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Yet again, the summer nears with a new flavor for us to look forward to.. and this being part of my favorite line, Im extra excited this time.. MountaindeW LiveWire. I heard a rumor about this about a year ago,.. then a month or so ago, the first images appeared, and said it would be out in May.. (naturally I have been checking every gas station I go to anyway, even though its only April).. I would have posted about it before today, but I have been lazy... but today a new flavor again was found to be in the works... This dual pepsi flavor summer prompted me to get an update going... yes, this summer we will see Vanilla Pepsi... I have always said that I liked Cherry Pepsi just a little more than Cherry Coke because of the fact that it tastes closer to an old diner cherry cola where they put the syrup in right there... where as Coks tastes more like a pre sorted flavor... and when Vanilla Coke came out, I liked it a lot, seeing as Vanilla is my favorite flavor... but it has that same lacking as the cherry coke did,.. not quite enough vanilla, and the coke afterteste bacame a pretaste when mixed with vanilla... and I said I hoped Pepsi made a Vanilla cola, and I bet it would be more true to a syrup mixed drink, and now here we have it... I hope Im right about that... So between this and MountaindeW Livewire, Ill be happy drink-wise for the summer.. and its funny when you think about the fact that dew is primarilly orange juice based already.. this should be really orangey. (maybe I can make a creamsicle out of the 2 :)).


So I found and got a good job, which I started yesterday. Not as much money at I was making when I was driving to westchester, but more than I was making before that,.. so its pretty good. Its about a 45 minute drive, which is better than that 90 minute one to westchester. Im doing IS/IT as usual. more concentrated on Hardware and Networking now, and not quite as much on stupid software things that shouldnt even be my problem, so the stress level will be better than the last couple places. So far so good. I like it here. Ill be keeping my main clients from consulting on the side to get that extra cash so I can pay off my debts and buy myself something once in a while... Ive certainly decided though, that money does NOT make me happy.. not at all.. even when I was making lots of it, it wasnt the reason I was ever happy... theres only 1 thing thats gonna bring me up to a happy point, but for now, at least I can pay my bills and not be sitting around with nothing to do all day, which will hopefully help the depression I was stuck in at least a little bit. So thats really all Ive been up to...


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