I got my confirmation from satellite today,... they had all but 1 title in stock. very cool. Dave gave me 3 new crates to put my vinyl in. (see button on right).. Its pretty scarey that in the last year or so, I have purchased enough vinyl to fill up 2 milk crates... oh well, gotta love old technology reborn... Something happened, and Hoagie might NOT be getting his car back this friday.. I feel bad for him.... If you feel bad too, click the button below.

tonight I am driving to Hershey Park with my girlfriend and my sisters. we should be leaving in about an hour. (around 9:00 PM) we will meet up with my girlfriends parents who are already down there in the motorhome... we will be smelling like chocolate after a few hours in the campground there... I guess its better than going to the athroom in high school for 2 minutes and comming out smelling like smoke.... I always hated that... anyway, Ill be back some time on Sunday. I will update more then!


Here we go again... we are off to Pocono Raceway for a nice rubber coated weekend. we should be leaving around 5 PM tonight, and returning late sunday night.. HOPEFULLY I wont get too sun burnt this time... last nime I came home like a piece of leather. this time, we have SPF40 or some big number like that... we are taking the motorhome as usual, and staying on the infield again. tomorrow morning we get our pit passes, and hopefully get some more autographs.

other things going on.... not much.. next weekend we are all going to Hershey Park for the weekend... Hoagie is FINALLY getting his dream car back next friday. I have a new song just about ready to go, I believe it will be called "phrantik darkness". watch the theaters for Blair Witch 2.. I dont know how they are going to pull that one off. If you havent seen "Run Lola Run" yet, go rent it. If you like to be confused, rent Lost Highway. I saw it years ago, and still havent figured it out yet. I have been playing around with the graphics and stuff on the page, as you could probably tell.. sorry if you happen to hit the site mid-change and a few things dont load right away.. I placed another order with Satellite Records... if your into the trance sceene, especially the dark goa kind,.. go over to and do a search for naja, which is a record label.. listen to the audio samples of their stuff.. especially the Jupiter 8000, Ear Gear, Intact Instinct, M.O.S. and the Midi Miliz... VERY good stuff. I ordered almost all of it.. plus some transient stuff. be back monday


audible stuff

Been working on my music a little bit lately,.. got 6 tunes all about 50% done. Im just not sure which direction I want to take them in. 3 of them are going to be as dark as I can ge them. I want them to be eire sounding, and something that can be mixed with real good for a nice dj set. 1 of them is a breaks and bass song.. its comming along real nice.. I actually have it to the point where I could probably spend 2 hours and be done. 1 is techno, and the other is progressive trance. if you have listened to my 3 available pieces, which one do you like the best? send me an e-mail and let me know.

I have been practicing my live vinyl mixing the most lately.. yesterday hoagie came over and listened to my new hour long set while he played some computer games.. he seemed to like it, and thats a big plus in my eyes because we like the same stuff, and its too hard to critisize yourself accuratly. he is able to provide me with a good opinion. the 10 song set is actually going to be digitally enhanced to create 3:03 AM Vol 2. certain parties will get their coppies soon (you know who you are)

In the music world... Dj Hardware has a new 2-CD set comming out soon called progression sessions vol 1. if its anything like all his other CDs, its going to kick royal ass.

Dj Baby Anne (AKA The Bass Queen) has a new CD comming out this summer. shes a REAL good Breaks and Bass mixer, and I am looking forward to this release. (I look forward to any release that Dave gets me for free :)) (see button on right)

in REALLY good news, Juno Reactors new album actually has an american street date now! october 10th 2000. no need to say this will kick ass, its just a given.

Eternal Basement has a CD comming out and its about time. Those who have my Blue Room Sampler mix CD know that eternal basement "1999" tune, which is track 2, simply rules. I am REALLY looking forward to this release. I actually already tried to order it, but no luck,.. they said they had it, but didnt.

thats whats new and exciting in the MERVERNATION Music world. hope you enjoied it!


Some random stuff for you to read about..

