Not too much going on lately. Been busy working and thats about it... I have messed very little with my music or my Quake levels which I started. This weekend I will be in Lake George.. naturally in the motorhome at the same campground we always go to... though Im not sure why they call it camping when your in a mobil home... it just doesnt seem right to me... so anyway.. October 17th has been confirmed as the date for the new Juno Reactor Album... October 10th seems to be the date for the new NIN Remix album.. September 19th is the date for the Little Mermaid Part II which I have reserved for myself.... fortionatly my CD habbit is funded by Dave (see button on right) but there are some other items which are soon to be purchased with the Quarters I have saved up... first of all the DVD player I want, which is from JVC, is down from $550 to $215.. very cool... theres a matter of buying that new Voodoo Card which I have been waiting for.. the V5 6000.. Mmmm 128 Megs of RAM at 350MHz.. Plus its a DVD decoder so I dont need a seprate card for my drive... and lastly is a purchase for the car... something I have been wanting for it for almost 2 years and will soon have.. thats a secret, but not for long!.. I guess thats about it lately.. Hoagie is coming over tonight and were gonna work on his car.. Im going home in a minute and will be working on my Quake level.. maybe even finishing it. Later.


you know what one of my favorite idiot drivers is? the one who will be behind you on a highway while you are in the fast lane, pull out on your right, and try to pass you... the part that makes this one of my favorite idiot drivers it when you can keep the guy from squeezing in anywhere in front of you. and its an added bonus when the people in front of you, team up with you to prevent this guy from getting in anywhere... yesterday I was comimg home from TarryTown and I had one of these dopes playing this game for the entire distance of I86 till I got off in Goshen. as soon as there was clearance on my right, this idiot in the red solera would pull out, try to accelerate past me, and would get up there just in time to NOT fit in the other lane. and when there was a chance that he WOULD be able to squeeze in, me and the 2 guys in front of me would all bunch up and cause him to have to drop back. we even got a guy in a white pickup behind me playing along too, causing the guy to drop back even further... all together, the moron in the solera had 16 failed attempts to pass me... and when we got to clearance and where the road has 3 lanes, I simply SHOd him that my car was more than just a fancy engraving in the bumper. needless to say, he didnt get by me until I got off my exit.. and I was ALL the way up the exit before he went by.


How the Government Works

Once upon a time, the federal government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert. Congress said someone may steal from it at night. So they created a night watchman GS-04 position and hired a person for the job.

Then Congress asked, "How does the watchman do his job without instructions?"

So they created planning positions and hired two people: one person to write the instructions (a GS-12) and one person to do time studies (a GS-11).

Then Congress asked, "How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?"

So they created a Quality Control Section and hired two more people, a GS-09 to do the studies and a GS-11 to write the reports.

Then Congress asked, "How are these people going to get paid?"

So they created two more positions, a time keeper (GS-09) and a payroll officer (GS-11) and hired two people to fill those positions.

Then Congress asked, "Who will be accountable for all of these people?"

So they created an Administrative Section and hired three more people, an Administrative Officer (GM-15), an Assistant Admin Officer (GS-14), and a Legal Secretary (GS-08).

Then Congress said, "We have had this command in operation for one year, and we are $18,000 over budget. We must cutback overall cost."

So they laid off the night watchman.


Well it looks like this little venture is taking off at a pretty nice pace... the MERVERNATION Community is working out pretty well. yesterday Blank Disks page got its 100th hit!.. not bad for a 2 week old page with no form of search engine advertising... we arent the biggest or most popular, but I like what we have going on here.. its fun. and I hope it lasts for a long time... infact, Im thinking of getting a second DSL just for the web stuff, and keeping this one for the LAN net access... just in case this series of pages starts bogging down my speeds... my friend over at WOL says he doesnt think itll happen.. so we will see. either way, if you like reading my nothingness, be sure to make daily visits to the community links too... My girlfriend Verona is figuring out this HTML stuff, and has a nice little page shaping up. my sister Spot is becomming a master at Cut and Paste, as well as learning HTML.. all she has left is to figure out how to steal my CGI script along with the FORM code.. hehe... my Uncle Trainmaster is figuring stuff out, and theres more on the way! thanks for the hits!


man some people are really something.... remember when me and Flan had our little episode over the browsers and how you should make your page complient even if the supposed dominant browser can see it, theres still people using the others, and then it went in to which one is more secure, and so on and so on... well.. I thought it was over, but he is still making remarks on his page to get me going... now Im going.. not full steam, but I need something to update with, so here it is... on his page in the last several weeks he has reported bugs in IE and simply said to go get the patch, or whatever.. and thats it... now he gets to his first bug report about Netscape... he adds the little snippit on the end "very bad stuff".. give me a break. IE and Outlook will never be dethroned when it comes to security holes, e-mail viruses, and other VB goodies. he simply shrugs all that off with no thought, but makes a comment about Netscapes single flaw... the other day he reports that Netscape 6 beta 3 is out... he calls it "a welcomed improvement".. that wasnt called for... but lets say its true.. at least it not like MS's upgrades and patches which 95% of all PC users fear having to impliment. MS releases and upgrade and almost always releases new bugs to go along with it. or it simply screws up some other program you have installed which isnt even related to it... working as MIS I have seen this more than 1000 times. 3 times I have seen an Outlook upgrade chew up an Adobe Acrobat reader install file, and cause the program to stop working... and again HOW MANY viruses are only capable of breeding in MS products?.. and he calls Netscapes code "sloppy programming". but whatever... I still love the guy, even if almost every single thing he writes irks me... be back later.



