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Yeah... Im a slacker...
Just nothing to say as usual... nothing new or exciting has really gone on.. Im just kinda here.. just drifting along waiting to wash ashore or go over the falls...
Ive been getting an increased amount of e-mail form people hitting this site.. all positive feedback which is good.. except saying I dont update enough.. lol. that I knew... I guess when you dont commute 3 hours a day, you lose a major source of humorous stories to tell... Ive been thinking of some new things to do with some of my perl things that I made for the site.. Ill finish the ideas eventually and put them up.. polls and stuff.. few other toys I started on.. I guess thats about it for now.. later


Im sick and tired of news. I hate how they only report stuff if theres an element of "bad" in it.. or if theres only bad news to begin with, they pick the story to tell that will make them more money. sell more coppies... Whats on everyones mind today? The Space Shuttle disintigrated on reentry and killed the 7 people on board... thats terrible.. I feel bad, I wish it didnt happen.... but I feel just as bad for the 40-something people killed on the trains that collieded in Zimbabwe.... Im betting that more than 50% of the people reading my post are asking, what train accident?.. exactly. Why are 7 people on a shuttle so much more important than 40 on a train? A shuttle is just so much cooler than a train I guess.. and therefor, the shuttle gets all the coverage.

And in an example of only reporting bad news, Im tired of hearing and reading about things like "McDonnalds posting a loss".. ok.. yes that sucks... but WHO THE FUCK CARES. First of all, when you take the loss compared to the billions and billions of profit they made in years previous, I dont think its as bad as it sounds.. And when you look at the whole story, and not just the "loss" (remember, "loss" is a BAD WORD... and therefor it will get MORE PLAY in the news...) when you look at things like more upscale places like AppleBees, OutBack, TGI Fridays... these places are coming in to the picture now, as well as other fast food places... They want you to think that McDonnalds posting a loss is a pure result of the entire economy going down the tubes, when really, there may be MORE money being spent on Lunch and Dinner foods than ever before... but were not allowed to know that... the only people this hurts are those poeple who live off of stocks.. and for those people,.. I dont pitty.. I say get out and earn money the way everyone else does.

And finally,.. media coverage twisting the story to have someone to point the finger at.. and in this example, they arent really pointing the finger at someone, but there are more shallow people out there that skim through the story and WILL point the finger... on the front page of the paper here today, they had a picture of a note that was left in a locker at a school... the note was from some wannabe "gothic" girls to some supposedly "preppie" girls.. it said "Die Preppies" and listed some Nine Inch Nails lyrics from the song Heresy.. as listed on the paper, it said "God is dead, and no one cares. If there is a Hell, Ill see you there".. looking at that, the first instinct is to say Trent Reznor is satanic, anti-god, etc... when its the farthest thing from the trust.. the lyrics as written by Trent include the word "Your" before that.. "Your God is Dead..." and looking at the whole song, he speaks of religions being created by anyone who says so.. and how Some religons fail, have flow, make no sense, how they cant all be THE religon... and thats why when its proven that its all bullshit, thats why YOUR God is now dead... well thats the best I can explain it.. may not have been the exact thought that Trent had, but I know he is no satanic or anti-god person.. but will anyone explain this? no. will anyone stop people from just assuming his messages are to kill gods people or something.. no. fucking media.. Im sick of you.

on a side note, the media is responsible for things like school shootings and bomb threats.. 1 happens.. fine,. THAT is not the medias fault.. but they report it, and give the idea,.. and they dont just report it once.. they play it OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. as long as the ratings are coming from it, they will play it.. so then someone else tries it, and then the media report that the school has been shut down for a threat.. so another bunch of kids some place says, hey! we want some time off too! and before you know it the dominos are falling... and as one last thing.. the job of Movie Critic is total bullshit.. I swear.. we will make a position for even the most untalented people to make a living.. why do we value these peoples opinions? they are only people.. the same as us.. so weather they say its good or bad, you could think completely opisit... which I usually do.. they should save that space in the paper to report more important things, and other shit that they are missing out on because it just doesnt seem powerful enough to capture your attention.


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