Wow,.. I cant believe its the end of May already. This is indeed my most pathetic month of posts. a whole 2. lol... I guess thats what happens when you get busy with a bunch of other things that interest you. I have been working on music a lot... which reminds me.. my pichno song has given inspiration to others... someone else went and made a techno song with that loop.. a bit different than mine, so its not like someone is ripping me off. its pretty good... anyway, I have also been busy building one of those fountains with the spinning ball on top... its pretty much done.. its got blue LEDs in it, so it looks really good in the dark... I have been busy building Dave an NT server (see button on right).. he needs a huge amount of extra storage space, and the NT system seems to be good for that... I have been busy building a redhat 6.2 linux system at home, which is now hosting this page. I have my own DNS and everything. its an all in one package server... and also, I have been busy playing with my 1200's. I have a ton of vinyl that I have been getting, and have been playing with the art of live beat mixing and "scratching" as they call it. I also got an 1800F Denon which is a super add on with the 1200's... This thursday night, we are leaving for the races once again. me and my girlfriend, and her parents, along with my 2 sisters, and my girlfriends sister, are all going to Dover Down International Speedway to have some fun watching the Busch race on Saturday, and the Winston Cup race on Sunday, and hopefully we will meet some more drivers while we are there. thats about all for now.


So there I am sitting in Madison Square Garden when the lights go out. A perfect Circle comes out and performs for about 45 minutes. their album isnt even out yet and people were singing every word to every song... wonder where they heard it... anyway... so they break down their set and then Trent comes out.. now during APC a few people were standing up and security, along with other members of the audience were yelling at them to sit the hell down cause they were blocking the view... but when NIN started, everyone stood up and that was the end of it. lol... so Trent is going along and finally gets to "Starf**kers inc." and mid way through the song, when he is singing "I bet you think this song is about you... dont you? dont you?..." right then Marylin Manson comes out and finishes the song with Trent on the guitar and backup vocals. after that the did Beautiful People, one of Mansons more popular pieces.. once that was done, Trent did "Hurt" and that finally ended the show. NIN played for about 2 hours straight. something really cool was watching this guy with a video camera on stage... what the heck is he doing? we wondered... found out when I got home... he taped all or parts of the show, one of which is already available on thats right, go to and click the link on the bottom to see Manson singing the rest of starf**kers with Trent... already the reports of this happening are on SLS news and nin fans are saying it is the best concert that Trent has ever done. I went with my girlfriend. and Dave went with us too. (see button on right).. to avoid driving in the city, we drove to Journal Square, Jersey City (which has secure parking) and from there took the path train right to MSG. went home the same way. definatly the way to go. even the little bit of city style driving I had to do was too much. hit gridlock at 12:00 AM and got to listen to people blowing their howns for no reason... but it was all worth it for Trent.



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