DJ Hardware - 2001:: A New Beginning

I have raved about him before, and I am again. DJ Hardware, probably one of the best trance vinyl spinners out there finally returns to the techno shelf with this EXCELLENT 2 CD Set. I picked up a copy about 2 weeks ago and have been loving it. absolutely perfect mixes and the tracks he uses just rule. If you liked my 3:03 AM Volume 1, then you should enjoy this set. Same type of tunes, better mixing, and profesionally pressed! go get it now!


Notch another victory for Ford Motorsports this last week. Mark Martin didnt win the race, infact he hardly made it half way through before his team mate Jeff Burton smacked the wall, and came down the track right in front of Martin which smooshed up the front of his car... however Elliott Sadler was able to get out front during a later caution and maintain the lead to the finish. even with the VERY old tires he had, he was albe to hold off second place John Andretti who had 4 fresh tires. Ford, Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Dodge was the top 5... I knew as soon as 1 did well, the other would too. Ford and Dodge are so similar in design that when they hook up they can go to the front a bit easier than the others. Sadler was VERY deserving of the win, which was his first. I met him last year at the Dover Downs International speedway, and I remember how nice he was, and after I got his autograph, I shook his hand, and said "youll win one soon" and here we go! The guy has a lot of potential and I hope he continues to do well. His team is currently getting their engines from Roush and has a good relationship with the Roush teams. It was a decent day for all involved.

One other thing thats been bothering me since the Daytona 500, talking about Dodge... I am VERY disappointed them.... I mean how unorigional do they have to be to rip off a commercial from Volkswagon?!?! During the superbowl Volkswagon had a commercial where a car falls from a tree, and during speedweeks Dodge had the #9 Car fall from a tree. whats up with that?

Just got a call.... My Deer infested SHO has been full de-infested. woohoo! I gotta go pick it up after work... now I just need to remember where I put the face plate of the stereo....



Mark had the fastest practice lap being the only one in the 126 MPH range, and his qualifying lap was also the only one in the 126 MPH range. I was sitting and waiting in VERY high hopes that he would get this pole. He needs something good this year to get his team going, and hopefully this is it.


Define Irony:

A Country that sparked the Revolutionary war with the Boston Tea Party which was done as a rebelion to the Kings out of control taxes, freeing themselves only to create the out of control tax situation we are in today.


Finally something other than a Chevy has won a NASCAR Winston Cup Race in the 2001 season. Ford broke through with a win yesterday at Darlington SC as Dale Jarrett took the #88 UPS car to victory lane. Chevys have had a slight advantage this year, winning the first 5 races, but now that theres 2 manufacturers with a win, you can be sure that the wind tunnel testing will begin soon.

Speaking of the car comparisons, I have wanted to point something out since about November of last year, and even more so since January of this year, but I figured Id wait till someone with a little more experience said anything,. and good old DW came through for me last week at the atlanta race. Darrell Waltrip has a wonderful way of just spitting out whatever is on his mind.. He said EXACTLY what I have been wanting to. he stated that "Ive walked through that garage area this year, and Ill tell you, looking at those Tauruses, and those Intrepids, I cant tell a whole lot of difference between the two."... I have thought the same thing looking at them racing this year. the spoiler is the same, where as Chevy and Pontiac both have different ones, the shape is the same, even the headlight decals are almost the same shape. I guess thats why when Casey Atwood ran a few races last year before Dodges big return, they stuck him in a Ford. It would also make sence in the runnings this year where they have had on average, the same finishings.

My buddy Toylth (Marlin) had this on his page once
Readers of Car-Truck News seem to be pretty split over the new design of the Dodge Ram pickup. Quite a few of them say it looks like a Ford. Maybe it's just me, who knows, the boat must have left and I wasn't on it, but in 1994 Ford was still making trucks that looked the same as they did in 1984. Dodge took a big leap in the 1994 redesign of the Ram pickups, and it payed off. It wasn't until the past few years when Ford decided to change the way the truck looked, make the front a little semi-ish on the F250 and 350's, not as extreme as the Dodge, but the similarities were very apparent. So now, for 2002, Dodge releases a redesigned model of the Ram and people call it FORD-ISH? If anything, Ford stole the look from Dodge because it was so damned successful! Now people are attacking Dodge for sticking with something that works so well OTHER truck-makers are incorporating similar aspects of the design into their own models? The Ford looks DODGE-ISH.

I could have argued that, but this time I think its safe to say that the Dodges look A LOT Ford-ish


Microsoft has released its newest version of Windows, and they promise it wont crash. I checked it out myself, and I must say, the OS is as solid as a rock. Click Here To see more about this new technology.


2 years ago today, I put the first post up on this format of my page. far out huh?
Plus yesterday the community counter rolled over to 20,000 hits.... nifty.


Got my Shipment of free Promo CDs from BlueRoom today!
7 CDs including one I have been waiting for for a LONG time.. not available in US yet, so this was a real treat.

Eternal Basement - Magnet
AcidRockers - Mind Set
Deviant Electronics - Blunt Instruments
Spectral - Diffuse
Galaxy - Solar Synthesis
Saafi Brothers - Midnight Children
Various Artists - BlueRoom Freekstyle

Mmmmmmm 3-17-99 :)


Got my 93 Black Taurus back on the road last night. It rules. That car kicks ass. It hasnt gone anyplace for about a year and a half, and it started right up and is driving just the same as when I parked it. I Love my Fords, they are always there for me. Its not the SHO, and I find myself not going quite as fast on the road because of how Im used to the timing and needle placement on the other car. I see a needle half way up on this car and Im doing 55, where on the SHO the needle is halfway up and Im doing 80. The car is great though,.. just have to put a stereo back in it so I have something to listen to. Actually I got that "secret component" for the SHO stereo that I have been talking about. its DAMN loud, the only problem is that I had it in there for about 2 days and on sunday night in the fog I hit a deer. those freekin animals are all over the place this year. I was going about 30, it was foggy and wet, and I came up over the hill right before Jessup rd. and out of the fog, there they were, 3 of them.. about 10 feet away at the most. I hit the breaks, the car slid straight, the antilock kicked in, and I almost made it right through 2 of them, but at the last second the one decided to go right instead of left and there it went, up on the hood. VERY minimal damage, but damage none the less. I have lived in my current location for over 16 years now, and we have never hit a deer, and now this year my mother has hit one, and so have I... as well as my neighbor TWICE! I think we have a serious over population deer problem this year, infact it would have been cheaper to buy a new freezer for the guy up the street from me who loves to hunt so that he could shoot more of them. the car is over at Grand Prix Auto in Westtown, the very best Body Shop around. I actually wanted to buy my SHO from Grand Prix but he didnt have any at the time,.. now my SHO will have that Grand Prix touch so its all good. I got a set of the NASCAR license plates for the SHO with a custom set of letters and was planning on taking my origional plates and putting them on the 93 but turns out I cant cause of the way they registered my new ones, so I had to get a set of the new style plates. its cool cause the first 3 letters of the new plates are AFK.. ("Away From Keyboard" in computer chat world).. so naturally if Im driving I am AFK, lol.



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