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In fact... I might be responsible for this whole damn thing and I dont even know it!


in follow up and response to Blank-Disks startling news about BrokenRealitys possible travel in to the future to possibly murder himself before turning back to a life of christ, which he posted to supposedly have someone living close by BrokenRealitys house warn him of said upcoming dangers. (which would be good old Mermaid here). I have to say that how can we trust that BlankDisk was not involved in this, or perhaps hes behind the whole thing and not even BrokenReality knows whats going on... you see some of the all time best plotted things can be fouled up by 1 simple litte mistake in covering your tracks and making your story follow through. you see, in the end Blank-Disks "theroy" is that BrokenReality typed the 26th instead of the 16th due to this plot of going to the future to kill his future self. he also leads us on with the idea that perhaps it was simply a mistake in typing and nothing more. Im sure this idea was introduced by Mr. Blank-Disk in hopes to not seem like he knows too much and seems too sure of his theroy. but you see, Mr. Disk didnt check his story before trying to cover his tracks. Sure at the end of the post he claims that BrokenReality typed the 26th on the 16th, and sure if you go to Brokens site, you see the post actually dated the 26th... but in Disks post he actually first mentions that the mistake was that he typed 25th instead of 15th! is there a conspiracy between the 2 sites to set up some kind of plot to kill, steal, make money, or take people off gaurd for future plottings.. or is this all Blank-Disks doing.. by mentioning 2 different date descrepincies perhaps the plot is to make it look like BrokenReality was going to kill his future self on the 26th, and wants us to warn him, but really Disk wants to have BrokenReality killed on the 25th and of course by then, the warning for the 26th is just too late. you see? you see what happens when you dont chekc your story?.. you leave a trail leading right back to you.... of course I have to give Mr. Disk the benefit of the doubt that he too made a typing mistake, and maybe the only conspiracy here truely is one of plain old bad typing.... of course by me introducing this here final theroy,.. maybe Im trying to guide your attention in a way that I can cover something up too.


Ive been meaning to post a link to this thing for nearly a year now and just keep forgetting. but since Im in such a GOOD MOOD lately (sarcasim) I decided it was time to help get the word out and get people reading. Im so angry lately at things I have no control over that make life suck... like the government. those money hungry greedy controling BASTARDS have ruined my life. they take my money to the point where Im practicly broke, but leave me with just enough so I dont qualify for a break. they have banned the use and sale of ephedra for weight loss aid,.. now a fat piece of shit with a naturally bad metabolisim like myself whos job is to SIT for 8 hours a day, is stuck being fat forever all because some stupid dipshit baseball player didnt read the instructions on the bottle. yeah pal... sure if you take an entire bottle on a swealtering hot day and go out for 5 hours of major workout, youre going to have a problem... why does HIS action have to punish me? hey.. just cause George W. Bush had a few DWIs and could have maybe killed himself or someone else,.. does that mean we should ban the sale and use of cars?... people die from cigarettes all the time but we can still buy those. (and they hurt other people too from secondhand smoke)... we still can buy guns at the local 24hour everything store. (cant buy a Marilyn Manson CD at those same stores though,.. no cause hes dangerous).. I think guns are a little more likely to kill a few more pople than a bottle of ephedra is... and how bout now.. they want to take away one of the few things I enjoy each week,.. The Howard Stern Show. all because some immature untalented MTV singers decided it would be a good idea to slip a tit on TV durring the superbowl. now all of a sudden the government is making the FCC go after Howard even though hes been fine with them for 10 years. and they had to go back 3 full years before they even found somehting they could possible fine hime for... yes, Howard is once again the source of all evil. if it was so bad, why didnt they fine him 3 years ago? How come Oprah is allowed to air the same content this very year and get away with it?

This country is so SCREWED up anymore, and the people just follow and do what they are told like a bunch of sheep. every time the government wants more power and control, we just bend over and take it.. well Im tired of the crap, and while I might have to bend over and take it unwillingly, it doesnt mean Im going to like it and that Im not going to be vocal and make a stink about it. and if even 1 person reads the links I put here on this rediculousness, I will feel I have helped in some little way. if they hike gas to $5 a gallon here are we going to just take it? I have a feeling that we will. we will pay but complain, and no one will take action. we cant just take it anymore cause before you know it we will be living in one of those countries that we claim not to be.

31 Q&A about the IRS. a great writeup about how the IRS isnt legal and the way the government steals your money.

Videos. a section of videos showing just how unprepared the government is when trying to prove the IRS is legit.

Howard Vs. Oprah. Transcripts of both shows. see if you can understand why Howards in trouble and Oprah isnt. no one else can.

by the way, if you ask me,.. the Howard problem, and even the issue of wal-mart selling guns but not a Manson CD is just government pressue on people who are afraid. The government says its bad, so it must be.


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