Not a whole lot to write about lately. I have been working and thats about it. I went to lunch the other day and got myself all depressed when I went by a car for sale which happened to be the EXACT car I want REALLY REALLY BAD. the "emerald green" color Taurus SHO with tan leather insides. 94 with 99,000 miles. $7,900... while that price may seem high for 99,000 miles, the SHO engine is something that is meant to be on a race track and most reviews of the car indicate that 100,000 on a SHO is like 30,000 on a normal Taurus. Im really toying with the idea of buying it. itll be that much more debt, but I want the car so bad... I would use it in the summer and use my current Taurus in the winter. its nice ti wish I guess... I still have to pay off $5,800 on this car which I will have done by the end of this year. hopefully by then, I will put enough money away so next summer I will have that SHO.... on another note, the new song "goath" is being pieced together on a daily basis and is up to 3:40 long. I have a few other completed parts to edit in, and then I have some stuff to create still. when all is said and done the song should be about 7 minutes long. very Juno Reactor sounding which is what I was aiming for. maybe I will post a sample of it for download next week,.... that is if I dont finish the whole thing this weekend which is what I plan on doing. I will then go straight on to work to try to finish "waterjungle" or begin work on a piece which got started by accident. as I was tweeking the 303 for goath, I ended up making a pattern which was not fitting for that song but made a perfect opening for a different one, the sound is a manifesting living alien sound, heartbeat like, and the song will be called "breeding" I think. I will keep you updated on that. the other project is way over due,... if you saw the very first post on this page, I stated that I quickly threw together some scratchy graphics to get the page going... well as you can see I never fixed the scratchy graphics (mainly the title graphic) and have been meaning to for a long time. I know what I want it to look like, but never have time to open Corel and do it. hopefully soon. so thats all thats going on in the land of MERVERNATION. hope that keeps you all happy news wise (flannelman can post an update on DigitalFl00d now). post more as it comes.


Back from the races
The entire weekend ruled. we even got passes in to the pit areas. we found a nice spot for the camper in turn 3, and were able to see quite a lot of action. a few wrecks even happened in front of us. we had cool neighbors on either side of us, bot of which we had pretzle fights with durring the 500. friday night we got there, parked, slept. saturday morning, 9:30 Winston practice started and we got to watch all out favorite drivers go around the track. after that was an ARCA race, was neat to watch. after that we watched second round qualifying. throughout the day we were in and out of the garage area watching the drivers. Rusty Wallace, Tony Stewart, and Mark Martin were some of the ones we caught a view of. We even saw them lift Martin in to his car. (still hurting from the wreck a few weeks ago). on sunday we went in to the pits. we sat in Martins pit for an hour. as the race got closer, we saw just about every driver go by the fence we were standing next to. we screamed out to Mark Martin, and he looked right at us and waved. that ruled. he ended up coming in 3rd (with a hurting body and a black flag for a pit error). Poor Jeff Burton had his tranny give out in the final 20 laps or so, and pulled it right to the garage. (poor guy). Jeff Gordon had a tire go down early on in the race which over all caused him to be about 16 laps down in the end. we watched the tape of the race when we got home, and were able to see ourselvs durring an arial view. it was a great weekend all together. we all got a bit sun burnt, mine is probably the worst. hurts like hell, but it was worth it.


Off the the races
This weekend, starting at 6:30 tonight, I will be going to the Pocono Raceway for a weekend of spent rubber, exhaust, and gas fumes. we will arrive approximatly 9:00 tonight, and be admitted to the infield where we will park our camper and stay for the next 2 days. Saturday will be an ARCA race, which will be neat to watch, and we will also get to watch second round bud pole qualifying. We will also be able to watch the Happy Hour final practice session. Sunday is the Pennsylvania 500 NASCAR Winston Cup race. I hope to see Mark Martin up front so he can stay in contention for the championship. I am sure he will. durring the non race hours, there will be consession stands, souvineer stands, and all the drivers trailors to buy stuff straight from them. there will also be simulators and other types of activities to keep us busy. it should be a cool weekend.


its here. after enough years of waiting, a new single release from Nine Inch Nails has hit the shelvs. and this one actually shows promise of a new album to follow. (refering to The Perfect Drug single which ruled, but was only a 1 song deal aranged for the move "Lost Highway") I removed the NIN song links from the last paragraph, and removed the files from the server since the CD comes out today, anyone who wants them will be able to go buy them now. The more I listen to the 2 songs the more I like them. They are REALLY growing on me, especially TDTWWA. yesterday on NIN.COM you were able to navigate the blocks and find RA streams of both the regular and quiet versions of the song. the quiet version is really something different, not quite sure how to explain it, so I wont...... so the CD is out as of today. go buy it. I believe this will make about 57 in my collection.


