Mountain Dew RULES. I dont care what else there is or what else pops up.. Jolt, Surge, Bawls, Battery.. Josta(God bless it)... Mountain Dew is and always will be the ultimate power drink. Why? because its not advertised as one. because its available, and because its affordable. Its a "sleeper" in the soda world. It packs as much punch as Jolt, tastes better than surge, and compared to the other more powerful novilty sodas like bawls and battery.. it wont cost you a fortune when you get addicted to it.
Now Jolt has about 70 MG of caffeine per 12oz... Dew has about 55... though the difference is large the punch you get from the drink really doesnt equal it. Dew will wire you as good as or better than jolt when you work out the sugar factor... Josta had 58-60 and because of the fact that it came from guarana, it was a bit of a different type of caffeine blast.. and it was a good one which lasted and tasted good. too bad Pepsi discontinued it... Bawls is a good one cause its refreshing and powerful. Its taste isnt as potent as the others which makes it a little easier to down. Its almost like a hyped up gingerale. Its got about 80 mg of caffeine to the 12oz serving and it too is guarana so its a bit of a better punch than the normal... Now battery on the other hand is just out of control. That stuff has 136 MG per 12oz can and you feel it... BUT its close to 2 bux a can and burns your throat out while you drink it, so as an addiction ist NOT a good idea. lol.
Dew Has been around for a LONG time and it always will be and thats why it rules :)
Click Here To visit "Dew Collector" Its a great site with lost of information on this wonderful drink.
Click Here to see a date line of all the Dew cans and products.. some interesting stuff there. At one point there was a drink called "Mountain Dew Red" or "Red Dew" and I believe it was a strawberry flavored Dew drink... Wish I could have some of that!


Merry Christmas
Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!


I never thought I would have to do this, but the situation is at a point where action needs to be taken... we must stand together and have a strong will so that our demands can be met.
Yesterday I went in to Taco Bell and ordered my usual.. while waiting for my food I went to get my soda and what do I see?.. rather what do I NOT see?... My Mountain Dew is GONE!.. Taco Bell has made a decision to replace Mountain Dew with some fizzy lemonade. they have also replaced something else with some other citrus drink which is NOT caffinated. Taco Bell and Mountain Dew are like Brother and Sister.. you cant go and separate them like this. I went to the manager an told her the soda fountain was broken. she asked what was wrong and I told her someone stole the mountain dew. she laughed and told me she couldnt understand why they did it because it was the most commonly used drink they had. I asked her if this was happening in ALL Taco Bells and she said yes.
A Taco Bell boycott is in order. No one eats there untill out Dew is restored. They will realize their big mistake and they will fix it. Please stand with me for this great cause!


Listen to REASON

This Needs To Happen.


Unbelievable isnt it? The fact that people are saying that George W Bush stole the election is just unreal. He didnt steal anything. He didnt even begin taking legal action untill the 2 week limit for recounts was up. Gore may have won the popular vote, but lost the electoral vote.. but thats not Bush's fault. He didnt dream up that method. Al gore is the one who bent the rules and tried to wangle the results. For someone to say he didnt is just dumb. He dargged the nation through 4 extra weeks of crap because he didnt want to admit that the election was not his,.. because the voting method which he was fine with before, all of a sudden didnt work in his favor... now you see all these people poking fun at Bush and they are really grabbing at straws too. All they have on him is his occasional mispronouncing a word which was a month before the election anyway. Who cares.. who HASNT mispronounced word once in a while? They are so desprate to find flaw in him that they are poking fun at the Vice President Elect for being a guy who has heart troubles. This is funny?.. All the media and stuff is saying how gracious Gore was to give such a wonderful concession speach.. OH PLEASE! Its unreal. Eat right out of his hand why dont you? He went 4 weeks over the limit, bent the law, messed with the legal system, and put a question of voter fraud and recount fraud in to everyones mind. the law says 2 weeks from election day. Bush did NOTHING to prevent recounts in that 2 weeks and only took legal action when the bounds were stepped. He is the rightful winner and it needs to be accepted. Hes a smart guy and I think he is going to be great for representing this country.


You know whats seriously just not right? The fact that every dollar that gets passed from one person to another has its value degraded by the government... Heres how I figure that. Say you have a dollar and you go and buy a candy bar that costs 93 cents. after tax that dollar is spent. then that store owner takes his 93 cents and buys something which is also taxed. now we have about 12 cents of that dollar in the governments pocket. after the remaining profits are spent a few more times that dollar is completely in the governments posetion. This is only my way of viewing this and while it may have flaws and may be arguable, I would have to say I honestly think its something that should be considered.

