Back on 05/13/2002 I posted about Pepsi Blue.
I now have in my hands, Pepsi Blue! In 1ltr, and 20oz bottles.
Its quite the treat. You can taste the Crystal Pepsi base in it, and the berry level is just right so it isnt too sweet like a melted ice pop. Berry Cola... what a concept... now if this takes off, with any luck we will see a soda form of the Blue Mountain Dew slurpie that was out. Imagine having 3 colors of Dew to chose from? but anyway, this blue cola kicks some ass... if anyone wants to try some, let me know.. I bought a case of 1ltr bottles and a bunch of 20oz ones. Had to go to PA for it, but with any luck, itll be around here soon.


Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day
So start appreciating.....

Though through my years, there are certainly those I would never say
"your quite welcome"


Ive gotten some appreciation!
Brokenreality, who lives up the street from me, and runs 2 sites on my web server, Brokenreality Sub-Domain and DHWebDesign Domain, has taken his skills with graphics and created me 2 custom images as "post cards" for System Administrator Appreciation Day. They can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Card 1 - Card 2

I take care of all his site hosting, server side setups such as e-mail addresses, subdomains, perl scripts, etc.. as well as helping him with any PC needs or troubles he has... To him, I can honestly say "your quite welcome", and thanks for the cards!


Its a shame....
Its a real shame.


I thought I knew what I was going to post about next.
And then I got a lot of information that I didnt think Id get.
And its really affecting me deep inside.
its made me realize a lot of things, things which are VERY closely related to what I was going to post about. Now I have to think about this.

In the movie ET... Eliott feels what ET feels,.. and he cant help it, but it makes him sick...

Its bad enough when you have your own emotional baggage... but when for some reason you suddenly feel as if your carrying someone elses too...

I gotta finish putting some of these pieces together.



Got the breaks done on the SHO again.. something wasnt right and it caused them to go bad real quick, so fortionately, the majority of the repair was waranty. Rotated the tires... Car is driving great.

Went to Daves tonight at 12:00AM to fix his server which got hit with Nimda and Sub7 somehow.. was causing all sorts of silly crap to happen. by about 2:30 we had it all squared away.... Really makes you appreciate Linux and Unix even more each time.

Got the new DJ Hardware CD set today too.. (Thanks to Dave).. its VERY good. Im almost done with CD1 and I am very impressed. Its a bit darker and less acid than his usual sets, and I think its working very well. Again, another CD that I would recomend to the person looking for a good trance mix.

Finally, the last post was NOT meant to be mean... it was simply the only thing I could think to ask after a recent set of events. It turns out... that it doesnt even matter. In fact.. the above items were all rather enjoyable to do during the day and night.. No feelings of stress or confusion about things I used to just do without thinking about.. Its amazing how much some answers can change things.



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