As I said 2 days ago, 92.3 K-Rock did indeed play the 2 new NIN songs on the 13th,.. as did many stations. and because I knew they would, what I did was set my VCR to record 92.3 K-Rock from 12:00 to 6:00 so I would be sure to catch anything they played after Howard Stern up to the point when I got home. I got home, began scanning the tape, and sure enough, within 45 minutes of recording, there was the first song (The Day The World Went Away) and just a few hours later,.. the second song (StarF*ckers) so I quickly ported them from my stereo rig over to my computer and edited out the radio fade-ins as best I could and made MP3s out of both of them... also burned them to a CD so I could listen to them in the car :) it sure lives up to the NIN standards and certainly was worthy of 5 years waiting. if anyone wants either of these MP3s shoot me an E-Mail and we can work something out.
If anyone is wondering how the hell I used my VCR to record radio, its actually very simple... most easily done with a HI-FI capable VCR,.. just set the tape for the times you want, and set the channel for Line-in or if there is no channel set for line in, there should be a switch for audio source which will have (tuner/line) (again, this is on most HI-FI VCRs) just leave the radio on with the volume down and the line out connected to the VCRs line in and thatll do it.. and for the most part its CD quality.


I Just heard the *NEW* NineInchNails song entitled StarF*ckers which will be featured on the single released next week. It was pure luck that I caught it. I got home from my girlfriends and took out the CD I was listening to, normally I turn off the car before I take the CD out, but for some reason I didnt tonight... so as I am searching for the case, I hear the DJ on 92.3 K-Rock saying his friend gave him an unreleased single and that hes not supposed to play it yet... I figured it HAD to be NIN or he wouldnt be making such a big deal out of it. he said hed play a few minutes and it started with a beat, and some other industrial noise which ensured me it was Trent, and it went in to some singing, and then when it came time to say StarF*ckers it was screamed with other voices in the background. (as Im typing this, he keeps playing little clips from TDTWWA) StarF*ckers sounds like it could have come off of the Broken CD, and has a bit of the supernaut sound mixed in. I kid you not, and based on my description, when you hear it you will know I am not making this up.
If (there he goes playing another clip) played a part with Trent saying "all that pain" or something like that. and he just said "For Nine Inch Nails entirety. tune in to K-Rock tomorrow afternoon (7/13/99 I assume) as I was saying, if you want to hear some and you can get K-Rock, keep listening.. every few songs hes playing it.


Ok, I am going to lunch today and I choose Taco Bell.... fast food? thats arguable. Burger King, McDonnalds, stuff like that where you quickly put meat between buns, and nuke it to melt the cheese,.. thats fast food... and that usually requires minimal skill. any one can apply for the job, any one should have a good chance at getting the job.. Taco Bell on the othe rhand should have a certain amount of required skill... YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO FOLD A DAMN BURRITO! to many times I have gotten some variation of a burrito and the thing falls apart before I even get it near my mouth. normally I can eat one of those things and not have anything drop out, even if it wasnt folded so great.. but sometimes it just doesnt work and the bottom flips out from lack of planning, and your left with a tortila. today was SO rediculous that when I opened the wrapper, all that had been done was they took the tortila and folded it over like a taco. I had to use more napkins to clean up the mess than one should have to use. now there are some people who are just slobs. like my friend who will remain nameless,.. I take him to get a burrito, and no matter how well they fold it, this kid always manages to make the thing burst at the side and end up with it running down his arm. you cant blame the Taco Bell employees for that, but the point I am making here is that they shouldnt hire people who cant properly fold a burrito.



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