Now, lets get to your paycheck. Is it right for you to pay taxes from your hard earned money to the country and state you live in? yeah maybe. so that someone else can collect welfare?.. I dont know about that. Now needless to say theres not a whole lot the average person can do about it... Now lets talk about HOW they take your money. Lets talk about the Tax Bracket. Is it fair to penilize someone for being successfull and earning more money? Say you earn 30,000 a year with 0 exemptions, federal and state combined, your in a about a 25% tax bracket. Now.. if you make 50,000 a year, you get boosted in to a 33% tax bracket. Whats gives the government a right to take a bigger percent from you? if they just kept it at 25% they would still get more cause obviously 25% of 50,000 is more than 25% of 30,000... Just think about it though... thats one third of your money getting taken.. ONE THIRD! thats a lot! that means you worked 3 hours and got paid for 2. If your paycheck came back like that one week youd complain to the boss right? but who can we complain to here? no one.. and get this... onces your old and collecting Social Security or whatever... you get the same pitteling amount that everyone else gets. wheres all the extra money going?

Ok, so we agree that our hard earned dollars are degraded and stolen by the government... now think about this... That degraded dollar that you bought the candy bar with is a dollar that was left AFTER tax was taken out of your paycheck. So lets get this straight... you pay tax once and get left with a certain amount... then when you want to buy something you have to pay tax again? why? how fair is that? Ok, let this one soak in... someone works all their life and saves a bundle of money in a bank. Money that was left AFTER taxes. Its their whole savings. Now that person dies and has a will which leaves the money to someone. the person inherriting that money has to pay tax on it! Isnt this going a little too far?.. heres another brain buster... You work, pay taxes and barely get by with whatever you have left. You decide to take you LAST tax scraped dollar and buy a lottery ticket. You win... guess what? you pay tax on your winnings! Lucky you!

So why is this allowed to happen? Who makes these decisions? Wheres the money going? Supposedly to fix roads, pay disability, whatever... well guess what? the roads are still filled with the same pot holes they had 10 years ago, and you have to fill out hundreds of papers and pass interviews, and fight to get a disability check... and forget about unemployment checks. I have been there. I cant tell you how much of my money comes out for things like unemployment and disability and when I lost my job a while back it took MONTHS to see a dinky little check which wasnt even enough to pay my car insurance. Then you have people who dont even deserve it collecting multiple government checks and sometimes in multiple states! This needs to stop and it needs to stop now. we need to stop the government from punishing the successful and rewarding the lazy. But how can we? we are just overworked underpaid pissants who create the huge paychecks which go to the underworked overpaid government moochers. Its a vicious circle of bullcrap and unless someone finds a way to throw a wrench into this watertight gearbox itll never end.


Id just like to say that Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional is really a big piece of crap.... In fact, it may be the pieciest of crap they have made yet.... Thank you.


Vocabulary word of the day:

AlGoreithm, n. (al-gor-ith-m): Any method of calculation performed endlessly until a predetermined desired result is produced.


This is kind of cool... The last 2 states to be certified in the election count were Oregon and Florida. If you take the Letters of the states, and reanrange them you can come up with some interesting anagrams.

O R E G O N = No Gore
F L O R I D A = Rid Of Al


Hardware FSAA Rules! Last night I bought a new Video Card. I was originally waiting for the V5 6000 to be available. 128 MB of Ram, a bunch of other features Id never use... but it just would have been cool... But what happened was that they finished the card on time, but decided to license it to Quantum 3D for government type simulator testing. So due to this, a retail version is not planned. I decided to go with the one thats a model below it, the V5 5500. Its all the same stuff except a few things are a little less and the RAM is 64. (nothing that I would have probably taken advantage of anyway) Its price also came down to 199.99 which was nice. (especially since I was waiting to pay the $600 for the 6000 card) I took it home, put it in the case, and away I went. The drivers worked right out of the box, and I was playing anti aliased games in no time. Ill tell you what... the AA is real nice. It takes all the jaggies out of circular and diaginal lines, and makes them look smooth. I was blown away with only the 2x AA on, then came the 4x and WOAH! I Like the way 3Dfx did it cause its Hardware based rather than Software based. Software based AA requires the game or app have support for it.. Hardware based doesnt care what the program says, it processes it on the card and the output shows it. I was playing Need For Speed III with it on last night and its almost like playing a new game. Quake III Arean was even more incredible than it already is, and Nascar Revolution.... Forget about it! No Comparison... So that was half of the purchase last night. I also purchased a Voodoo TV 200 card for $99. I literally threw it in, made 1 change to BIOS (so it would get the IRQ I wanted it to have) and away it went. I installed the software, pluged in my cable, and in no time, I was watching all the Cable Channels that I get on my VCR. It can capture to MPEG too, So I can make small movies, and edit video and export it to VCD or even DVD when I get a DVD-RAM. So for 300 Bux I got 2 cards that rule and I have 300 bux left over from what I originally saved up for.

