CLICK HERE to see the NEW Microsoft Keyboard. This revelutionary new design will limit the amount of work that your fingers will have to do, thus reducing that pesty carpal tunnel syndrome thing. It does this by keeping the only keystroke that ever does what you want it to, readilly available, and at your finger tips. This new Microdoft product will probably retail for more than anyone can really afford, and will have a large cost attached if you want tech support over the phone.

My favorite part would have to be the fact that they eliminated those 3 stupid windows95 keys.


Happy Thanksgiving.


Wow.. someone finally won the million dollars on ABCs who wants to be a millionaire... the guy was good. he knew all the answers, and the few he didnt know, he redefined the term "educated guess"... he didnt use ANY of his lifelines untill the very last question... and get this, on the last question he asked to call his dad.. Regis does the whole speach to the dad about helping his son wim the money and the next voice will be your son, and you have 30 seconds NOW!... so the guy says "dad I dont need your help, I just wanted to tell you I was gonna win a million dollars.".... he sure enough, he did... I knew the answer to the final question too... but not some of the ones before it... they get hard. well they have 3 or 4 days left.. wonder if anyone else will get it.


Rarely do I comment on the daily writings of other web pages... however, reading Marlins page this morning, he made a point about the government raising the tex on ciggarettes again. I dont think its right. if a state has a tax of 7.25% on all sold items, what gives them the right to tax a certain item higher? they dont care about people quitting. they care about more money in their pockets. and I bet you that they are pulling this now because they couldnt get away with charging 5 for each e-mail sent. they are always looking for a way to get more of out hard earned money. what do they do? nothing. they sit and make up new tax laws that we pay, and thats how they make a living. they dont need any more money. talk about taxes... whats the deal with them taxing the same money twice... picture this... someones parents work all their life to build a good life and put a bunch of money in the bank... paying their taxes out of each pay check and each year in april.. so when they die from old age, and the will says the money in the bank is going to go to their children.. the damn government TAXES THAT MONEY!!! what the hell is that all about? its not like they were just on family fued and won the money.. (even if they did, that shouldnt be taxed either,.. and neither should lottery) anyway... I agree that they shouldnt keep raising taxes on the cigarettes,.. but I admit.. I WILL be happy if is causes some people to quit smoking.... I dont want to lose any friends to lung cancer and respitory problems. later.


Interesting morning. Im on my way to work, and I make a stop for gas at a local sunnoco with a convienience store called a "wolly mart". gas prices are so high and I was so empty that it took 26 dollars to fill the tank. thats a lot compared to the usual 20 dollars, and I am usually almost empty. so I go inside to pay and get reassured of a thought I had a long time ago. people are milking this year 2000 thing. Im getting a french vanilla coffee and what do I see above the coffee squirter?... travel coffee cups that say "wolly mart year 2000 coffee cup"..... ummm who the hell is gonna buy this thinking it is something different? is there something I dont know? on January first, 2000 will all coffee cups spill over unless they are year 2000 coffee cups? I dont get it... and the general public will probably think its something great and buy it just because. Maybe I am stupid, but a cup is a cup reguardless of the writing on the side. I'll write more later.


Things have not been very exciting or even semi exciting lately. nothing to write about. I refuse to get involved with the topic of the week. I think everyone else is doing a good enough job fighting about it. I am just about done with my new song. It has a much darker sound to it than my other 2 released pieces. I should be getting my SHO back tonight, lets hope for the best there. I am in the process of setting up my old 386 computer which I bought for $700 quite a few years ago. WHY? because with all the new computers there are, and all the fastest everything,.. there are a lot of old games, which I like, and my sisters like. THEY DONT RUN ON FAST COMPUTERS! either they are too fast, too slow, or they dont work at all. so I am taking my laptop station, hooking up a switch box, and making it a laptop/386 station. it should be fun to play that old stuff again. I liked the games that were "state of the art" back then, but are looked at as "why bother" today. like Indiana Jones and the last crusade, Jill of the Jungle, Maniac Mansion, Epic Pinball, whatever I have laying around on 3 and 5. well I guess thats about all I can think to write about today... new KoRn album today.. it was snowing quite a bit this morning... ypu, thats about it. later.


Well.... I actually have 2 posts that go in a 1 day increment! SO... whats been going on in the land of MERVERNATION? well, its like this.. Last tuesday something got in to my transmission on the SHO and caused it to stick. Could have been anything. I have no idea. maybe a pebble, or a jolt from something I ran over (this was election day, and there was a bad storm here and a lot of large branches were on the road, I ran over a few of them, and heard them slam against the bottom of the car, it very well could have done something to the tranny pan) either way, Its up at the AAMCO of middletown and they are taking care of it. I firgure while they have it out, minor as the problem could be, I will have them rebuild the WHOLE thing so that its all new parts inside. I would hate to fix it cheap and a month later find out something else was affected and not seen and have it need work again. Fortionatly for me, I have done computer work for them in the past and they help me out with reduced cost and swift service. so it may be friday before I get my car back, or early next week. lucky for me that my girlfriend goes to OCCC which is right down the street from where I work. she drives me in the morning and nights, and on the nights shes working, the company lets me have a car so I can get home. The only thing that really has me mad about the car is that it happened on my birthday.... In a different front, I began layering a song together last night (its about time, huh?) and it is REALLY GOOD. those who know me, know very well, that all I will ever do is critisize my work. never think what I do is any good... I really impressed myself with the begining of this song and I hope to finish it tonight. so far its 2:50 long and I already know how the rest will go. Hey Flan, you should stop by my place tonight and get a snaek preview of this thing. the track will be titled "growing" due to the mutant/alien type heart beat sound I created for the baseline. maybe "breeding" would be better... I dont know... think of some sort of creature in a sack of whatever before birth. you can hear its heart beat as it forms and gets ready for hatching. what should I call the song that would describe that? any ideas are welcome, but hurry. e-mail me with suggestions.


My friend Immortalis had his back surgery yesterday. he is feeling both better and worse in some areas. hopefully the worse is like shock from the operation and it will turn better in short time. hope it all works out for the best man.


I found a pretty cool thing over at Astralwerks website. Ive been going there and listening to the Real Audio streams for a few years now, and I went to check for new ones and found a whopper. go here
and check out the Unknownwerks Live @ freQ - Real Video link. it is almost 2 hours of Trance, Breaks, and Techno and it has video of the DJs doing the mixing for the entire time. the music is good and the mixing is good. There is a bunch of other stuff to listen to as well, but this one really caught my attention and impressed me.


I waited 1 day since the last post.... well your probably saying "its been since the 28th you dope".... well yes it has, but since I dont normally update on weekends anyway, I figure the only day I missed was friday. anyway. went to a computer show this weekend. didnt buy much but looked around. didnt do any music like I wanted to. just had no time. I forgot to mention something in the last post about what I DONT like about DF's layout and design.... its sure is a cute novelty, and its amusing once or twice.. but after that its a pain in the back side.... whats that?.. The stupid scrolling text at the bottom of the browser. not only does it keep repeating the same junk, but it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to see where a link is gonna take you. and since his links always open up a new window, I want to make sure its gonna be worth it. ok,.. now that I have that out of my system, I am done wasting time for today.




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