Network Solutions, in their vast range of wisdom, have shown me once again that they are on top of things.... they are on top of things, but not doing anything about them... when you have a domain with them, they make you have a primary name server, and a secondary name server. the name server is a list of domain names such as "" and holds a list of what subdomains you have set up to be valid, such as "", "", and ""... network solutions wont allow you to submit only one, or put the same for both. the reason for this is that if one name server is down, the other one gets used, and people can still be transfered to your site... but in a case like mine.. I am my own name server, and its on the same system as the site,.. so if the site is down so is the name server.. they still wouldnt let me do it.. so I set up a name server with a free service on the net, and listed that as my secondary name server. well they didnt get all my information, and they only list and no subs. but that shouldnt matter since its only a secondary. WRONG. network solutions supplies certain root servers the lists in reverse order, and therefor some ISPs look at the secondary server first. they see and no subs and give people errors. It took me talking to 4 different people over at NS before someone told me that it works that way sometimes. So I created an, and I am going to give it a different IP address, and submit that as my secondary. so no matter what, I will be running myself. so thats an explanation if your reading this from some where but cant get to some of the links. it will be fixed in 24-48 hours.

In a little nicer news, I am now running my own copy of the popular count 2.5 program, so I am not relying on a different server for my count information. This will also allow me to set up multiple data files for each site if I want.

I have received quite a few submissions from the browser choice form below.. so far the results are like this. (not counting the people who submitted more than once)... Netscape has 18 votes, Internet Explorer has 5 votes, and people who use both has 2 votes... Id like to continue this, so if you havent voted, go to the post below, and submit a vote.

I am also playing around with running a simple quake 1 server on the net (for friends and family).. I had done this before by setting up my 1 laptop with an IP address of my DSL, setting windows 95 to use IPX 802.3, and running "winquake -dedicated" this workes GREAT. it allowes all my LAN clients to connect to it through IPX cause we usually run quake in DOS 6.2 so all 7 systems are equal,.. and it allows people who I give the address too, to be on the net, run quake, and join in to the game and they are playing right along with the IPX clients. this works.. but I want to change it. I want to run quake either on my NT server, or my Linux server so that I can take the system that was running it as a server, and use it as another client. it will also be one less IP address... now, I can continue to run "winquake -dedicated" as usual, but supposedly quakeworld is better for serving. what I am wondering is if running quakeworld server, do you have to have quakeworld client to join? from what I can tell, the answer is yes. and thats not terrible, except for the people that dont know what they are doing, and just want to run normal quake, hit join, and go. so if the answer is yes, then I am going to continue to run it the old way, but I want to find a way to make the old way cycle through maps like quakeworld does. if any of you readers know anything about this, send me an e-mail.

So thats whats new in the MERVERNATION server world. Thanks for wasting your time and reading this. (get back to work hoagie!)


Flan at DigitalFl00d made a response to my post yesterday, and his argument is exactly my point. it proves what I am saying. laziness and stupidness... first of all, his little link to a page that supposedly has netscape admiting to a fault of their own is a crock of crap. it simply goes to a page that says what to do to fix an illegal operation. it says to delete some of the netscape files that will be recreated on startup, but then it goes on to say to delete windows temp files, which proves that MS is partly to blame, which is what I know is usually the problem. infact, 95% of the time, all you have to do is restart netscape without deleting ANYTHING and it will work ok. thats why I say it is random acts of slander programmed in windows against netscape. I never said it had anything to do with explorer.exe or kernel32.dll, infact thats one reason I know its not a true crash sometimes, because its so plain and un-debugable. also, I dont care what the best page creation package is, its "auto code" is still only as good as the person who programed it (besides its cheating :)). and I GAURENTEE I could recreate his news page with simple notepad HTML and make it look correct in both Netscape and IE. and I bet it would download faster too. you dont even need the CSS BS for most of the stuff on his page. its all for that drag and drop crap. people make it sound technical by saying "it defines the layout".. why not just say "it makes shit appear where I dropped it because it appends the code to the bottom of the page instead of inserting it where it belongs." (not to mention the fact that IE doing certain things properly was actually a mistake in their products code. like the ability to download MP3s unscrambled for example.. believe it or not, it was actually announced that it was an error that made it work). another thing.. dont attack Netscape for giving in to AOL... they wouldnt have had to do it if Microsoft hadnt purposly destroied them and their free product. it all boils down to money and MS took that away from them. of course they are going to take an offer from a company that can pay them... as far as IE,.. gotta love all them security holes that MS leavs there too. all them VB "extras" they provide you.. dont see Netscapes E-mail being affected by the hundreds of e-mail viruses that plauge IE and Outlook users. one last part of this would have to be the fact that when Netscape has a fault, it dont screw up your whole system.. you simply restart Netscape and your on your way,.. but if IE has a fault on any given instance, it will completely screw up windows untill you reboot your entire computer. Anyone that uses both browsers, researches this stuff, and/or does computers for a living as long as or longer than I have, knows this.