Tonight I am going to pick up my reserved copy of the NEW Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage. I already have the original version which is really good. I liked this new one a lot.. It was a fun movie. I have to shoot over to Best Buy and get that Sima box too, cause I didnt get a chance to the other day. Im in the process of copyrighting my new songs (4 of them) and once that is done, they will be on the site with the others. I got some information from Liquid Todd (the host of Solid State) about where to get my stuff pressed to vinyl. I hope to do that in the near future. In case your wondering, I have been working with Liquid Todd on a Solid State web site. I will post more about it as it gets done. Oh,. and for those who didnt get the point of the 1 post about the BlueRoom USA web site and domain... Basically they forgot about it, I bought it, I run it now. Im actually doing something with it and Im actually getting e-mails from people wanting me to demo their material and stuff. lol. Thats ok, Its just that many more feet in the door I have as I go forward. Big things may happen. I guess thats all the new news for now.


Finally found a little spare time on my hands, as you can probably tell.. :) So Today I plan on getting my oil changed, going to one of my consulting jobs for a few hours, and then going to get some vinyl!!! I havent gotten any new vinyl in WEEKS. Im working on a new Mix CD and a new live set. Need More Tunes!.. The job is going well, The car is running good, and the Music is coming along. I need to pick up a video stabelizer called the Sima Copy Master or the Sima SCC. Most people would use them to make coppies of VHS tapes or DVD to tape transfers... I may use it for that, but I want to get one so that my DVDs are sure to play through this projector I may be getting. Im going to set up a screen hanging from my ceiling infront of my TV so that when I want to REALLY get that home theater feel, I can just pull it down, flip on the Dolby, and away I go. Not much else happening. Guess I will post some more later.


Dr. Suess's newest book: AlGore-I-am!

Should we count them with our nose? Should we count them with our toes?
Should we count them with a band? Should we count them all by hand?
If I do not like the count, I will simply throw them out!
I will not let this vote count stand, I do not like it, AlGore-I-am!

Can we change the numbers here? Can we change them without fear?
What d' ya mean my opponant won? This is not fair! This is not fun!
We'll count them upside down this time, we'll count until this state is mine!
I will not let this vote count stand! I do not like it, AlGore-I-am!

I'm really ticked, I'm in a snit! You haven't heard the last of it!
I'll count the ballots one by one, hold each one up before the sun!
We'll count, recount, and count some more! We'll count until I like the score!
I will not let this vote count stand! I do not like it, AlGore-I-am!

I won't leave office, stayin' here. I've glued my desk chair to my rear!
Tipper, Hillary, and Bubba too, are telling me that I should sue!
We find the Electoral College vile! Recount those votes until WE smile!
We do not want this vote to stand! We do not like it, AlGore-I-am!

How shall we count THIS ballot box? Let's count it standing in our socks!
Shall we count this one in a tree? And who shall count it, you or me?
We cannot, cannot count enough! We must not stop! We must be tough!
I do not want this vote to stand! I do not like it, AlGore I am!

I'll count until my fingers bleed, I'll count until I'm in the lead!
I'll count the ballots on the floor, I'll even count the ones next door!
I will not say that I am done, until the counting says I've won!
I will not let this vote count stand! I do not like it, AlGore I am!

What's that? What's that? What's that you say? You think the current count should....STAY?
You do not like my counting scheme? You think it's wrong, you think it's mean?
Well I don't care if you think it reeks, I can keep this up for weeks!
We'll keep in suspense, the whole USA; until this count says what I want it to say!

I will not let this vote count stand! I do not like it, and AlGore I am!



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