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son of a god damn bitch......
about 3 years ago this server (linux) reached 289 days of uptime. durring that 3 quarters of a year up to that point O&R decided they needed to balance the load on my street. so every week they would disconnect power and reconnect it 1 minute later. just enough to be a real pain int he ass for the 30 seconds of memory the alarm clock and VCR would need to maintain their set time... and enough to totally flip out my old APC 1440 UPS. since what little integrity the old batteries in the APC had was pretty well damaged at this point, I moved all the stuff EXCEPT the linux server off of it and on to aother smaller one I had. so this power crap continued a few more weeks till finally, the thing just couldnt even hold the minute anymore and the linux server went down. 289 days of uptime. so I figured it was time to trade ups with APC and I bought myself a nice 2200. wouldnt you know about a week later, O&goddamnR fixed their problem and stopped the bullshit.. wabod. so over the next couple years I had done some upgrades to the server.. new hard drives, etc.. so I never had more than 100 days uptime again.. untill now. over the last 3 quarters of a year weve had a couple power outages.. with this UPS Ive been able to go up to 2 and a half hours with no power ad have the system stay up.... this last tuesday I happened to check its uptime and saw it was at 285 days... I figured Id finally break that old uptime streak... well SOB, wouldnt you know it, today (saturday) I was out most of the day and came home only to find out that the power was out for 4 hours. god damn transformer blow up the road. yeah, you can count.. Tuesday=285, Wednesday=286, Thursday=287, Friday=288, Saturday=289... just 1 more damn day would have been enough to make this event unaggrivating.

This is as much a pain in the ass as that stupid friggin kick-ups flash game... I got 722 on that one day and the next time I got a good run going, I dropped the damn ball at 722 again. couldnt even get that one last bounce. I just dont get how or why this sort of thing can happen.. in all reality, it really doesnt matter, but it just seems so unfair.



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