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started a weight loss program similar to the one that helped me lose the about 100 pounds in 2002.... my goal was to have walked 25 miles before the end of his month, and today, with a 3 mile outing, I hit 25.5 miles. w00t! its not easy to do these walks when its cold out. slows you down... but this year I hope to break last years 210 miles.. gonna shoot for 250 by the end of october... if anyone cares, just keep an eye on the graphic at the top of the section. it generates the numbers as a graphic as I complete each walk,. at the end of the years walking, I will hopefully have a weight difference I can brag about.


Ive been seeing this bumper sticker lately thats just really been pissing me off. I saw it first about 6 weeks ago and now its aparently getting popular.. I guess you could call it an anti-war bumper sticker, but I dont think the people putting them on their cars are using more than their first 2 brain cells (if they even have that many) before they decide that they agree with the saying on the sticker.... the sticker in question, says "How many lives per gallon?" -- now, what kind of a place is your car for a saying like that... especially when your car is a big fat gas guzzling SUV that uses more petro while idleing at the bottom of your driveway waiting for your spoild brat to get on the bus, than my car uses to go 50 miles to work every day. are these people that fuckin stupid? these people dont care about where the gas comes from, and probably dont really care about what the war is actually about. sure its partly oil.. because we, as americans need it.. because dumbasses, like the ones with the stickers, insist on buying the biggest friggin car they can get their yuppie hands on. it all comes down to something Ive been saying for years. people arent happy unless they have something to protest. probably make sthem feel all smart and involved. If youre gonna be bold enough to put this sticker on your car, it should be a god damn electric car, cause then its obvious you care. I think cops should give tickets to anyone with this sticker on an SUV.


a while back, Brokenreality and I were hoping to make a small flash movie, using his art and my music. (and his abundance of time to learn flash).. well, an infinate number of reasons put it off, but the other day the idea came up again, and we actually made something as a little teaser for those interested, and a big motivater for us. Tonight he uploaded a little annimated preview, and asked me to see what I might come up with... the annimation is nothing big in action, its justa small loop... but the layers of movement with his excellent art was an instant stimulant for my creative side. I put together a little bit of sound and the piece is now ready to tease you. I really like it, and Im not usually a big fan of my own work, but in its place here, I love it. it just works. his art is perfect, and I think were really gonna have something sweet when this is done... you can see the piece here (click here for a direct link for when the banner is no longer on his main page)


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