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The 10 Best ways Ive selfishly spent my money.

001: Lasik
- Without a doubt THE BEST money Ive ever spent. not a day goes by that I am not amazed at and thankful for my vision. Truely an investment that will continue to prove profitable for my entire life.

002: Ford Taurus SHO
- at 222,000 miles how can I ever say I havnt gotten a good value for my dollar. and even at this high mileage, the car is still running like a raped ape.

003: Ariel Tattoo (and my other TLM stuff too)
- 10 years ago I said if I still wanted this in 10 years, Id get it. and I did. i drew it up and slapped it on.... I love Ariel. I love Mermaids. I love my tattoo. I dont regret this at all.. in fact, Im quite proud of it.

004: NIN Stuff (especially TDS)
- Not only a way to escape and something to drown myself in... but something to relate to. inteligent sound that you can pick apart and listen to over and over and constantly find new ways to relate to it and new sounds to discover. Ive listened to The Downward Spiral more than 1000 times and still enjoy it every time I put it on.

005: JVC Home Theater Equipment
- over 12 years ago I bought my frist piece. a 5 disc changer. then a year or so later, a Prologic receiver. since then a VCR and some DVD players. Ive gotten constant use from this stuff, especially that receiver, and the compulink system lets them all work together nicely. Ive also been easilly able to update with a 5.1 digital decoder to stay current. very good equipment that Ive more than gotten my moneys worth from.

006: DVD Collection
- There was a time when this was all I had for entertainment. I was near broke and really bored. Im so glad I had all those movies to watch and keep me ocupied... and I still enjoy it today.

007: Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch with Indiglo
- It was a cheap expense, though 14 years ago when I bought it, $35 seemed like a lot of money... but its still going, Ive only had to put 2 batteries in it, and only recently did it start to have a little problem with segments on the display fading in and out. unfortionately they dont make this style of it anymore, but I found one in a local hardware store and picked it up to be prepared for when this one is ready to be retired.

008: Computer upgrades
- Not that I can honestly claim to love computers after a normal day at work, but because of my upgrade after upgrade resulting in computer after computer, new board for main system, old board goes to number 2, then 3, 4, and so on,.. Ive hosted some GREAT fully self running LAN parties that have provided us some of the most memorable nights. eventually these upgrades had my neighbors linked with 450 feet of underground 10base2 cable... and this hobby certainly has helped my career... though Im not always happy about that.

009: Sunfire Subwoofer
- An 8 Inch Woofer with 2 Inches of Excursion driven by a 1250 Watt Amp, all contained within a 9x9x9 box. With a wider frequency range and a bass pressure better than 2 15 inch subs in a perfect enclosure, I think it was money VERY well spent.

010: Josta
- yes, its soda. Im proud to have spent money on soda.. I bought case after case of this stuff and loved every drop of it. its the drink that started the craze, and Id still be buying it if it was being made today. One of the best parts too, is that I think Im one of the only people that can say they have consumed more than 150 bottles of this stuff.


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