Heres my long distance update.... the week has gone by pretty quickly, we are probably leaving for home tomorrow afternoon... itll take about 15 hours driving to get back. so far we have done some cool stuff. we went to eat at the NASCAR cafe,.. I had the collision chicken, and my girlfriend had the pit pig sandwich. we went to a place called Legends in Concert which is a place where they have a bunch of VERY impressive impersonators. tonight we went to see a musical called "The Summer of 66" it was really good. we went to a bunch of stores and stuff today.. got a few NIN shirts, and also went in to the Ripleys Believe it or Not museum... we went to a place today that sells a bunch of race stuff and I got a couple of Mark Martin things. I brought both of my pentium class laptops with me and on the flight here I took them both out with a crossover cable and my girlfriend and I played network Quake at 60,000 feet.. well, Im gonna sign off now, its gonne cost a few dollars as it is, so I will update more later this comming weekend.


Hope everyone who celebrates is having a good day. I am going to be leaving for Myrtle beach tonight with my girlfriend. Same as last year.. fly down to meet her parents and stay with them in the motorhome and drive back with them next week.... but were not leaving before we get to eat the 22 LB. turkey that my mother is making. :) So.... I am going to try to update from down there like I did last year. Im bringing both laptops and a crossover cable so if we get bored we can play quake against each other. hopefully we wont be bored with multiple trips to the NASCAR Cafe, and the other fine attractions down there. I will post in detail when I get back. see you all later, and Happy Easter from Mermaid and Verona!


I really want to get back in to the habbit of updating more often.. yeah I know I said that before, but this time I will stick to it, I swear.... I want to start doing little tech tips and tricks again, and also CD/Music recomendations... I have been wanting to do this for a while now and just keep forgetting. one of the first CDs I wanted to let people know about is "Dr. Fiorella Terenzi" with "Music from the Galaxies".. this is one of my favorite CDs that I own. If you like strance ambient stuff, or like to simply space out (literly) then this is for you. She takes and bounces radio waves of of stuff in outer space and records them, then aranges them in to musical masterpieses. this link at CDNOW is where you can both purchase it and also listen to some samples. you can also go over and visit Dr. Fiorellas Homepage to learn more about her. If I am ever having trouble sleeping, I just throw in her Cd and put it on repeat. its so relaxing that I am usually out in just a few minutes,.. at the same time the music would be absolutely perfect for something like a haunted house. those who live near me who are interested can pick one up at Music Music Music. there are 1 or 2 in stock and he can order more. I got mine a few years ago from Dave (see button on right) and have probably listened to it over 100 times easilly... and Im not counting the repeat mode after I fall asleep.


incase you couldnt tell by the serious lack of upates, I am working again. I got a job at a small place managing all systems, and doing add layouts, business cards, and logo designs. I have known the owner for years, and he is paying me good and giving me great benefits and perks. it couldnt have happened at a better time either... right before the bank account was drying up. it actually started with me going to his house for a few house for consultant work and him getting a bunch of ideas for the business. so many that he just figured why not hire me full time. fine by me :) its also about 7 minutes from my house which rules cause I am saving gas money, and car wear... the only bad part is I dont get to listen to my CDs for very long on the short trip. thats ok.. its a small sacrifice. lol.


Mark Martin, through an off sequence pit stratagy and a decision to stay out during one caution was able to take the lead with around 53 laps to go and hold on to it through a few more cautions to take the checkered flag at Martinsville Speedway. the 500 lap event ended with a record number of cautions for the spring race. the last restart was with less than 10 laps to go and was a single file restart. that made me very happy since there wouldnt be any laped cars fighting for their lap and causing leaders to wreck. Martins Roush team mate, Jeff Burton took second place. at the same time as Martins victory, it was also a NASCAR record. 8 different winners in the first 8 races of a season. The race also ended with Matt Kenseth, beating Dale EarnFart Jr. and hopefully taking the lead in the 2000 rookie of the year battle. 6 Fords in the top 10, 3 Chevys, and 1 Pontiac. Rusty Wallace dominated the race leading more than half the laps. A last minute pit stop under caution is when he gave up the lead for good. a number of other drivers in the top 10 pitted at the same time except for Martin who gambled and stayed out. Martin is back to being second in the points battle and is hopefully going to go in to first soon.

freeky weird weather. I got home last night and it was raining and almost looking like we were due a thunder storm,.. I wake up this morning and theres an inch of snow on the ground... now because I dont have cable TV, I have to shovel snow.. whats one got to do with the other you may ask? well I normally go to my girlfriends house to watch the races that are on ESPN or TNN. since the driveway at MY house is up hill covered with white slippery stuff and the race is on TNN today, that leaves me to shovel. oh well.


Got this e-mail today. thought it was probably good information to pass along.

    SPUNKBALL WARNING: Please Keep all windows rolled up when stopped at traffic lights, as only cars with windows down are being targeted. Groups of teenagers have been caught, in alarming numbers, playing a new and dangerous game called Spunkball. Spunkball consists of a group of teens in a car pulling up to a stop light, and looking around for a car stopped near by with an open window. When one is spotted, the teens shout, "Spunkball", and throw a gasoline soaked rag that has been wrapped in aluminum foil threw the open window. On the outside of the foil is attatched a small fire cracker,with the fuse lit. When the fire cracker explodes, it shreds the foil, and the rag is ignited, causing a large flame that may catch the interior of the car on fire. Spunkball playing has already claimed two lives, caused uncountable injuries due to burns, and caused thousands of dollars in damage to automobiles. The best defense, say authorities, is to keep all windows rolled up when stopped at traffic lights, as only cars with windows down are being targeted. If you are at a redlight and hear a shout of "Spunkball", and notice something come flying in your window, the best thing to do is to have all passengers immediatly exit the vehichle. DO NOT try to retreive the object, as it will ignite once the fire cracker explodes.

Of corse by me posting this to warn people of an active danger, its also spreading the idea to people who are willing to do it that havent heard of it yet... could be doing more harm than good. -=shrug=-



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