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As Ive stated a few times here Ive been doing a lot of walking this year.. and one thing you tend to notice a little more when you walk is the amount of shit people toss on the road. what is the big god damn deal about holding on to your garbage until you get home, or where you are going? I have absolutely zero respect for anyone that finds it ok to toss as much as a paper cup out the window. sure the paper is biodegradable, but what about the lid and straw?.. asshat. If even just 1 out of every 100 litterers would stop, imagine how much less crap wed see. theres enough fuckin problems on this planet that we CANT do anything about, so lets just show an ounce of respect and dignity on a few of the things we can.

And anothing thing.. people who for whatever reason have to have a dog.. and for whatever reason find the need to walk the dog.. can you please not let the thing shit on other peoples lawns, or the side of the road? if so.. PICK IT THE FUCK UP. - I was walking the other day and saw a mound of smoldering dog shit that had to be a good 7 inches in diameter, and 4 inches tall. just left there by the owner. what a low life. Im sick of seeing dog shit left like that... animals like that should be put to sleep......

and so should the dogs they are walking.


Today marks 10 weeks since I started my wight loss program. I have the program set in 5 week cycles, so this was 2 cycles. 10 weeks ago I weighed myself and havnt stepped on the scale since. I dont like to be distracted by the numbers. they can motivate you, but they can also unmotivate you. I just concentrated on my program and figured Id check in 10 weeks. at that time I wanted to walk more than 210 miles this year, shooting for 250 by octobers end. well as you may have seen by the graphic at the top of he page, today I completed 224 miles. Ive been walking my ass off. Ive bummed out my knee by doing a little running, and there was a tenden in the back of both my heals that was popping like a snapple lid... but I took it easy when needed, and made sure to press on. you have to.. if you dont prove a need for hurt body parts, they will never get better. so now my feet are better, my knee is almost healed, and Ive gone from a minimum of 2 miles a day to a minimum of 4. thats back where I was 4 years ago. 4 miles every day, and a full 6 mile session every sunday. Im also doing an array of weight lifts every couple days. I started at 60 (30 on each arm) and am now up to 120 (60 per arm).. I do 20 curls on each arm, 20 shoulder presses, and 20 standing inside curls. at the same time Ill also complete 40 push ups and 40 sit ups. I started those at 10 each. As for eating, Ive been having small breakfasts and lunches, usually nonfat yogurt. then for dinner, if Im hungry I have something enjoyable. if Im not hungry, I have something small, like another yogurt, or some rolled up roast beef, or turkey... durring all this Ive watched my belt go from the first hole all the way to the 4th,.. and almost ready to hit the 5th, and last hole. Im wearing shirts I havnt worn in years... so by now, those actually still reading, are probably wanting to know my weight loss from all this... well... 10 weeks ago, I was sitting a 265. a number that was much better than I was 5 years ago, but not quite as good as I was at the end of 2002,... today, 10 weeks later,.. I weighed in at 237. a 28 pound loss. not bad. I was hoping for about 15, and to almost double that, is amazing. and now Ill stay off the scale, and keep my program going for another 10 weeks. again, being realistic, I will hope for another 10 pounds. if I get more.. fantastic. Ill be sure to post my progress, and as always, my miles are always up to date at the top of the page.

