Tomorrow morning we leave for the Dover Downs International Speedway in Deleware. We should arive Thursday afternoon, and be able to watch the qualifying for the Craftsman Truck Race, then Friday we will see Busch qualifying, and then Winston Cup qualifying, and then the Craftsman Truck race in the afternoon. Saturday will be the Busch race, and then happy hour final practice for the Cup cars, and then the Cup race is Sunday. Itll be a pretty full weekend of fast stuff. Dover is one of Mark Martins favorite tracks, and Mark Martin has some of the best stats of any driver there. Lets hope for victories by either 50 or 99 in the Truck race, 60 in the Busch race, and 6 in the Cup race. Maybe Jack Roush can sweep the weekend and take home a reignited team and a few braging rights.


Ive been trying to decide the last few days weather or not to start another pissing contest with DigitalFl00d over one of his comments in his posts... what the hell, everyone love a little fighting now and then!

He has made it clear on his page that he is all for the Warwick Valley School Budget because if it passes itll mean a better education for the kids. Once again, I can see his good intentions, but once again, he is seeing the crust of the pie, and not the filling. They always propose the statement "better education" when trying to get their precious budget to pass... they are very concerned with the education on that board..... BULLSHIT! thats just what they say, but what they mean is.. more money for sports and other things that we SHOUDNT be paying for.. and guess what.. with all these new people on the school boards... if the budget passes, they want to bring in all new bus drivers.. their own people.. fire all the local warwick residents who have been driving those busses for a long time... Veronas aunt happens to be a bus driver for the Warwick School District, and she has no reason to lose her job.. but pass the budget and she will.. they will bring in overpaid snobs to drive the kids around. And back to the sports.. PISS ON THE SPORTS. I swear those schools need to get their priorities in order. they are so worried about the sports teams that they have actually threatened in the past that bussing wouldnt be available if the budget didnt pass. really what they wanted was the sports money and they were busted for that. legally the busses HAVE to be provided, but they fooled enough people to pass that sucker. you know what.... if the sports teams need the money, let them do like the volunteer firefighters do. have donation type events.. the firefighters do the spaghetti dinners, the beefsteaks, donations at the town fair... they make enough money by working a little bit to support their cause (which is to keep YOU safe) and to purchase a $15,000 fireworks display for the towns 4th of july celebration. or another idea... the parents of the kids who want to play sports, should have to supply the money.. why do the non-sporting kids parents have to pay? have a bake-sale or something.. it just makes me sick... but they will just keep on doing what they do.. and I gaurentee that no matter how much money the school gets from the budget, the kids are going to have the same rate teachers with the same books, and the same classrooms. ok so they built an addition, but we paid extra for that.... wait, you mean it wasnt part of the normal budget? sorry buddy, doesnt work that way.... but hey, why do we care anyway?.. Each year that the school has the budget vote, if it doesnt pass, they have another vote the next month.. they keep voting till it passes.. you thought the Gore logic was way out there? no! it actually exists in some places! it doesnt matter if the budget passes or fails, cause its gonna pass in the end anyway!

The thought of a better education for the kids is a wonderful thing, but its only the outer crust of the pie, the part you see... what you dont see is all the crap they fill that pie with, and thats the problem. People are gobbleing down a DELICIOUS looking pie, only to get gas and diarrhea from it later.


Well Im back.. as of Saturday the 19th, at 4:45 PM I was back in my own room, with my own bed, and my own air conditioner. Vacation is nice, but if you ask me it shouldnt involve a schedule that keeps you busier than everyday life does. But a vacation is a vacation, and I guess any day that you dont have to go to work is a good day.

Hey speaking of work, now that Im back sitting at my desk, I used the opertunity to put together an order from Saiko Sounds. I got 5 CDs and 10 Pieces of Vinyl. More GOA/Psy is always a good thing.

