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1. Ford Taurus SHO

1. AMD 1.2 GHz 266 MHz FSB, 256M PC133 RAM, 4x AGP with 64M RAM, ATA-100 7200 RPM Hard Drive,

The race yesterday was nice,.. too bad I couldnt see anything.. first of all, our cable company messed something up on our street, so all we were getting was fuzz. you could barely see anything. then we called to complain and they said they wouldnt do anything unless 2 other people complained. so we found 2 other people that we know on the street and had them call. then they said they wouldnt fix it till monday afternoon anyway. youd think that when you pay a premium for something youd get a premium service. not so. The whole reason we got cable was cause our antenna reception was no longer watchable, and yesterday we were getting better reception with the antenna. Not to mention all the times that the cable flakes out, gets all distorted or pixelated.. I hope Warwick Online and other telephone companies can get their act together with VDSL and simply crush the cable companies. As if that really mattered anyway, since FOX decided that this boreing thing called baseball was more important for race fans to watch. not only did they decided ahead of the race that it would be tape delayed to 4:00 but it was delayed further due to overtime in the stupid baseball game. I swear.. I cant see anything interesting in baseball. whenever I look at it all you ever see is 4 balls and a walk,.. 4 balls and a walk.. so after that little stunt yesterday and them not even showing the scheduled Busch race on saturday, I wrote FOX a letter of complaint stating that their NASCAR coverage stinks. if they schedule something to be on it should be on. I told them this never was a problem with ESPN and that if ESPN had a problem with schedules, they moved something to ESPN2.. FOX has 2 or 3 other channels they could have used yesterday which were just playing reruns that people have seen 50 times before. Baseball is on every day of the week.. racing in only on the weekends. why was the baseball game more important? if they couldnt handle the 2 they shouldnt have scheduled the 2. you dont tape delay something like that. whats the point of watching when you know its not live and you probably heard who the winner was. but as for the race itself, it was ok. So far this year Mark Martin and Sterling Marlin are the only 2 drivers to lead at least 1 lap in all of the seasons races. Mark Martin also finished a solid 4th this weekend and he shot up to 19th in the points standings. Its about time someone washed the shit streak out of that teams underwear.


Ok.. I know this is 2 days in a row for questionable material, but I have to share this.. the other day I saw an ad in a magazine for this site, and wasnt sure if it was for real or not.. so today being a little slow at work, I decided to check it out.. its for real. go to Naked News and watch the free live stream of the daily news.... with naked anchors. it sure is a different concept, somewhat entertaining.. I guess its a good way to get the news and your entertainment all in one shot. lol.. I dont know somethimes.... I just dont know..


If you need to waste some time while your at work or if your just bored, or whatever., go play Solos Chick Tourney. Its pretty fun, I guess it could be called degrading, and normally I dont support degrading things, but its fun! So if you want to play, make sure you use the link on my page here so I get referral credits.. I dont get anything for it except to stay in the top 20 referral list on that site. You dial up people can play more than once too. Im not suggesting cheating, but if you can help Denise Richards, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, or Ali Landry win, then go for it! Then you can vote for the next person who will be entered when the game is reset. I submitted a bio and pics for Bridgette Wilson to be voted for. (Sonya from the first Mortal Kombat movie). The game has been around for a while, Ive been playing since the beta version of version 1. Click the name to see pictures of the person, click their face to vote for them. have fun!


Whats the matter with the human race these days? It seems everything most people do is only done if it benifits them.. we are rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate, and stupid. everything we do lacks common sense, purpose, and class,.. our ways of thinking are primitive, self-centered and completely ass backwards. It seems the more advanced we get technologicly, the farther back in time it sets us humanly. people in general are losing their ability to operate socially and with class. we are losing our ability to think, and perform the simplest of mental and physical everyday tasks. at work you have the guy 2 cubicals down sending you e-mails to tell you simple stuff, and the guy across the building walks down to give the news. Why see people when you can call them on the cell phone? why write when you can type? why go home to type when now you can type anywhere? why think when the computer can think for you? why be considerate?.. the other guy wasnt. why follow the rules?.. no one else does. The EZ-Pass lane... does it slow us down or speed us up?.. theres that guy on the cell phone again, not paying attention, got in the wrong lane. now the guy in the pay booth is passing cars through faster than the un-maned EZ-Pass lane with the gate stuck down... no one thinks, no one cares, its just fine to idle through life at 2 MPH. if I get in someones way they will go 2 MPH too.

yeah rediculous, right? but think about it.. its not that far from reality. actually watch people throughout your day and youll see those idlers, youll see those who dont care how much they inconvienience everyone else as long as they do what THEY want to do... and its not going to stop. as time goes on it will get worse. Technology is partly to blame. as things become easier and more automated, people dont have to think as much. thats fine until god forbid they find themselvs in a real life situation. Think about what the future will bring... why drive when the car can drive for me... lets stop there, thats scarey enough. I dont care how great we make things, I will NEVER trust a car to drive itself. I want to be in control... but this is already in the works, I saw a special on TV about it. How many more mental and physical tasks can be removed from our daily lives?.. and when you think about it, whos idea is this anyway? Sure the people love not having to think, but surely you dont think someone did all this to imporve your life style.. perhaps the removal of thought is a way for the government to get that much closer to having a country full of slaves. There was a time when the ratio of technology to thought was just right. the times when TV was available but there was only 4 channels,.. just good enough to see the news, the times when phones were available but you would still rather see your neighbor outside. the times when microwaves were available but you had to know how to use it. you couldnt just press the "sensor reheat" button and walk away. Before these times it was hard for people to communicate and get things done, and now its too easy for people to communicate and get things done, which seems to be resulting in a serious lack of communication and things getting done half-assed.

