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Ok.. I have a theory about myself that everyone I know seems to disagree with.. basically Ive been thinking that Im supposed to be gay. Sure I went out with a girl for almost 5 years straight.. but maybe Im supposed to be gay.. It would explain so much, and would certainly make life a lot easier to deal with.. Im just confused.. I dont know.. so its a perfect time to re-use one of my older perl scripts and have some fun, and see what visitors of this page and my friends think about this.

It sure seems like a female is what I still want,.. but the way I want one and the kind I want, and the way I see relationships,.. is just so far on the females point of view side, that I often think Id make a better girlfriend than a boyfriend... Im too in to respect and stuff to be a "typical guy".. and being gay would be a lot easier cause I cant find a female that wants to give me a chance anyway.... and I could probably use it to my advantage to get a better job too. heh.

So before you decide that Im not,.. also consider the following facts.

- I have been going by the name of Mermaid for over 10 years now.
- I love Ariel, The Little Mermaid. She cant hurt me.
- I can often be seen carrying a Little Mermaid, Ariel doll.
- I am always told that my main flaw is that Im too nice.
- I have been hit on more times in my life by gay or bi men, than I have by women (not too many guys can say that)

So... think someone is trying to tell me something?

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