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Ive been walking at a pretty determined rate for not knowing what kind of goal I want to shoot for this year. last year I wnet through a long stretch of 6 miles a day. this year Ive been going 1 better and cramming in an extra 8 miles a week to get an even 50 miles a week instead of 42. not only has that been a driving factor but it was a monday when I started this, which was fine till I decided I wanted to do this from a sunday to sunday basis. so I decided to cram in another 6 miles one week to squeeze in an extra days worth in order to make sunday become an even point (550 at that point). so as long as I keep up the pace durring this week, Ill be up to 600 on this coming sunday. Im in good shape to pass last years number if I chose to, which I probably will now that Im really back in to this with full force. will keep the progress posted


I picked up one of those wind tower fans today. been wanting one for a while but didnt really need one since the fan I had was working ok. but recently it had been seizing up some as they do when they get older. had WD40d it a few times over the past couple years which got it by 4 months at a time, but now it just keeps slowing down and stopping.. these wind towers are neat because they dont need much space to ocilate and they have a few sppeds, timers, and a remote.. which Ive never really been a huge fan of (lol) Ive always felt if you cant get up to adjust the speed of a fan, you shouldnt have one.. but I can see where it would be nice if you need to turn it on or off while sleeping and you are too tired to get up for a second.. thought Id have to wonder if youre in that state, if youd know enough how to use the remote... but anyway, I make sure to actually use the buttons on the fan at least 50% of the time so I dont feel Im losing all touch with simple reality.


I took a business related trip to GA this week, tuesday through thursday. got to see the headquarters for the company I work for and get some trainting/feedback/input time with a new product were rolling out. was pretty cool. nice hotel I got put in to.. my own suite, but you had to pay for internet access. Ill get reimbursed for it, as I will food and the rental car, but I found that odd because Ive been in much cheaper hotels where the internet is free. what ended up making the trip completely worth it was finding there was a Sonic ust a few miles away from the hotel. over the summer when I was in AZ, I found I really liked this drink they have called Ocean Water.. its a blue coconut sprite sort of flavor, and I was getting them every chance I could.. so I wasted no time in heading over there to buy a couple of those with dinner one night. the flight wasnt too bad, but I have been spoiled by Jet Blue the last few times Ive gone away.. compared to them this was a really cramped feeling flight and there was no TV to help the time pass. overall though, a nice little paid for trip.


We got our new power supplies the end of last week, they came to $28.77 each thanks to a reduced shipping on all 3 of them. they came overnight from a seller in NJ and they are authentic Dell parts. I hooked it up and have 0 volts flying off the ground chassis. what a novel concept. of course now that we got them, we found an article posted by Dell just days ago addressing this issue and taking a survey to see how many owners of these model laptops would want the 3 pronged supply. if enough respond, they will offer the part at a discount. how damn generous. the article says it will leave the survey posted until 05/07/2007. I went and tried to fill it out yesterday and it was closed as of 05/04/2007. what a good way to ensure you dont get enough responses to validate taking action. well we got ours cheaper than they probably would have sold it for anyway. less than $30 as compared to their round about $70 for the same thing off their site.. I wonder what the discounted price would have been... no less than $45 I bet. Im really disappointed in Dell for this whole thing.


Success?... maybe not... I waited the cuple weeks Dell told me Id wait for the new power supply to fix that voltage issue, and I never received anything. I called back and refrenced my case number and found that they made no record of the last call I had where I spoke to a manager and was promised a proper part. calling again has gotten me no place so I say the hell with them. we found a seller on ebay selling the correct authentic part for the laptops we have and 3 of us are getting them that way. no doubt cheaper than getting them from Dell. so thanks for nothing Dell. While its difficult to understand your outsourced technical supports english, its quite easy to understand that you dont give a damn about this serious issue. Ill be thinking twice before recommending Dell laptops to someone again. not because the overall product is bad, but the quality of service is no where near what Dell used to be known for.


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