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Today the SHO officially became a member of the Quarter Million Mile Club. yes, thats right... 250,000 miles. of them, I put about 190,000 on myself. The tranny itself is less than 4,000 miles away from being 150,000 miles old, which is twice as old as most Taurus ATX Tranys normally lasted. clearly getting the official Ford Remanufactured one was THE way to go. I just had a front seal put on the torque converter cause it started to leak... damn rubber parts, you cant even get 150,000 out of them these days. (sarcasim) so year... next mark will be 300,000 at whcih point Ill prepare to take the SHO off the road for some major rest and restoration. Im really not looking forward to having to drive something else. I fit this car perfectly... I just cant imagine driving anything else anymore... but Ill have more on all that when the time comes... I think the project I have in mind for the SHO once it becomes my hobby car will be really sweet, and really cool. I love that car.


Clerks II ruled.
Just got back from the 12:01 showing and Im looking forward to seeing it again already. I knew it would be good, but I did have a few reservations and concers, as you normally would with an official sequal (not like the 4 movies after Clerks)... but it held its own while relying just a little on a fans memory of the first story. It ended the way I hoped it would a month ago, but in a better way than I thought. when this movie was first anounced I thought it would be funny if he made a 10 years later sequal to all 5 of the films.. and now I really think he could pull it off really well. if you liked Clerks, then you definately need to see this movie.


20 weeks. 20 full weeks of this program of mine are now over. in the first 10 weeks I walked about a total of 200 miles, and in that stretch, I managedto drop my weight from 265 to 237. now a second 10 weeks, and in that time I walked about another 400 miles, which would result in going from 237 to WHAT?..... well for any of you that may have guess 217, youd be correct. another 20 pounds gone. 48 total this year now. 2 extra holes in my belt... and Im now going for another 10 weeks in hopes for another reasonable 10 pounds. though Ill gladly take (or lose) more. Im up to 624 miles today. Im on a good pace to reach that 1000 sometimes in november.. maybe even before. stay tuned.


I did it.. today I made it to 600 miles... in just 199 outings, Ive made it to 600 miles... which was the second adjustment to my goal for the year. first it was 300 by the fall.. then when I got so close to that I change it to 500.. and I figured at the pace I was going, that Id make that 600. well, as it turned out, when I got to 300 miles, I started a run of 6 miles per day that has lasted 50 days straight... which rocketed me to the 600 mile mark in just those 50 days. less than 2 months... so now its on the the extension of my goal, which at one time seemd it might be unreasonable.. of 1000 by mid november. I think Ill be able to hit that. Im ahead of schedule so far. monday is weigh day. I hope Im in the 220s... only a few more days. will post then. bed time now.


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