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managed to close out the month with 65 miles. 40 more than last year. not too bad... was nice and warm today too, so perhaps spring is around the corner and Ill be able to get back to my efforts full force.


I got my 3 coppies of the Beside You In Time DVD today. as usual Trent delivers an amazing product. Im watching just the normal DVD version on my LCD Projector right now with Dolby Surround, and it is beautiful. The screening I went to didnt do it this kind of justice. The glass bearking effect durring Beside You In Time is almost as good as it was when I saw it in MSG, and its making me want to go to a bunch more shows as soon as I can. lol. I havnt found any eastereggs yet.. but Im sure theres soemthing good hiding in here... theres got to be.. this is Trent were talking about here. this DVD is a must get for any NIN fan.


Hector Boyardee is THE MAN.


well today I hit a goal for the start of 2007.. last year for my walking, by Feb 28th, I hit 25 miles. at first I just wanted to easilly match that and pass it. as Ive said before walking in the winter isnt always easy. snow on the side of the road, brutal cold and wind, kimited daylight.. so I figured that to double it would be good. and today I did just that. 50 miles. Im off to a good start. and there still some days to get some more. Im still not sure if I want to beat last years total, but Im sure Ill quickly decide once I get going and see how in to it I am.


Daytona 500 was this weekend, and was a good race it was. it was great to see Mark Martin doing just what I suspected he would if he were ever in a different car. leading. when he signed his deal last year to drive a Chevy for a new team this year, I just had a feeling he might be doing so because it would have him in the best position to win a few things hes never won before, being that at most of those tracks the Chevys have the clear advantage. sure enough he had thing thing up fromt and damn near won the race. Im still a Ford guy, but Im also still a Mark Martin fan. since he wont run the entire year as of now, Im going to pull for Biffle for the cup. But I will still cheer on for Martin just the same.


Ive been working on a bunch of little projects lately. soem music.. some stuff for the car.. once thing Im messing with though is the Josta Reborn formula. I think I may be close to a couple things that are closer now, and Ill definately update this site and the Josta site when Im happy with what Ive made. I think its gonna make a lot of Josta fans happy. other than that not much going on.


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