Heres a new one. I drive home from my girlfriends house every night, usually around 1 or 2. and durring that time, if there is a cop around, he will take time out of his busy schedule to tail gate me all the way home. Last night his timeing was off and I ended up behind him. so in order to keep the annoying quality that so may officers have, he slowed down to 40 in the 55's and 25 in the 35's. I can only explain this as being "front gated" sounds funny I know, but what do they do when they tail gate you? Follow rediculously close, sometimes without headlights, hoping you do something out of nervousness, and give you a ticket for it. what did this guy do? drive so slow that I catch up to him faster than you normally would, obviously knew me cause he made every turn I was going to make, and Im guessing he was hoping to give me a ticket for following to close. when I saw this happening, I just slowed down to 35 in the 55's and 20 in the 35's and that way I actually put space between us. I have been a victom of the bored late night cop to many times, and it wont happen again. so if you ever get "front gated" just drive slower than them and hopefully youll be ok.

The answer to the eternal question "Is it better to be a jock or a nerd?":
Michael Jordan makes over $300,000 a game. That equals $10,000 a minute, at an average of 30 minutes per game. With $40 million in endorsements, he makes $178,100 a day, working or not. If he sleeps 7 hours a night, he makes $52,000 every night while visions of sugarplums dance in his head.
If he goes to see a movie, it'll cost him $7.00, but he'll make $18,550 while he's there.
If he decides to have a 5 minute egg, he'll make $618 while boiling it.
He makes $7,415/hr more than minimum wage.
He'll make $3,710 while watching each episode of Friends.
If he wanted to save up for a new Acura NSX ($90,000) it would take him a whole 12 hours.
If someone were to hand him his salary and endorsement money, they would have to do it at the rate of $2.00 every second.
He'll probably pay around $200 for a nice round of golf, but will be reimbursed 33,390 for that round.
Assuming he puts the federal maximum of 15% of his income into a tax deferred account (401k), he will hit the federal cap of $9500 at 8:30 a.m.on January 1st.
If you were given a penny for every 10 dollars he made, you 'd be living comfortably at $65,000 a year.
He'll make about $19.60 while watching the 100 meter dash in the Olympics.
He'll make about $15,600 during the Boston Marathon.
While the common person is spending about $20 for a meal in his trendy Chicago restaurant, he'll pull in about $5600.
This year, he'll make more than twice as much as all U.S. past presidents for all of their terms combined.

Amazing isn't it?

However, if Jordan saves 100% of his income for the next 250 years, he'll still have less than Bill Gates has today.

Game over. Nerd wins.


If your in to the GOA Trance style of music, and you are interested to hear what some of the Blue Room Released artists (highly recomended by me) sound like, and you have Real Audio Player, then click the link up top and then click on the europe site, and click "BlueRoom Radio" they have a bunch of pieces from most of the Blue Room artists. they picked VERY good tracks from Montauk P, SunKings, and Juno Reactor. I recomend you check it out. theres a good 20 minutes of audio in there!

So CD-NOW and Music Blvd. have merged.... Interesting.

Stern Really went out of his way today to bring us a few laughs and try to make a good point. We all know Rosie O'Donnel and how she has been quite expressive of her oppinions on the selling of guns. shes totally against the selling of any firearm. however, the point that Howard was trying to make was that Rosie promots K-Mart. her face is all over the commercials. how come thats odd? because K-Mart sells guns.... tell me thats not kind of strange. Stern went down to Rosies building to request an appearance on her show today. to discuss this issue and bring her someone to interview that will provide a conversation interesting to the viewers. just as Stern suspected,.. she didnt even let him upstairs to talk to anyone. the entire thing was live on the Stern radio show today as Him, Jackie and Gary drove down there with microphones, cameras and telephones to make sure not to miss a thing. Im willing to bet that it will be on the saturday night channel 2 show as well. As a side piece, Id have to say that this is why Stern cant be beat by any of the other DJs that try to beat him, even rip off everything hes done,.. because Howard is always thinking of something new to do. He is a big talent and I think he gets the crappy end of the stick a little to often. the FCC was recently challanged to answer a question of "why do you fine Stern for saying something that other radio personalities say also, but dont get fined?" the FCC quickly ended that interview session and basically that shows that its true. and because of that, Howard is made to look bad. "howard must be bad, hes the only one that keep getting fined" get real... if poeple would actually listen to him, realize that hes only trying to give people something to laugh at on the way to work,. rather than just hate him because of something they heard he MIGHT have said... he wouldnt have such a bad reputation in those peoples eyes. and trying to get him off the air is pointless.... if you really dont like him. dont turn him on. no one is forcing you. Ill bet there is something bad written in some paper some place about what he did today. someone will change what happened and make it look like he was up to no good. now that I have been rambling for long enough Ill stop.. I just feel bad for the guy.

