oops.. weeks go by pretty fast. oh well... I got an e-mail today about a site that will be offering help on both Java Scripting and the new DHTML standard. If you are interested, hop over to and subscribe. They will cover everything for both Netscape and MS-IE.


Its been a week since I updated... oof.. I been slacking off too much. well its not like I havent been doing anything at all,.. I have been looking for a full time job, and doing consultant work while I look. of course if things pick up a little in the consultant thing, I may stick to that for a while. I have been getting about $50 an hour.. thats actually a good price considering what some guys get. I have also been working on my music, and also made a new Trance Mix CD. I do believe that its my best mixing work yet. The CD is called "3:03 AM Volume 1" and will be available at Music Music Music. (see "dave rules" button on right). naturally a few people get them for free. you know who you are. :) Im gonna try to update a little more often this week. I guess thats it for now.

Im talking about the Winston Cup Race today in Atlanta. It was a really good race, but I could have told you the middle of last week who was going to win... heres my theroy.. back in 1998 when the Ford Taurus was new to the series, they were dominating. the Ford designers did a super job making that car strong and aero efficient. one of Chevys main drivers, Jeff Gordon put together a complaint party and got the NASCAR officials to set the rules for Fords spoilers to make the a few inches shorter. What happened next? the next race under the new Ford spoiler rules, Jeff Gordon won the race.... This year there is a new 2000 Ford Taurus AND a new 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo. once again the Ford designers did a great job and the Chevy designers didnt do as great as they thought. the Taurus dominated once again, and this time Jeff Gordon grew up and worked on improving himself.. but on old cry baby, Dale Earnhardt put together the complaint party and got NASCAR officials to allow more front air damn on the Chevys. who won the very next race today?... Dale Earnhardt. it seems to be simple. you complain, you win.
On a better note, Mark Martin didnt win the race, but he was able to hold his ground and come in 3rd after starting 11th. the end of the race was rather exciting. Bobby Labonte almost took the win on the very last lap. had he made his move a few seconds sooner he would have won. he lost by only 5 or 6 inches... so now this puts Martin 2nd in the over all point standings. Dale Jarrett had a bunch of problems from the very first pit stop when he hit someone comming out of his stall. Hopefully Martin will be able to do what he does best and stay consistant. hopfully he will stay consistan to the way he has run these first 4 races... throw in a win or 2, and he might get that champion crown which he has come so close to for so many years now. I hope to see that happen before he stops racing.


Heres a nifty little trick that not too many people know about... If you use Netscapes profile manager to have 2 e-mail addresses, connection types, or other preferences,.. you know that when you run the program it comes up with a box asking you whcih profile you want to use. If you dont like that box then this little trick is for you. make 2 shortcuts to Netscape on your desktop or in your start menus. edit the path on one of them.. at the very end of the path put a space, and then this... -P"profile" .. that will make it automatically start up in that profile with no box... example.. if you have a profile named pizza you would make the target look like "C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program\netscape.exe" -P"pizza" .. you can do that for as many profiles as you have. I did this for when I brought my netscape setup from my work pc to home. the 1 had mervernation mail, and the one home had my other account. I set this up and it works like a champ!


My SHO part of this site was finally added to the SHO-Ring webpage database. Now I will have to start developing it more. Im going to add photos of the little things I do to the car and add specs on the HP, torque, and stuff like that. I already had the tranny modified and the plugs and wires upgraded. the K&N is getting put in soon and I aint touching the exhaust. after that I gotta find a dyno. should be interesting to see what the HP is now compared to the stock 220 that it was when I got it.


You know you have too many spare computr parts laying around when you do what I did... I successfully built a computer in to a drawr below the table I use for playing music at my LAN parties. the Mainboard, Keyboard, power supply, Hard Drive, and cards are all in the drawr and a long ribbon cable runs up to the top of the table where theres a mouse and 2 CD-ROMs sitting. all I have to do is plug in a monitor and run the 2 copies of WinAmp and blammo, instant CD and MP3 players. the system has 2 sound cards, 1 assigned to each winamp, and they run in to their own channels on my mixer... also going in to my mixer is a 1200 turntable, and Dave is bringing me another 1200 today. Dave kicks ass. (see button on right).. at first the 2 WinAmps were locking up the computer.. it was only a P120 with 48 MB RAM... so I upgraded my drawr to a Cyrix PR200+ with 64 MB RAM and its working like a champ now!.. oh and the thing is networked to my NT server so I can get online with it, get the shared MP3s off of it, and even play quake with it if I wanted to.... yup, you gotta love having a few extra parts.



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