What do you think?
In your opinion, from your experience, which browser do you prefer?
Internet Explorer
I use both, it depends what I am doing

Your E-mail (optional):

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Im really getting tired of people making sites that dont work in both of the 2 most popular browsers. I visit more and more sites that people make so they look different in IE or Netscape. whats the point? are we doing this on purpose? do we just not know how to program simple HTML? or are we using some stupid lame drag and drop page composer that writes the code for you, and is biased to one or the other? I use NOTEPAD to write ALL OF MY PAGES! and they always load 100% in both browsers. the majority of the pages that dont work in both, usually seem to be programmed in favor of IE. because of that, people assume that Netscape is doing something wrong, which isnt true. but what about those sites that look ok in Netscape but dont look right in IE.. ohh.. then most people say its the code on the site thats messed up.. it couldnt possibly be IE!.. This has bothered me for a while, so what sparked the complaint today? My friend over at DigitalFl00d has one of those deals in his news section, and Im willing to bet he did it on purpose. (based on a comment he made in a post).. his news page has a graphic banner type thing at the top, which looks fine in IE, but somehow in Netscape it appears over the daily update text and you cant read anything. I figured Id give him a week or two to rectify this before I complained. now Im complaining. if I want to read his page, I have to minimize or shutdown what I am using, and open a different program? no. I simply will look at what I can and leave the site. Another thing that is just wrong is the fact thatMicrosoft destroyed Netscape for no reason what so ever. Netscape was a FREE program. IE was released to give something that is free, some competition. that makes sense. however if you have trouble with it, you will PAY for the phone call, and PAY for the support. MS had no right or reason to develop IE. they have enough programs of their own to work on. One of the things about this that I KNOW MUST BE TRUE is that MS has programmed Windows to cause faults in Netscape. you can be sitting there reading a text file in Netscape and itll have an Illegal Operation. and its not like it does it while doing the same thing every time.. its simple random happenings. I honestly think MS has put something in windows to cause random faults in Netscape, to simply turn you off of it, and on to IE. Netscape has been faulting like that since the very early versions. dont you think if there was something wrong they would have caught it by now?... well thats my beef of the week. With any luck, the internet will come crashing down, and we will all go back to BBS's.


Back up and running.
Sorry about the site and my mail being down today for a while.. I finally got around to putting this server in an actual computer case... untill now, it has been sitting as boards and wires on top of the monitor on my computer #4 table. I should have taken a picture of it, but I just had to gt it out of the way and in to a proper location. put it down under my NT server, with yet another AB switch for monitor/keyboard. dont need a mouse on it so the mouse just stays on the main system/NT.. so its like this... monitor/keyboard/mouse is on switchbox 1... position A is my main system, and position B is now the SERVER position. when in B mode, the OTHER switch box is set to monitor/keyboard for position A - NT, and position B - linux... eventually I want to get one of them electronic switchboxes that does 4 - 8 computers,.. it puts emulation on all the unactive ports so windows doesnt loose your mouse or KB settings... so thats that, and its working pretty good now... in other exciting news, I *FINALLY* got my order from Satellite Records... they took forever, but the records I got made it worth the wait. I already had fun spinning the new tunes.. some of you will be hearing some of them in 3:03 AM Vol 3. I guess thats it for now, Happy 4th of July.


I was messing around on the net, trying to find a site that would tell me the times of movies playing cause wasnt working,.. and I punched in after it loaded, I saw something that caught my eye REAL quick... a little blurb that confirmed a couple old rummors that have been amongst movie fans for years... and they are both favorites of mine... Arnold Schwarxenegger ha SIGNED the contract for Terminator 3 and is trying to get James Cameron back in the directors seat. Cameron or not, the movie IS a go. the other one that I am really hyped for is Indiana Jones 4.. They didnt say much except that it IS going to happen. no word on actors. I hope... really hope, that its Harrison Ford again. I dont want the part of Indy turning in to another James Bond nonsense. go over to and check it out.



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