I have had enough of the last 3 days whith what went on with Red Ravens page being turned off for something... now everyone is bitching about it, writing about how wrong it was for rock to do it, and this and that.. blah blah blah... ENOUGH! your all forgetting one thing! HES GIVING YOU ALL WEB SPACE FREE OF GODDAMN CHARGE! So far Red Raven himself, Azazel, and Immortalis have all made snide comments about what Rock did, and all 3 of them are using his server to hold their pages!.. hear me out... I am in NO WAY saying that what he did prior to this was right, and I am in no way saying that you were wrong to complain a little about the actions after the fact, but its his server, and if he doesnt like something, he has the right to remove it or ask you to replace it... you also have the right to remain silent.. meaning you dont have to post every god damn thing you see each day on your page. use some common sence and discretion already. right on Immys page, he says he has grown and changed (on monday the 8th mind you).. then read on a little and he calls Rock a web nazi.. thats not changing.. thats displaying the same immaturity and sarcasim he always has. then saying that one shouldnt be allowed to make an excuse for their actions,.. umm HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU BEEN FORGIVEN BY HOW MANY PEOPLE FOR HOW MANY THINGS?.. same hypocritacle personality I remember... Azazel talks about how Marlins page wasnt touched when he was slandering her and her husband.. funny how she forgot to mention that her and her husband were slandering right back with double the force and they werent touched either. as far as Red Raven.. the truth? maybe Rock KNOWS the truth.. he knows the truth is that he screwed up, and he doesnt want to promote his mistake. maybe your the one that doesnt realize the truth.. the truth is, its his server and he can do what he wants. the way your all are talking about the guy with the server, I wouldnt blame him if he told you all to take your pages and get lost... but he wont do that cause hes actually a nice guy who values his friends more than you give him credit for.

Now that I have said all that, I am sure I am no longer invited to Immys pay per view party, and for saying what I did about Azazel, I am probably no longer part of Digital Flood, and Red Raven is probably going to post about what I jerk I am... great.. that just means you took this out of context.... again, I am not defending Rocks actions, and I am not defending theirs either. I dont want to lose friends, and I did not post this to attack any one persons faults or mistakes. I still value each friend for who they are.. mistakes, faults, and all. the entire point of this post can be summed up in one of my favorite sayings.

Engage brain before running mouth.


Vinyl lives!
After 3 weeks of not getting any records from the near by vinyl dealer, I was starting to go through periods of vinyl depression..... well not really, but I was tired of not getting anything new. 3 weeks ago, the guy wasnt there.. 2 weeks ago, I was in Pocono, and 1 week ago, I was in Hershey Park.. since saturday is the only free day I have to go up there, I hadent... so I went up this Saturday and got a bunch of cool stuff. I have to knock it off for a while.. Im letting it become an addiction, and its hard to pass any of it up.. I go in there hoping to get 2 or 3 good records, and always walk out with 10.. thankfully I have been working on some computer stuff with the guy, and he gives me a real nice discount... and if getting stuff from him each week isnt bad enough.. now I have been ordering from Satellite Records in NYC. mail order is a terrible thing.. it makes people spend money too easilly... but when I look at all the fun I am having with the records and the 2 1200's that Dave gave me, it all seems worth it... gotta love free 1200's.. they are technically Daves still,.. if he ever needed then back for something, I would give them to him.. but he said he probably wouldnt... Dave Rules (see button on right)