So I got home Saturday, dreding what I might be dealing with as far as the APC UPS went,.. I opened up the UPS to see if maybe the connection on the new batteries I put in to it was bad. I bought the replacement batteries from APC themselves for $165 to get a better charge life out of the UPS and to stop the thing from beeping every 59 minutes. I open the thing up to find that the batteries have swollen to the point where I cant get them out of the unit. Aparently the UPS being 6 years old, also had a firmware glitch and it didnt know I had put new batteries in it, so it just kept in charging till they overheated and bubbled up. So I called APC and the tech told me the life on those system is around 6 years, and that I can trade it in for a good discount on a new one. I think Ill go with the 2200 this time.. the current one is a 1400 and a 2200 would just be cool. Ill probably end up paying only half the price of the unit by doing the trade up program and getting credit on the 1 month old sizzled batteries. not a bad deal... especially when you consider the fact that the 1400 was free to me to begin with. :)


Well here I am on my Dell Inspiron Laptop, in the campground, updating my page. Im really roughing it. :) ... well anyway, sorry for the intermitance of this page and my entire server for that matter. something went haywire with my UPS (uninteruptable power supply). The servers are on a different one, but the DSL modem is on the APC which went nuts the other day, which is VERY strance for APC since they will pay you a rediculous amount of money if a surge gets through one of their units... of course this happens while Im gone. nothing breaks while Im around to fix it. So I had to have my step father find the plug for the modem and bypass the UPS so the server would stay on line. I have to wait till saturday till I get home to fix it.

We had dinner at the NASCAR cafe the other day.. Both Verona and I got the Pit Pig sandwich. got some new stuff while I was there... We went back to the place the next day and raced on the gocarts they have.. I won first place in the #6 car on the big track... we played some mini golf too... 2 time and everyone was getting holes in one but me.. I dont even care if I win, I just wanted a hole in one... but today was my day.. we played once on ocean blvd. and ce in the campground and I had a total of 4! woohoo!...

while we were on ocean blvd today we went in to Ripleys believe it or not again, that place is cool. we also went in to Ripleys motion theater. Found Red deW in a soda machine today too, (bottles).. then we were walkin down to the one store that usually has new NIN stuff... nothing new this year... so we walked down a little further, and I saw a sign that said they had CDs inside.. you know me, I cant pass up CDs without seeing whats there, so I went in and started to look at the limited selection and the guy came over and saw me looking at the Oakenfold CD and asked me if I lied house music... told him "no I like drark trance and stuff" so he handed me a CD and said it was the best.. I turned it over and saw track 1 was "Infected Mushroom" (a kickass isreal GOA group) I immediatly said I liked IM and he was very surprised.. he had an accesnt, and I didnt place it at first, but when he started talking to me about IM I placed it as an isreal accent, especially when he told me that IM was his homeboys. lol.. he actually knows the guys in the "band" He even ran in the back and put my favorite one of their CDs on for me while I shopped. So I got 3 CDs, 2 GOA mixed CDs and 1 CD of all early IM stuff from the 2 guys in IM, before they were IM. Im listening to that one right now, and its GOOD. Hoagie, you gotta hear this thing. Dave will want to RIP them, but I wont let him, lol.

So for now thats it I guess. Im gonna let Verona update her page now. See you all on Saturday, in time for The Winston. New Solid State format this weekend too, check it out, its their 4 year anniversary. tonight is the first part of the last episode of Boot Camp.. I cant wait.. that show is so funny... see you later


Well its that time of the year again for vacation. Ill be heading off to Myrtle Beach tonight and staying for a week. One of the most fun things about the trip is getting to dine at the NASCAR cafe... Im not sure what Ill get this year, but Im sure itll be good as always. Ill probably find all sorts of new NIN bootleg stuff too at a few of the stores down there.. theres always something good that you havent seen before. oooo.. maybe Ill find Red DeW in cans! the stores down there also have 3 ltr bottles of regular deW too.. the one time I went, I picked up like 15 of them... thats funny... who would ahve imagined that one day, good old MountaindeW would have to be referred to as "Regular deW"... what the HELL is the world comming to? Ill be bringing my laptops with me so that when we are bored we can play deathmatch quake and whatever else I bring. Ill also dialup to WOL and check my mail and stuff.. probably do a long-distance update as usual.. just because I can. Oh well.. see everyone in a week.


MountaindeW Code Red...... Mmmmmmmmm.


What would you say,.. YOU DO HERE?


Mark had the fastest qualifying time for Saturday nights race in Richmond Virginia. This is his second pole of the year, and with any luck, it will lead to his first victory of the year. Race Coverage starts at 7:30 PM, May 5th, on FX.


Solos Chick Tourney has been reset! Go play again, and USE MY LINK! I wanna stay on that top 20 list again. If you dont know any of them or dont care, go play and give Denise Richards, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, or Ali Landry a few votes for me!



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