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I am living in two universes and they are worlds apart....

Here at the university, my left brain is a focused beam of white light, clean, precise, digital. I concentrate, I reason, I solve. I feel exhilerated by the power of the analytic mind. Yet throughout the day I feel a strange pressure building inside me---creative energy yearning to explode.

And now at the conservatorio, my right brain takes over. I am overwhelmed with emotion---the suffering and tears of the operatic heroins. Emotion that cannot be analyzed and digitalized. Finally, that vibrating emotion must crack through. Only music will do. I explode in song.

Shuttling back and forth between these two universes, I start asking myself fundamental questions: What gives us more complete information, sound or images? How does acoustic memory compare with visual memory?

Today, I am sitting in the giardini pubblici with people talking all around me. I can hear sounds coming at me from every direction, but I can see only in the direction I point my eyes. Does this mean I am more immersed in the sounds around me than in the images around me? Am I more at the center of my acoustical world than my visual world? I jot these questions down in the notebook I carry with me everywhere.

A truck passes by. I can hear it on the road behind me. I know it is a truck by its sound, without having to look. I note this observation, too.

It is later in the afternoon. I have been studying for hours. I put down my books and close my eyes, exhausted by reading. But suddenly a thought occurs and my notebook is out again. "Eyes tire, ears don't," I write.

Now it is night. I am abruptly awakened from a deep sleep by the racket of a motor scooter revving under my bedrom window. Again, I reached for my notebook: "Ears don't sleep---eyes do. Eyes need light---ears don't."

Yes, these are obvious observations. But I keep thinking that they all add up to something significant about the differences between the way we process aural information and the way we process visual information.

I realize one big difference in how we remember this information. A song can ignite a detailed memory of a whole period of my life much more effectively than anything visual---including a photograph---can. Just a hint of a melody can summon up a particular romance, a kiss when that song played in the background, a car trip as a child when a certain piece of music played on the radio. Aural memories feel much more intimate to me.

I also realize that my visual mind has much less tolerance for redundancy than my aural mind does. I can watch the same movie only a few times before feeling I've had quite enough---but I can listen to the same piece of music over and over endlessly without tiring of it.

I am sitting in the subway, the Metropolitana, looking over what I have written in my notebook. Now there is not a doubt in my mind: Auditory information has something important to offer us that visual information does not.

But what does all of this mean about the celestial objects I am studying?

- Dr. Fiorella Terenzi

Heavenly Knowledge


Happy Thanksgiving!


So the other day, NASCAR Online had this article where the top segment states what many have said about the unfair advantage of Dodges nose. I was happy that at least someone associated with Nascar Reporting actually had the courage to post it.
And so today, they have this article stating that the rules are changing again. 1 inch off the Dodge, inch on the Ford. Its nice to see someone did somehting about it.. though it doesnt matter now,.. they accomplished what they wanted by getting Dodge some wins, so now its ok to point out that it was unfair.
I think this whole thing is going to leave a sour taste with a lot of old fans.



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