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What a great show!

Ill start off by saying that we didnt even know if we were going to get to go until yesterday morning. about a month ago my girlfriend got me tickets to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway for November 29th. of course as just about any living person know, there was a stagehand strike that started on November 10th for almost all of Broadway. day by day, and negotiation after negotiation the strike went on, and we anxiously watched for news about weather or not web be able to attend. the evening of November 28th there was an agreement and a deal made, and Broadway shows were to resume.. all of them except for 2 of them, and The Little Mermaid was one of those 2. the next morning, the 29th, I guess negotiations completed and The Little Mermaid was on! How lucky. so we headed down by train, had some dinner, and went to the theater.

The show was fantastic. and Im not just saying that because I am a huge Little Mermaid fan.. if anything, my love for he original would have me acting as a harder critic on something like this. Sierra Boggess played the part of Ariel, and she did an amazing job of it. I was VERY impressed with her portrayal of Ariel. Shes not a perfect look alike of the Cartoon.. up close you arent going to mistake her for the character, but from an audience view, with her hair done the way it was, she was a beautiful representation of Disneys The Little Mermaid. the costumes were great, the story, changed in some places, but all of those modifications were very appropriate for the sake of live people acting out this story, and to help the story make a little more direct sense without the aide of annimation. the underwater sceenes were VERY well done. the segment where the prince is drowning was done really well, using wires to make it appear as if he were really sinking in the water. from start to finish, visually the show was fantastic.

As for the sound, Sierra was so amazingly close to Jodi Bensons original version of the voice that it almost felt as if they took the soundtrack right out of the movie. if there werent additional lines and variations to some of the songs, you almost every be able to tell the difference. All of the singing by all of the characters, including the 12 year old that played founder, and the guy who played sebastian were top notch. Im no Broadway critic or expert, as this is only my second time going to a show.. but I wouldnt hesitate to say I am a Little Mermaid expert and critic, and with that, I say bravo.

I really loved the show, and Im so glad we got to go. I would definatly go see this show again, and fully intend to. I had a great time, and want to take my girlfriend once more for the very thoughtful birthday outing. What a great night.




New NIN Remix CD today!. with the exception of Track 1, its pretty damn good. Track 11 is great. reminds me of an old Digital Poodle track.

Also reminds me.. I should have something to post soon :)


had to change the oil pressure switch in the Silver SHO.. had developed the all too familiar "suddenly has a rapid loss of oil" problem. tell you what though, what took hours on the Green SHO (ATX) was a breeze on the MTX. I was able to change it form the bottom with a simple wrench, where as with the ATX, the thing was blocked in every direction, and especially form the bottom. had to use a variety of elbow adapters and tools that werent even meant to be used together to get sinle millimeter turns out of it.. but on this car it was replaced in under an hour, and that included a full oil change. its always ncie to go back to NOT smelling oil every time you come to a stop... oh and not leaving puddles is a plus too... but I cant complain.. as with the oher car, these parts are normal service parts and I have gotten my fair mileage out of them all. love my SHOs


Stupid Strike.


My girl got me tickets to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway for my birthday!!
*hugs* Love you!


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