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If you cant see the driver of the car in the picture up above there.......

Its because hes out of focus.


well Merry Christmas and stuff... Happy holidays and all that. Things have been about normal for me lately.. cant say anything spectacular has really happened to post about.. I have been working on a set of twisted mind articles that Ill put here eventually,.. just gotta finish sorting out all the ideas and break it up in to segmetns with topics.. but its good stuff, and I think itll really explain a lot of whats going in in my head. (like anyone really gives a shit about that world of nonsensical irrelivance)... anyway.. christmas was good.. I got the Video Card that I wanted for a while... I paid for about 2/3 of it, and the other 3rd was a gift.. but I let them put it under the tree anyway.. good thing there was no games I majorly wanted to play in the last 2 weeks that its been sitting in the box... Ill be putting that in tonight. I also got the 5 DVD LotR TTT set, which I paid for part of and the rest was a gift from my sister.. so we both had to wait till yesterday to watch that. lol.. other than that, I got a nice belt, some shirts, and other articles of clothing... some candy (mmm cowtails), and my step father gave me his automaticly polarizing mirror that we had put in his t-bird years ago.. when he sold it, he took the mirror out and never used it again, I recently had the idea that it would be a cool item to have in the SHO, and he said I could use it, but then I totally forgot about it.. and then there it was yesterday under the tree. when a car comes up behind you with annoyingly bright lights, the mirror dims itself.. and the dimming is also released if you put the car in reverse... should be fund wiring that up... this is a newer version of one he used to have, which had a motor in it and basically just tilted when it detected highbeams behind you... last weekend I picked up Blank-Disk from the airport. hes going to be spending the weekend at my place starting tonight, and that will be fun. as he stated.. we have a lot of sitting around to catch up on. lol. Im sure it will be a fun weekend of QuakeIII and MotoRacer. probably some Movies, Dew, and tacos too. Im also working on a nice tutorial with really good pictures, for my method of solving the rubiks cube.. its not the fasted set of moves, but I think anyone will be able to understand and follow them. so till I get the ambition to finish soemthing, I guess have a good set of holidays and Ill type to you later.


well its been 2 months since my Lasik, and my vision is better than ever. I love it. I have better than 20/20, everything is healing correctly, no pain, no dryness, no irritation or inflamation. my 1 month check was perfect, and I just gotta go for my 3 month, 6 month and 1 year checks. I love Lasik. it rules.


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