Poor little guys didnt even make it through the night :(
last night I played a game at the carnival and I won the cutest little fish!
Mermaid won a fish! I love fish, I always have, I used to have fish all the time when I was younger, but havent for a while now. This is so cool!
Verona won one also, actually she got hers first, and I was figuring that if i happened to win one too that we would keep them together at her house, but when I picked the little guy up I was immediatly attached and just had to bring it home.
They also sold little kits with a bowl, gravel, and food for $6 and they told me to put it in a bowl overnight and see if it lives, and then come back and buy a kit later. I almost did that, but I went back and said "Im being positive here, this little guy is gonna live! Ill take a kit!"
So I brought the little guy home and hes swimming away in his new home next to my bed!


yeah, I thought I was all good with an extra 600 bux, but what I failed to remember is that the traveling carnival is in town this week, and if I plan on winning anything by playing those stupid games, Im gonna need a lot more than 600 bux. lol.


Well $500 later here I am with new breaks. Yes I said $500 and my last post said it would be $800.. well thats because I called the place saturday morning and found out that they ordered parts for a 93 SHO rather than a 94. Needless to say, I didnt get it done on saturday... but what I did do, was go to Newburgh on monday morning and have that guy I mentioned the other day do them for me again. $300 bux less is good by me and I know the job will last. getting a minor vibration once in a while when breaking at high speeds, but I think its just the pads wearing even... so I save $300 and get this, the other day in my sock drawr (which has no socks in it, its filled with 3.5 inch floppys).. I found close to $300 in there from when I returned some items at Circuit City a few months ago. I completely forgot about it. So now I have 600 bux in my pockey that I wasnt plannin on having and was completely written out of my accounts and budgets. woohoo! hmmmmm... what does Mermaid need this week?.. :)


hmmm.. kind of boring lately.. not much going on but the same old crap. I have the 93 Taurus out today cause the SHO needs breaks again. Im not gonna screw around with any place but a FORD DEALERSHIP this time. Penskee was great for tires, but Ill never get breaks there again.. maybe fine for other cars, but for an SHO it just didnt hold up like it should have. When I used to work in Newburgh I had a place that did excellent work for peanuts, and the breaks they put on my 93 Taurus were the best I had ever had. I would go back there but its just too far now. So tomorrow morning I get to go blow $800 at Healeys Ford service center for new pads and rotors. all high performance OEM Ford stuff. Nothing too good for my SHO.

Going to go see Tomb Raider again tonight... not because it was so great that we just have to see it again, but because when we went last week the bass bins on the sound system cut out and were off for 95% of the movie. we might as well have been watching it on TV. I can go to the drive in and use their FM signal and get better sound (especially in my car). So we complained after the movie and they gave us tickets for free cokes, and told us our stubs will be good to come see the film again. at least the management is still good in SOME places these days.

Today my lunch came to $6.66 lol.. and I paid for it with exact change. Im evil or cursed now or something I think. :)


One would have to believe that the world is coming to an end when films come out where Christopher Walken plays a good guy, and Harrison Ford plays a bad guy.


"KID A" was better.


You have to love creative flash games... this one takes the cake if you ask me. its smooth, accurate, and fun! its Mini Golf! Saw the link on Eskimos page, and checked it out. 9 holes, 1 or 2 players, and an online server to play against others. Now today I find that it has up to 17 holes and the 18th one is coming. (not that Im playing minigolf at work or anything :)) Check it out!


I wonder how long it will be before these stupid people that go after software companies like ID for making violent video games for the school shootings decide to go after Electronic Arts for making Need For Speed games every time someone decideds to try and ourtun a cop on the highway.... It cant be that far off.


Back from Dover, and what a weekend it was. Thursday we got there and watch the trucks practice and qualify. Then it started to rain, and rain, and rain. all the way through saturday morning. qualifying was rained out, practice was rained out. the squeezed the friday rained out truck race in on saturday monring after the rain let up.. then after like 3 hours of rain delay we got the busch race underway and completed. we stayed in the grandstands the entire time.. what a marathon. the rain cleared up though and sundays winston cup race was on time and pretty good. Jeff Gordon led almost the entire damn thing. he must have gotten lucky or known something the others didnt cause his car was perfect.. normally a perfect car comes from your past notes, practice results, and qualifying runs.. but since qualifying was rained out, most of all the practices were rained out, and GoodYear brought a new tire this year which negated all their past notes,.. a perfect car was a stroke of luck. Mark Martin proved his excellence once again by working through a terrible situation to post a good finish. not only was his car off a bit from lack of information which made him slower on restarts, but he was also hit in an early race accident which messed up the front of the car. He made a series of pit stops, stayed on the lead lap, and kept his cool. he got his 5 points for leading a lap during green flag pit stops, and still maintains the streak of being the only driver to lead at least 1 lap in all of the races so far this year. then, in a late race round of green flag stops, he took 2 tires since his car get better on old tires, and came out in second. he would have posted a top 5 finish if it wasnt for a late race caution which bunched everyone up for a restart and he lost some spots. still, a 9th place finish is a very good finish and it moved him from 18th to 14th in the overall points standings. He is the man. Got home yesterday at 4:30 and at 5:00 loged on nascar online and saw that he was chatting live at 5:00! so I got in there real quick and enjoyed the chat. Over the weekend we got some more autographs.. Ricky Rudd of the 28 Texaco car, Mike Skinner of the 31 Lowes car, Rick Bickle of the kingsford/matchlite Busch car, and best of all, 2 Roush drivers! Matt Kenseth of the 17 DeWalt car, and Greg Biffle of the 60 Grainger Busch car. Matt Kenseth is the guy that Mark Martin found and got in to the series a few years ago, and co-owns with Jack Roush, and Greg Biffle is the guy who was the 2000 Truck series champion with the #50 Grainger Roush truck, who has moved to the Busch series with Mark Martins old equipment and crew of the #60 WinnDixie car that has absolutely dominated the Busch series over the years... Mark Martin is the leading winner in the Busch series with 45 wins. no one else comes close. Greg Biffle is the first full time Roush Busch driver and hes sitting 3rd in the standings. It was a great weekend of racing. I also got an entire new wardrobe of Mark Martin and Roush Racing shirts and stuff.



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