my free time. Ive been wanting it for quite some time and was holding off to see if prices would become cheaper on equipment and service. I had my eye on the lifetime plan for $500. well, not only did that NOT go down, I found it actually had an end date of Jan 31st for the deal. so it was time. picked up the Starmate ST2 and activated it for life. after 4 years, the service can be looked at as free. until then, Im finding it money well spent. It may even become an item in the top things Ive selfishly spent my money on... I also picked up a unit for my parents and gave them a 1 year activation for their christmas present. they cant find a single FM station they like anymore, so I figured this would give them everything they want. they love it.... and because I made it a second radio on my radios plan, I was able to get their year for $85 instead of the normal $142.

so thats it for now... Im going to be working on some of my tracks soon, and hope to have something for you all to listen to one of these days soon. Ill post after my upcoming shows are attended.


No, this didnt just happen... I just felt like being creative today.

Doe, a deer, a friggin deer
Ran, right in to my favorite car
Me, a guy whos sick of deer
Ford, the maker of the car
SHO the model of the Ford
Lots of dough to fix the car
Tools, I use to fix the SHO
Insurance will bring me back the dough


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