Well my friend Marlin is getting DSL in 2 days,.. and I am happy for him. its a cool thing. Im just pissed because he decided he wanted it about 2 weeks ago, and now hes gonna get it. I on the other hand have been ready to pay for it, and have been wanting it since the day our IP got the stupid thing, and I STILL dont have it. about a year now I guess? they havent bothered to put a repeater out in my direction so that I can get the service. rummor has it that by the end of this month, they are going to put up something near me that will only require 24,000 feet, and I will be 19,000 feet from it. if they really do put this thing in, I will finally have the ability to get the data line. how far could I possibly be from the phone company?... some wonder how my regular phones even work. Im not gonna hold my breath. there will probably be something that makes them decide not to put the lines in my area. I will believe it when I see it. I already have a network with an NT server,.. this service would be because I could plug it in to my hub, and run something like wingate and give all 5 of my main computers net access. at the same time,. I have network cable running to my neighbors house, he has 2 or 3 PCs that will soon be on my loop and he could have access as well. even split the cost a little bit.... Ill let you know how we make out.

I was drinking some of my favorite fluid, Banana Quick, and I once again wondered something I have wondered since the stuff was made.... It says on the container, "Americas Favorite Banana Milk"... correct me if I am wrong, but isnt it Americas ONLY Banana Milk? its not something you see from all sorts of companies like chocolate milk from Hersheys, Nestle, YooHoo, Real,.. or even strawberry flavored milk.... I thought banana milk was unique in that Nestle was the ONLY one to have it... or be brave enough to make it for that matter.... I guess by default it would have to be the favorite if its the only one, but still.... just thought it was a kind of funny.

I dont normally promote sites with that STUPID "word from our sponsors" box that pops up, but my friend Red Raven has a pretty cool site, and I figured I might as well throw up a link so you can check it out.

On a side note, about those STUPID boxes, you notice now that the damn things are now programmed to pop up over to the right hand side just enough to place the X button off the screen so that you have move the box over, AND THEN close it. whats the point? if you ask me that wont get more people attracted to using that service, it will turn them off. when I am browsing the web, I am to the point where If I see Geocities, Tripod, etc,.. I wont even bother clicking it. they should have just left it the way it was. and geocities with that little G that floats at the bottom of the screen... I admit its a cool little piece of code, but talk about a dictatorship. does the user even have a choice to have that thing there? I dont think so... its on EVERY goecities page I go to. and talk about crap in the corner.. EVERY DAMN TV station now... it all started with that damn VH1 logo, and now EVERYONE has one.. I hate those things... HELLO?!, I KNOW WHAT CHANNEL I TURNED ON!.... and they make it transparent except for the edges,... it would be less annoying if it was just a solid design. its like they are trying to hide it from you, but at the same time advratise their station. well, I guess this isnt just a side note anymore, but a major complaint. hope it entertained you. if anyone else agrees with me about this stuff, e-mail me.

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (Reuters) - A Honduran fisherman woke up after a drunken binge to find somebody had pushed a 4.4-inch bottle far up his rectum, a doctor said Thursday.

Doctors removed the bottle from Jose Lopez's intestine in an operation in the city of San Pedro Sula, some 100 miles north of the capital Tegucigalpa, more than two weeks after it was introduced.

"The foreign matter was stuck in his large intestine. We can't figure out why it rose that high instead of descending," surgeon Reiniery Jimenez told reporters.

Lopez, 43, said he slept in field near his home on April 18 after drinking a quart of aguardiente, a fiery local spirit. He said he had no idea what had happened until doctors took an X-ray.

"When I woke up the next day I felt something strange which gave me some pain and prevented me from defecating. I didn't feel any pain while I slept," he told Tiempo newspaper. "It was like being pregnant because I felt it moving up or down when I walked or changed my position."

Lopez said he had since given up drinking.

Jimenez said the patient was now in stable condition.