So, I mention all this stuff that Im doing, and I always refer back to 2002.. well in 2001, I was over 350 pounds. by the end of 2002, I worked my butt off and got down to 235.... now, over the next 3 years, I continued to walk, lift weights, and eat less.. but I was lucky to even maintain my weight, forget about losing any. in 2005 I made a huge effort to do exactly what Im doing this year and in the end, I had almost 0 difference in my weight after 210 miles and an entire summer of yogurts and rolled up cold cuts. so what did I do different this year? 2 things.. timing of my exercise, and help of ephedra. Ive talked about my bad metabolisim before, and how ephedra helps bring it back up to the level of a normal person... and then how some irrisponsible people died because they misused this marvelous herb that the chineese have been taking for 4000 years, and caused the government to ban it, punishing all fat people in the process.. (but for some reason they still sell cigarettes)... but a couple years ago, some very smart judge realized how retarded this was and he lifted the ban on ephedra... but it never came back. why would it? companies like NVE Pharmesuticals, makers of the famous Stacker2, which I started with, and BlackBeauty which I used after it.. they, along with every other company all made non-ephedra versions of their products. and to be blunt. that shit dont work. none of it.. but it still sells.. and people will by more of it for longer because itll never get them where they want to be. so even though the ban was lifted.. short of buying old stock of leftover ephedra products, which have lost their potency.. there was non to be had anyway... but I found a source. I found a fantastic product, brand new, fresh, and effective. Ive added this in to my workout program, and the results have been great. the other change? Im now walking in the middle of the day instead of only when I get home. in 2002 I was out of work, and had all day, any time to walk my 6 miles whenever I wanted. last year I was working. a lot. and I walked when I got home. often feeling out of energy and unable to put everyhting in to it.. this year, Im walking 2 miles durring my lunch time at work every day. this boosts metabolisim and helps make it last longer naturally. I then have more energy when I get home and do another 2, and sometimes 4. on the weeks this is added with the ephedra, I am able to do so much more and feel better than ever... no mater what you use, you have to work at it. there is no miracle drug. ephedra simply gets your metabolisim going if it doesnt go on its own. this slow metabolisim is especially a problem if you have a sit down job like me. it takes a small problem and makes it worse. but the ephedra can help you develop a positive routine that can last for years. I mention how the product was banned in 2002, so I wasnt using anything at all in 2003 and 2004 and still maintained my weight... I had gotten in such a good routine that I was able to stay at 235 to 245 for quite some time.. but then the metabolisim sorta tapered off again in late 2004 I was sarting to gain again without any results when dieting. I tried a number of new products, ephedra replacements.. nothing worked. I tested some fad diets, and some old reliables, and nothing worked. this year, thanks to a good workout schedule and responsible use of ephedra, I am making it work. when I hit a good target weight by the end of this summer, Ill stop the ephedra for a while and continue to work out and see if it sticks. if anyone is interested in what Im using, and how Im breaking it down day by day and week by week, drop me an e-mail,.. Ill be glad to share.


a few weeks ago I posted about the NIN show and about having something new to post about the next round of shows.. well I did get the tickets I was hoping to get a couple weeks ago.. were going to go for 2 in a row.. on June 16th were going to be seeing NIN at the PNC Bank Arts Center in NJ, and then on June 17th, were going to see NIN at Jones Beach NY... this is going to be great. Im not sure if were going to get soundchecks this time because moth stages are somewhat outdoors.. but then again, you never know... I guess Ill find out when they post a list of spiral entrances for the next set of the concerts. either way, Im looking forward to both of these shows.. if he keeps up with the recent scheme, each one will be somewhat different in selection, except of course for the tracks that he has to do at all shows... in other shows, the girl and I went to see The Dresden Dolls at Webster Hall a couple weeks ago.. they have really perfected the on stage performance. I think they now sounded as good on stage as they do on CD. the show was great... were also going to go see Bon Jovi in July at Giants Stadium.. that should be interesting. my sister Spot, will be coming along to that one, as well as one of the NIN shows. speaking of my sister, she got accepted to a good Law School, with a rather generous Scholarship offering, so her next 3 years are ready to begin. this summer she graduates from Binghamton University, after 4 years,.... and now another 3... I could barely make it through 1 year of highschool before I couldnt wait for it to end.. I dont think I could sit in classes this much... but shes the one that got the 4.0 last semester.. so more power to her... Ill just continue on with being the professional geek.. its doing ok.. and I can be educated on things like NIN, and SHOs... shoudl have an amusing SHO post within a few days too.


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