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Things are still pretty normal for me... but dont think that means things are ok... due to my reduced expectations in life, normal for me may very well suck for anyone else. Im not really that thrilled about it, but Im just taking it as it rolls my way. Im hoping things improve soon.. I aint gonna talk about it much but if they do Ill certainly share. otherwise, I also dont know that Im gonna bitch about shit much either.. I have a lot Id love to say and vent,.. but... I just dont know that its the right thing to do. Ive got some music Ive been working on.. I really should concentrate on that a little more.. good stuff.. a lot of neat ideas.. just no ambition. I sit down feeling like I want to work on it and get something done, and then I am there and I just... lose all interest in the project. I feel so lost lately. thats one of the reasons I dont update frequently anymore.. I just dont feel like I know anything about anything anymore. I feel out of place and I just sit back and kinda watch whats going on around me and try to figure out where I belong in it all. I hope things get better.. I really do. even just a little bit.


So there I was.... just laying there this morning on my couch which is where I sleep... I still had about an hour before the alarm would have gone off... all of a sudden, out of no place, the covers get RIPPED right off of me. I wake up, and theres Ariel proceeding to just go NUTS on me.. it was crazy! but in a good way..... I know in the army when they rip the covers off of you, they expect you to get out of bed and stand at attention... well, I couldnt get off the couch with Ariel holding me down like she was,.. but there was at least part of me standing at attention (if you know what I mean).. hehehe...

This was posted for pure humor and amusement, especially for Jeff of jeph.net who just LOVES to hear these stories and gets a new personal story sent to him every day straight from me to his IM window. hehe :)

while I AM messed up, Im not THAT messed up.


Went to MA again this weekend to go to an Evanescence concert with SHO Girl and Sistah friend. was a good show,.. Amy Lee was quite a lot of fun to look at and listen to. since those two that I went with are such big fans, I had gotten them coppies of a nice bootleg full of rare tracks. I had asked Dave a while ago (see outdated button on right) to keep an eye out for anything rare by Evanescence, and he came across this one, and got me 3 coppies. One for myself naturally, and the other two for my MA friends. they seemed to like it. (that was nice of me). I also brought Nono (SHO Girl) a nice new copy of Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral. I had asked her a while ago if she ever listened to it all the way though and she said no.. so there for, I must spread my disease and force others to get their brains nInfected. hehehe. oh yes.. Trent will be heard..

Good Old SHO rolled over to 176,000 miles on the way home, and its still running great. I love that car.. I treat it well, and its doing the same in return. Im getting good with knowing these Gen2 SHOs.. on the way to the concert I was following Nono and noticed she had no brake lights.. about 90% of the time there was no light, and the other 10% of the time they would flicker on and off like a strobe light. its a wonder she hadnt been hit yet. I figured it was probably one of the 2 wires going to the plug on the pedel switch. so we got there and parked.. I got my tools out of the trunk and got under her dash and located the wire that I had guessed was the cause of her problem. sure enough it was broken right off. so I striped it back, crimped it back on and put a little assortment of tape around it to keep it protected and give it a little strain relief. while following her out of there later they were working perfectly (that was nice of me). so I got myself home at 2AM and had to be up at 6:30 for heading to work today. had some dope in a cavalier on the way to work trying run me.... it was rather funny actually, Id let him get up next to me and then Id just hit the gas a little and keep him stuck over in the lane he shouldnt have been passing in anyway.. and then hed try something else.. he finally gave up and ducked in and stayed behind me... I was like a cat, and he was my little toy and I would just swat at it for amusement every few minutes. lol. why do so many people in small cars like that think they can outrun EVERYTHING?.. geez..

So yeah... pretty ok weekend. Im not sure how I feel anymore. I feel another LWWPP (Long Winded Web Page Post) will be in order soon.. I have some rather nasty things to say, but I need to let the anger muster a little longer so it has a better slap in the face when read. For now though, I just wanted to post about the weekend. I went to a computer show saturday morning,.. picked up a few things for some people and myself.. for me I got another 120 Gig drive.. Maxtor 7200RPM 8MB Cache.. Im going to swap out my current boot drive which is finally running low on space. I think I currently have a 40 for the boot partitions, a 120 for D, a 120 for E, and something bigger than 40 for the 4th which is F G and H. I may make this new 120 the new FGH and make the current FGH (if big enough (HEH~! Big Enough)) the new Boot Drive. or I just may take this new 120 and make it the new Boot Drive and be done with it.. probably what will happen though is this new drive will sit in my drawr for about 3 months like the last one did. oh well.. at least its something to do when absolutle bordom kicks in.


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