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Article - "Thank God For Trent Reznor"


New NIN CD today! get yours!... its an amazingly different album.. might takes some fans a few listens through to start getting in to all the tracks and appreciating them for actual NIN tunes.. its a great concept and well executed. with all the tracks he leaked on purpose, I hope this album sells really well and shows the stupid RIAA that they have no idea what they are doing with music these days. weather people download or not, if the content is of any quality, most people will buy it.


pulled another 100 miles in 15 days. had to do 6 miles today walking back and forth in my basement cause of the rain. might have to tomorrow too... tomorrow Im going to get my copy of the new NIN CD, Year Zero.. its really good, Id recommend it to any fan. lately my current DVD Player has been having trouble spinning up the disc fast enough for it to read.. sometimes it would make a lot of smears on the initial JVC screen when trying to read.. if I opened and closed it enough times it would eventually read.. because of this I knew it was ost likely a capacitor, but visual ispection in the unit didnt show anything.. so I figured Id give it a while and deal with it.. figured eventually the bad one would shot itself by buldging the top. checked this weekend and sure enough, found the culprate. problem was it was an odd size.. wasnt a normal 470uF or anything.. it was a 560uF... not something you find in most packs of caps. I could order one, but I didnt want to wait and take a chance that there was more wrong than just that... so I picked through some old boards I had from some old broken scrap stereso and VCRs and came up with 2 220uF, 2 10uF, and 1 100uF caps and soldered them together in parallel. put it in the unit and the thing is working like new. lol. so next time Im in the electronics store down by Daves (see button on right) Ill see if hes got one of that value. till then theres no reason this shouldnt work.


Any Josta Fans... or those who just need a way to waste some time creativly and want to better mankind in some small way... go here and fill it out complaining about the lack of Josta in our lives. if you are old fashioned and prefer to send a real letter. use this here address...

Pepsi Customer Relations
Pepsico, Inc
700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577

or for the person on the go.. a quick phone call to (800) 433-2652 and yell about the lack of Josta in our lives. hey. even if you dont know what Josta is/was.. do one of, or all of these things anyway, youll feel good about yourself. :) its for a good cause. if you need more information about Josta.. check the link on the side of this page.


Yesterday I put a new B-13 Die-Hard Battery in to the new SHO.. getting closer to putting that beauty on the road. when were done with snow and have a good rain to wash the salt off the roads, Im gonna get that thing going. the current one is up over 268,000 now.. Im hopeing that over the next 2 years I can slipt the duties between the 2 SHOs while nearing that 300,000 mark. Im still trying to decide if I want to put the small blower in to the new car.. could be cool. I still gotta duplicate some more of the stereo setup so I can easilly bring my Sirius betwee the two, and enjoy the same sound every day... though Im not sure I wanna drop money on another sub.. maybe Ill swap that between the two.. its only 3 plugs... we will see.


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