Apparently the "Stile Project" has been "hacked"... Im not a real big fan of Stiles project, so if this is true, then I think its VERY VERY funny... however that dopey guy has supposedly hung himself on his web cam, and pulled all sorts of other practicle jokes on his viewers, so I wouldnt be surprised if this is another spoof... whos the hacker... supposedly is the infamous Jeff K.. I have been visiting the Jeff K website for quite some time now, and have always found it VERY entertaining.. its obviously some rather smart guy making fun of a 13 year old wanna be hacker... and Im almost willing to bet that if this is real,.. that the hacker is a Howard Stern fan... It wouldnt surprise me anyway. We all know how Stern fans like to cause trouble to honor their radio hero... the BaBaBooey phone calls to the news broadcasts are a perfect example.. recently Stile started picking on Howard cause one of Howards listeners called up the show, told the story bout the supposedly hanging body on the web cam, and Howard made a few snide remarks about the 'project. Stile immediatly set up a poll for "who has the stupider fans" and all the boring retaliation stuff... sad part is.. the only reason Stile gets the hits he does, is cause he basically uses the Howard mentality... hes a Shock-Webmaster. that all.. post stuff that is gross, and vulgar, and they keep comming back.. just the same as Howard... and the super dooper sad part is that Stile has a mention of Stern in his META tag! LOL!! he has in there, something like "Shock Material, Adult Content, Howard Stern Type Material".. basically hes a big hypocrite. Stile also can post stuff thats years old, and his viewers act like hes some sort of king for posting it. me and my friends were watching Tripping the Rift for over a year, and all of a sudden he finds it (finally),.. posts it, and gets a bunch of fan credit for finding it... another funny thing.. the other day after he was picking on Stern, he had a story posted about a guy that cut off his own nuts... too bad Howard had that guy on the air over 2 months ago... well enough about Stile.. we will see what happens with all this later.

While on the topic of Stern being picked on for no reason, lets talk about my pal Marlins page... he for some reason has decided to not like Stern any more cause Infinity broadcasting (Sterns carrier) has set up an entire network of Shock style DJs and he like these Opie and Anthony characters now. reguarding the recent Today Show flashing, which was supposedly a triumph for these 102.7 guys, Stern had a caller say they would do anything for free implants. Stern said go try to get a flash on the Today Show again. Marlin quickly says on his page that Stern is stealing credit for what 102.7 did.. Ummmm.. all hes doing is seeing if he can get one of his listeners to accomplish it faster than the 2 years it took Dopie and Anthony... and it might not even be that.. maybe he couldnt think of anything else for her to do.. I believe Robin said it first, and Howard quickly said yeah, do that.
people have been copying Stern for years and no one says a word.. now just because Stern get this woman off the phone by having her do something the other station did, people are saying Sterns a wash up. give it a rest... Stern had people flashing cameras YEARS ago. I agree Stern didnt invent all Shock Jock material, but he certainly perfected the entire concept, he had the balls to keep pressing the FCC and paying their fines.. he got radio and TV to the point it is today.. (good or bad I dont know.. lol) but no matter how you look at it.. Infinitys idea was to make a network of "Sterns" and they did just that. Theres only so much material that can be done, and Stern started running out of it a year ago, and stoped caring when he lost his wife to a separation... Im not saying these other guys arent funny, but I garentee they wont be on the air as long as Howard has been.

thats my view, and my opinion of the subject.. Im not saying Marlins wrong, Im not saying Im right. Im giving my views, and Im sure he will give his.. :) I like when we get in a little web page conversation... He always seems to side with the new or different stuff.. even if they are a bunch of copy cats... must be why he likes dodge so much. :)

New Link
Well, its been there for a few days, but I added a link to my cousins new page. its over on the right as Blank Disk. His current post is rather humorus, at least to me anyway.. I couldnt stop laughing when I read it.. I dont know.. maybe you have to know him personally to fully appreciate it, but its definately worth a click... especially when your just surfing around looking for something to read that has nothing to do with anything.. thats probably why your reading my site right now.... and I appreciate it! :)

So speaking of his new site, and Hoagies newer site as well,... Id like to introduce the MERVERNATION Community... a series of web pages which are hosted as subdomains here at right now there are 3 obvious ones.. mine, hogies, and blank disks,.. but more are following.. my girlfriend Verona,.. both of my sisters, and my uncle. Each site will have a unique counter, and a common counter. I thought it would be neat to do it that way, just to see how many hits the domain gets in total... theres rummor of my DSL being upgraded,.. which is good,.. but it may mean that I get different IP addresses.. whic would suck cause I just got everything transfered and working here,.. I talked to a friend at my provider, and he said I may be able to keep my current addresses... hopefully I will cause I dont want to have to deal with NSI taking another month to process my HOST forms...If theres anything happening, I will post about it before it does.. hopefully my page, or the subs wont be disrupted too much.. let me know if you run in to any problems on any of the pages... thanks.


N-Sync N-Soaked

little did we know, but while we were in Hershey Park, N-Stink was going to be playing at the arena there, you wouldnt believe all the teenie boppers there, all wearing the STRANGEST outfits, coated with N-LipSync stickers, and patches... Needless to say on sunday, the place was crowded and uncomfortable... to make matters worse, it was pooring outside, and therefor all the teenies were all crowded inside the Chocolate World building. their visit had nothing to do with the appreciation of Hershey or his fine chocolate,.. just to get out of the rain... but I guess its kind of funny that N-Wank and all their fans got rained on,.. all the body paint getting wet and turning the entire stadium in to one big smear... I laugh... especially at a few select kids that were being jack-asses on the shuttle bus from the campground... hope you had fun in the rain kiddies.



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