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Been pretty busy with work and doing my walking thing. I got promoted the other day, which is cool because Im the first one to advance with the new company since being outsourced... and it still leaves me elegible for my yearly increase next month, which is based on performance points.. which will be higher due to acheiving a promotion... I like the way this company works.. they really do reward for effort and quality of work... most other places I worked, If I busted my ass,m I had to go to them and make notice that I should be getting an increase.. and then if I got one, they would take away my ability to get the scheduled yearly increase that year... so Im doing rather well with this position right now... of course the cocksmoking government has me putting any extra money I have in to my gas tank anyway.... Ive been putting quite an effort in to walking at least 2 miles a day.. most days 4, and on sundays I do the 6. as you can see on my nifty perl gif up top, Im about to hit the 200 mile mark.. should be there some time early may. I got a few other things I could type about.. but for now.. I guess this is good enough.


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