Well this time I only waited 3 days for a new post. I certainly will try to start putting up something new each day again. I appoligize to the few loyal ones who check each day looking for something different to read.... Lets see.. Im over reading Flans page (digitalfl00d) and he is bickering about the musical cross breeding that has been the fad recently. most of his stuff is accurate. but as usual, I dont know if its just me, but I found something to pick at... first, koRn did not change themselvs in any way between albums. I really think they have remained constant and true to the origional bass heavy style they introduced to the market. also, Rob Zombie was around way before credited in the write up.... But going on... its not the few mistakes or differences in opinion over at digitalfl00d that bother me... its the fact that each link he make OPENS A NEW BROWSER WINDOW!!! I really dont like that. its a pain. I just want to his BACK and go back,.. not close a window and watch my resource meeter do the wave. I swear, he had an e-mail link on there,.. and upon clicking it, it opened up a blank browser window, and then an e-mail box on top of that! I really dont understand design like that. nothing personal to Flan, hes been a good friend of many years. So getting on the musical subject a little more, I have been working pretty hard at quite a few songs. 6 to be exact. The one that I raved about a while back named "goath" will probably end up NOT being the next song like I wanted it to be. the reason for this is simple. Its my masterpiece.. its the song I have been working on to a point past perfection in my eyes and I have not been able to generate certain sounds that I have set in mind for this piece. I am working hard at tweeking my midi settings and drivers to get them to produce a few certain organ based sounds that I want. I am very close, and one I cam done, I will continue on with the rest of the sound overlays that are ready and waiting to be placed in the song. once that song is the way I need it to be to make the vision in my head happy,.. then it will be released. see with other songs I have made, the vision wasnt so set in stone.. it was more of an idea that was open for development. I make it as I go, following the origional thought and ending up with a satisfing result. so durring the process of experimenting, and simply doing something else to prevent myself from getting sick of goath, I have started and halfway or more, finished the following titles which should be out within 3 months. : - Machine - Growing - Jungle - Newground - and an untitled - : titles are subject to change of course.... I found a new soft drumb machine for the PC the other day, its a really neat program and its only 30 bux to register. I have no problems buying my software, but the problem I had this time was that the demo version did not allow you to save or export the sounds you made. I want to be sure I am happy with the quality of the export before I spend money on it. so I began my search. I found no place and no one on the net that had a number for this program. I checked phrozen crew's oscar program (a serial database) and they didnt have it either. usually with an hour of searching you can get what you want... but I found nothing. so I took it upon myself to get what I needed. I took one of my oldest tools, ZIPZAP hex editor and opened up the EXE file... lo and behold on sector 177 or 2912 I found a string of digits that looked obscure. I opened the program, hit the register buttong and punched in the numbers. it worked. so now I have to evaluate ALL the features of this product, and If I like it, I will send the company the $30 they deserve. if not, Ill delete it. Flan, contact me some time and Ill show you this program, I think youll like it. I have been working on some completely origional sounds for my music as well.. I have written and nearly completed a synth program in QBasic. thats right, QBasic. its accesses the Sound Blasters FM channels and with the 303 type interface I gave this thing, its comes up with some pretty origional sounds which will really help me out since I like to generate my songs from scratch. I actually pride myself in the fact that NOTHING in my songs are samples from free domain archives.. I like to see what I can do,.. not what can be done with someone elses stuff. Im not saying using the samples is bad... it still takes talent and work to make something out of them. I just like to be the origionator of all my music. excluding of course the sounds that come out of an insturment,..(synth, drumb, guitar...) on a different front, I still have my SHO and I am still loving every minute of it. I downloaded a copy of GTA2 (I dont even know if its out yet) and it is AWESOME.. I am going to buy the first copy I see, Probably at this Sundays computer show in Poughkeepsie NY. they added in muggers, other crooks, and tons of cars.. if you shoot a mugger, you can take his gun.. I was playing last night, and was cartured by what seemed to be the SWAT team.. if you liked the first GTA you MUST get this one. well, Im gonna end this post for now, should be pretty long. hopefully I will have something to babble about tomorrow.


Some interesting news. after years of the seemingly perfect and understanding relationship, Allison Stern (Howard Sterns wife) apparently is going to file for divorce. Im not sure of any details,.. I heard it as a rummor durring the weekend, and this morning on the show, they were talking a little bit about it. I dont know how many readers I have that care about Stern, but Ill keep updates for anyone who is interested.... who'd a thunk it?


Tired, busy, lazy, nothing to write about.... Those are my excuses for not updating in a while. there hasnt been much of anything to say. the races were cool. I met Tony Stewert, saw Rusty Wallace and got to see my favorite guy Mark Martin win the race! my Car is running good and my music has not moved an inch... Ill keep you updated on everything.

ITS OFFICIAL!............... Dodge has made the announcement of their return to NASCAR. in 2001 they will enter the intrepid in the series (this will make my buddy Marlin happy). I think its pretty cool. Im a Ford guy primarily, but I think Dodge is cool too. and now with the Taurus, and then the Intrepid, there will be 2 family style cars in the series. thats really cool if you ask me. you can check out the full story by clicking on the NASCAR button on the right.



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