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a new year, and a new set of walkstats. a shame to see that huge number of miles disappear though... but!.. Ive modified my little tracker so that it can show previous years numbers which I just happened to keep since Im a digital packrat. havnt decided yet if I want to pass last years number or just do a normal routine.. I guess ill just see how I feel as the year goes on. got 6 miles in already. last year by the end of february I had 25 miles logged.. I expect to easilly pass that this year... so Ill start there and worry about the rest later.


yeah so Im a little late in archiving the 2006 stuff and putting up the posts I wanted to show in January.. but at least I did it before February!


SWEET! my friend just got THIS from a Pepsi truck handing them out as promos. Cherry flavored Mountain Dew AMP. its really good if you want something a little different from a usual energy drink flavor once in a while. Id suspect we will start seeing it in stores rather soon.


dont know why I didnt post this closer to when it happened, but around thanksgiving 2006, Mermaid got a new toy. :) Ill eventually update with lots of details.


well, obviously the year is over, for anyone who cares and that hadnt noticed the miles in the counter, in the year 2006, I managed to walk 1540 miles. not too bad considering what I originally had set out to do. and the total weight loss in all of that? 59 pounds. gonna take some time off from the program to let my knees and heels have a rest, and so I dont become immune to the activities that have brought this success. will start over soon.


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