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Its amazing how quickly some things can turn around....
and its amazing how long it can seem to take for something so quick.

and whats most amazing of all is the source of this turn.... absolutely amazing. thats the only word I can think of... amazing.


So yeah... where have I been.. idunno. working, paying off this debt I have.. saving for the Lasik which I hope to get by october. Sleeping... thats about it. Sure I have plenty of time sitting at work waiting for a call, or a project to come up,.. and I could be updaitng every day.... but who wants to read about me feeling like shit every day?.. Im not looking for pitty, or attention.. its just that quite honestly, bad things are all that go through my head to begin with, and thats what will flow to the screen. I cant help it.

So anyway, I got a case of the Livewire Soda, pictured in the last post. Its quite tasty. Actually resembles a drink I have been making for quite some time that I often have with breakfast.. mix 50% dew and orange juice.. always nice and refreshing. Im sure most of the people who visit have noticed my little walk-o-meter.. just a little on the fly gif generator I whipped up in perl. It calculates all those stats based on a database I keep that simply has the miles and the minutes it took for each time out. I didnt draw any of that thing with a graphics editor... its all based on drawing commands in the Perl_GD Library. completely plotted out with the results for each view it gets.

so about the Lasik... havnt given an update on my weight/savings in a while.. last time I stated that it was 235/100 and the goal was 220/2500... well durring the non-walking season, I wanted to see how well Id be able to maintain my weight by eating whatever I wanted and not walking... Im glad to say that there was no major changes.. however, I did lift my weights quite a bit, and my arms and chest did get a little larger... seeing as muscle weighs more than fat, I noticed my weight go up slightly even though my pants continue to get looser and looser. I realize that if I continue to keep lifting, that 220 may be farther off than I had anticipated. however, my sizes are getting smaller around the waist, and due to this, I feel its reasonable to adjust my goal to 230. I also work now, and wont be taking a month long vacation like I thought about doing, so I wont need $2500 for my trip. $1500 will be just fine for the 9 days I will be staying. 3 days for the procedure with a 1 week visit and then Ill come home. so currently the numbers are 240/400 and the goal is now 230/1500. once again, stay tuned... I dont plan on being this fat ugly bastard too much longer.

that wasnt so bad huh? not too much negativity,.. some what of a positive posting..... well let me just say this... if for any reason I find out that I cant get this lasik done... I will slit my wrists.


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