If a girl tries to tell you what to do AFTER she dumped you, Does she still make a sound?


Well the last few days have been kinda fun..
Been hanging out with my loyal friends at the local traveling cranival (that sounds kind of backwards, huh?)... anyway.. we have been just walking around, playing a game here and there.. I spent a bunch of money playing the thing with the moving shelf in it where you load it up with coins, trying to push out other coins and prizes.. you win these red chips too which you can save for bigger prizes.. in the last 4 years, I have only won maybe 5 of those chips... this year, on the first night, I won 12 of them... tonight I won 17 of them.. lol..
Oh well, time to head out again I guess... I came home for a few minutes to look for something, and drop some stuff off.


Amazing.... absolutely amazing...
I am so speachless right now...
You really cant trust anyone.. including me Im sad to say. But I guess if a few people who used to be in my life insisted to everyone that Im such a bad person,.. I might as well be one. I am a piece of shit for some of the things I have done recently, but as I said before... All I want is answers, and if no one is going to give them to me, Im going to find them myself.


You know, All I want is some goddamn answers.


It never fails that when you have a major portion of the field that WONT make the race on gas mileage that they always manage to throw a caution for debris on the track that they NEVER show.... usually they show whats laying on the track... and its uaully more likely to happen when you have someone like Jeff Gordon about to go a lap down (as it did today). Its one of those little things I hate about NASCAR...

Good race though, Martin came in second.. had it stayed green he may have won.. he was going longer than anyone.. Last week he could have won too, except for the 2 guys who wecked in front of him and caused him to wreck as well... but its been a good year so far for Martin.. looks like those guys are coming around and getting things right again.. for the entire Roush organization actually..



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