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So there I am last night at the local traveling carnival, and the amount of unparented kids of yuppie "too busy for my brat kids" kids that were running around was just making me want to vomit. and the amount of kids 13 and under with fucking cell phones is making me sick as well. and the way these girls of 13 years old are dressing these days is god damn disgusting and it should be illegal. I am just SICK and TIRED of the way society dictates the people and the people dictate society. its a disgusting ugly loop, and around it keeps going,.. generally in a downward direction. degrading itself to a point that I cant even imagine what things will be like.... all I know is I HATE it now, so I have no disire what so ever, to be involved with it then. Ive said it beofre, and Ill say it again now.. I am so often ashamed to be a human being. totally embarrased by it. people make me sick. and Ill tell you what sparked this post today now... I group of those prick headed 13 year olds played a game and won a goldfish. anyone in the past whos read my site, knows how much I love fish, and how much I hate it when I have one as a pet and it dies... well these god damn bastards won the poor fish and immediately took it out of the bag and started trying to rip its fins off. and if that wasnt bad enough, when they couldnt get a grip on the slippery little creature, they then started squeezing the life out of it, and then they threw it on the ground and repeatedly stomped on it......

...... -silence- .... Im sure youre thinking about it right now.. -silence- ......

fucked up right?... I sure as hell thought so. and there I am 5 feet away from this group of bastards just wishing that I could beat the hell out of all of them. what the hell is a persons problem when they do something like that?.. it tore me up inside. I felt so bad for that thing that I just wanted to pick it up off the ground so its last possible vision wouldnt be of feet from other passing people pushing it down in the dirt even farther... but because of those bunches of people coming along,.. I couldnt even get close if I wanted to. it made me sick. and it ruined my night. that was bullshit and those fucking kids had better not pull another stunt like that ever again, especially if its near me.

so then Im someplace else in this gathering of low lifes, and I see more bastard unparented kids throwing full bottles of water in to crowds of people, from the TOP OF THE FERRIS WHEEL.........

...... -more silence- .... are you getting the picture here?.. is your brain hurting as much as mine yet?........

WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE FUCKING KIDS THINKING?!?!... and they didnt just do it once.. no.. they did it twice... and then 5 minutes later, someone else did it. I cant take this shit anymore. the world is over with. between government and the people, this place SUCKS. theres no way a few good people can possibly ever take back control of this abomination of a planet. its done with... like Ive said 100 times... the whole planet just needs to be nuked, cause the only way to fix the earths problems are to eliminate the people... God,.. if you are really out there,.. you messed up on the human project... scrap it and start over pal... its not working.


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