Then you have those people who think TOO much, or in the wrong direction. the people who want to prove something.. the people who want to be anti this and that, and the people who will protest and petition to get things done weather they make sense or not. they might be thinking but its mindless. for example.. those who want GE to clean the PCBs out of the river... yeah that seems like a good idea on the OUTSIDE.. but think about this.. those PCBs are settled and burried now. the damage had been done but has been fairly null for years. if you force them to dig it up the shit will stir up in to the water all over again and for years itll be worse than it is now. Slap them with a big fine, but dont FORCE them to clean it up.. how about those anti-PDR people huh? thats funny... they come in 2 classes. first the ones that purely see a money issue.. somewhat understandable, but shallow. then the ones who care about the issue, but only if it directly affects them, otherwise the issue doesnt exist. well the issue DOES exist, and the money WILL be spent weather the PDR passes or not.. either you pay now for the PDR, keep the land for farms and horses, and for the sake of the countryside we moved here for in the firstplace, or we pay it later when the development goes in and tax dollars are used to pave the new roads, put up traffic lights, run the new electric, and make the area suitable for the extra poulation... Dont forget about the "tune-changers" out there... "hunting is wrong, we shouldnt be killing those poor deer, we have invaded their space." but after one of them hits one and has $3000 damage to the car, then its "kill em all!".. then of course there is the ever popular hypocrite. "DONT DEVELOP THAT FIELD ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME EVEN THOUGH I JUST MOVED HERE FROM THE CITY AND AM LIVING IN A DELEVLOPEMT THAT USED TO BE A FIELD JUST LIKE THAT ONE, AND IM NOT PAYING FOR PDRS EITHER!"

Hey politicly correct people, dont worry, I havent forgetten you. you are the ones who want equal rights, equal pay, and equal treatment in the work environment. well guess what, with that comes the dirty stock room talk, and if you want to be part of the work force that everyone else is, then dont go complaining that Bob made a semi off color joke while operating the forklift with his buddies. its bullshit. but wait and see what kind of things Laurie says by the coffee pot in the break room, thats ok. How about all the politicaly correct names for people.. hmm.. if you ask me, Id be more insulted having myself politicly classed as something. I dont know, but doesnt "African American" sound a little more offensive than "black person"? but of course "black person" is more offensive than "person" which is what they are, they are people. and just when it was getting to the point where different races were being accepted and all man was equal do we have to go and make catagories for everyone.

Only in todays world is this kind of thinking allowed but not questioned. only in todays world do we have the ability to think without thinking. only in todays world do we have vegitarians wearing furr coats. only in todays world do we elect and re-elect a president who makes a mockery of the entire whitehouse. "we hate him but we will vote for him again"... hey its ok.. its ok if you want move from the city to the country but dont want to smell those country smells. hey! that cows not allowed to shit! how dare that farmer grow a crop! Something needs to be done. things need to change, and we DONT need to move forward to do it.





Model 915-R


So Im coming home yesterday on the Palisades Interstate Parkway (some call it the pipper) and those of you who take that road know that it is VERY bumpy due to all the snow, ice, salt, plows, etc.. So we are driving around 70 or so when all of a sudden like a bat out of hell, this woman in an Intrepid comes FLYING up along side of me and tries to pass, she almost hit me trying to cut over, so rather than slow down to let her in, naturally I speed up :) Then the guy in front of her sped up and she was able to get ahead of me a little, I at this point let her go cause I had this bump coming up where this patch of road is raised about 2 inches. Normally I move right at this spot, but since this wacky bitch didnt seem to understand the piss poor shape of this road, I was stuck. So after the bump I decided I wanted my position back, and proceeded to speed up to pass her, we were on a nice straightaway and had really gotten going, she obviously didnt want to let me by cause she just kept on excellerating, but I obviously WANTED to get by cause I just kept on accelerating too :) all of a sudden she stopped going any faster which I knew would happen cause someone once told me that Intrepids have limiters on them that kick in around 110.. heh.. didnt realize it got to that point so quick did ya hunny? YOU LOSE!


New David Copperfield Special on TV tonight! Its his 20th TV Special,.. thats pretty impressive. Tonight he will take on the "Tornado of Fire".. 8:00 PM on CBS.


You know... I have a pretty fast connection to the net. its a 1024K DSL from Warwick Online. Its good, reliable, fast and inexpensive compared to others. I host web pages, I play games, I surf the web, and it never slows down. On Napster I have pulled 140+K download speeds from people. its never really bogged down at all.... UNTILL! Hoagie comes for a visit with his computer, hooks up to it through my firewall router, and begins his 10 hour 6 gig MP3 Spree. I am even lagged updateing this web page right now and Im on a local area network to the thing! the light on the port of the switch hes hooked to hasnt gone off since last night. its been solid green the whole time.. not even a blink! well at least the DSL is getting used for all its worth.



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