I put the contents of my trunk all back in the car... and then some..... I put it all back together, in a little bit different of a setup than it was, allowing the tubes to be more effective and the box to go louder with less distortion. this also left almost HALF the trunk empty. I could actually put stuff in there and get to my spare tire.... or I could fill the space with more stereo stuff.... guess which I picked. on Saturday, I found a rather inexpensive single reflex box by MTX and took it home.. put the 2 12"'s in there and wedged it (literally) in the trunk. its not the common box where the speakers are facing each other on an angle, its a trapazoid shape box, the the speakers both facing the same way, and the ports on top... its perfect because I can angle the ports straight twords the back seats. needless to say its loud, dense and rumbly. I increased the range, and amplified all of it. I have less room in the trunk than ever, but I think I can arange stuff to free up some space.. when I have the time. one bad thing is that I had to take out the PVC that was linking the 2 tubes together, but I'll figure something out.

Well its like this..... I ripped out the entire contents of my trunk, (meaning my stereo) I am experimenting with new ideas, and new sounds. I bought supplies to build a 2 way 12" bandpass box yesterday. it cost 20 dollars for the wood. it sounds ok. I have to put more space in the vented chambers today, and then see what that does. If that doesnt sound good, I might just leave the whole stereo out. Im kinda getting tired of dealing with it. I have a sealed trunk, and getting it to sound any better is just getting impossible. maybe I will buy a new box and re-port the insides like I did with the last one. it worked VERY well for the car and along with my 2 home made tubes, and the custom rear deck, I was impressing a lot of people. on the other hand, If I leave the thing out, I can A) get to my spare tire whenever I want B) bring stuff home from the computer show and still have room for the people I brought. C) probably get better gas mileage and D) be able to get in to the world trade center (inside joke to those who have seen my stereo,.. it looked like a bomb) I dont know... Ill probably get yelled at by people if I dont put it back in,.. but for now, I say "piss on it"

I just got off the phone with Pepsi Consumer Relations, and I have some sad news. JOSTA, the powerful, potent guarana drink has had its production stopped. forever. I dont know about anyone else, but that was my absolute favorite drink, it had such a unique taste, and now its gone. Josta, being one of the first guarana drinks of its kind, has set standards in many of the new drinks today, which are now here and josta not. doesnt seem fair. Mountain deW, which is still the ultimate "common" power drink, will always be here, thank god. no one will take our dew away. other products that Pepsi told me they discontinued, were Crystal Pepsi and Pepsi Kona. test markets suck. they get you addicted, and it not enough people bought it, you get it ripped away from you. on the NON Pepsi side of the drinks, we still have Bawls, a gingerale type of power drink with 80mg of caffeine to the 12 oz, and a new one we just found called BATTERY. Battery is a disgustingly powerful drink with a rather sharp bite to it. almost tastes like what you would expect battery acid to taste like. it has 135 mg of caffeine to the 12 oz, and it is in a can that looks like a battery. even has a plus sign on the top.

ok, I know... I didnt update the next day like I was supposed to. turns out I had no virus. it was simply 2 power supplies that decided to go south. one of them did indeed take the main board with it, the other was ok. So now I have a spare board from ordering 2 and ending up only needing 1. but thats ok.

I took all of the wheel covers off my car, and painted the rims a flat black. it looks really good and I think I am going to keep it this way for a while. I have some other plans for the car too. 1 thing is probably going to be a rebuild of my stereo. another is going to be the custom dash and console pieces I am making. possibly a window tint and maybe some head and tail light covers. some other stuff mechanical too, and I will say when that has been done.

you know what bugs me... I was driving some place the other day, and had to slow down for someone to make a turn in to a new road for a development. All these new developments going in, taking over the nice fields that were there to fit more people who whine "I want to move into the country" meenwhile all the houses being built to fit this excess of people is taking away the fields and trees that make it "country" then you get those who complain that they smell cow crap. Im sorry, but if YOU wanted to move here, so SHUT UP. the real problem I have it with the new roads, they tap on to our existing roads of 55 MPH, now you going along and you gonna have to stop every 45 seconds to let someone turn in. now I gaurentee you, its only a matter of time before they take out 55 MPH roads and make the 40, or even 35. I hope I am wrong, but Im willing to bet Im not. and just to clear things up, I have nothing against most of the people in the developments. Im sure they are very nice people,.. I may even end up friends with some of them, maybe in a business sence with computer work. it just bugs me,.. humans keep reproduceing without thinking of the consiquences. over population being the main factor,. so where else do they have to go? before you know it the entire planet it going to be a giant city. no more hills, country, or forests... just blocks, sidewalks, and stop signs. I wont even get into the reproduceing thing,.. ill save my question of "why do they have to beg US for 35 cents a day, just because people on ANOTHER CONTINENT keep having sex?" for another day.


Honesty is the best policy.
Click here to see why this guy probably gets more money handed to him than the others like him.



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